NewsDemon Reaches 1000 Days Binary Retention

100 day binary retention usenet NewsDemon Usenet 2024 Access Newsgroups is proud to announce another milestone in binary retention which now supports over 1000 days of retention across all supported binary newsgroups.

Recent upgrades to Newsgroup servers located in both the US and EU locations now spool over a full 1000 days of binary retention and well over three years of text retention with a full 99.9% completion rate.

USENET Newsgroup retention reflects the length of time that a binary and/or text article is accessible to subscribers. The new increase in retention means that Newsgroup subscribers may access binary newsgroup articles that were posted over 1000 days ago! Find out more about USENET newsgroup retention increase here.

It doesn’t stop here! Newsgroups expects the retention rate to only increase over time, allowing members even more articles available in all binary and text newsgroups.

With blazing fast access with up to 50 simultaneous connections and a combination of affordable subscription or block plans to choose from, Newsgroups 1000 day binary retention increase joins our efforts to consistently provide members with industry leading premium USENET access.

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