Are You a Speed Demon?


Sheana Easton had a hit with Devil in a Fast Car.  There was a secret Chevy Corvette Z06 project that featured a turbocharged LS7 engine with more than 650 horsepower— codenamed Blue Devil.  And the high-speed weather phenomenon known as a Dust Devil is capable of wreaking havoc similar to an EF0 tornado.

People have been linking the notion of speed with the Prince of Darkness for a long, long time. 

Perhaps it’s because Satan represents earthly temptation, and who would choose to go slow, when they can speed things up a bit?  That’s especially true when it comes to fast internet service.  Unfortunately, in serving up speedy internet, sometimes the devil is in the details.

On the good front, there is recent news that Comcast is working on their speed of service, and it may wind up as fast as Google Fiber—perhaps even faster.  Technology is being tested that can deliver more than 1 Gigabit per second.  That’s right—more than 5 times faster than a typical (for now) fast broadband connection of 200 mbps.  And with the right modem, under a perfect scenario, internet speeds of up to 10 Gigabits-per-second may be possible.

That’s fast enough to tempt the devil himself.  Problem is, the scenario is rarely perfect.

Comcast may offer the ability to receive blazing hot connections, but the actual speed is going to be much slower if the entity delivering the content doesn’t speed up.  Consider yourself lucky if you get Netflix content, for example, served up faster than 3.4 Mbps.  Hulu used to offer a setting that allowed varying the level of Mbps for best service, but that option was removed from their website, and Amazon won’t even comment on the whole matter..

Just as with a car, internet speed is expensive.

The faster you receive content, the more bandwidth you use, possibly affecting service for others on the network.  That’s why it’s entirely possible your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is throttling your service as well, giving you a devil of a time trying to maximize the signal for which you are paying.

You may not be able to get Netflix, Hulu, or to change their business practices and move things along as fast as you’d like.  But you can redline the tachometer when it comes to speed of service with your Usenet Newsgroups provider.

For a real speed demon in USENET provider service, choose

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So if your current USENET Newsgroup service has ‘gone to hell,’ make a pact with  You won’t have to pay in blood… packages start as low as $5.00 per month, and unlimited plans are available, too—all with complimentary VPN service from

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