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Downloading Headers

December 7th, 2020

Have you been experiencing any issues downloading headers?

Due to our recent move, there is a change in the article numbering of headers. This can cause the articles to appear incomplete or missing. 


In order to remedy the issue:

  1. Remove the newsgroup from your newsreader
  2. If applicable, clear cache thru settings.
  3. Close your newsreader.
  4. If applicable, clear cache folder
  5. Open your newsreader again.
  6. Re-add the newsgroup


These steps will fix any articles appearing incorrectly and will allow you to download normally.

Have further questions or requeire further assistance?
Contact our NewsDemon support team.



New Horizons at NewsDemon

December 1st, 2020


We’re Moving!

As of December 1, 2020, NewsDemon will no longer be on the Omicron network.  
Since we were unable to come to an agreement on a new contract, our term officially ended on Nov 30. To abide by our terms, we had been unable to make this announcement earlier. However, NewsDemon is prepared and you can rely on our due diligence for a smooth transition. We have successfully moved our member traffic onto our new partner network, UsenetExpress.



New USENET backbone.  

We have committed resources and with the liberty of developing our own spools and platform; our own independent NewsDemon network is on an expedited timetable. We have agreements in place to backfeed the new NewsDemon spools to increase retention rapidly.


Our team will establish transit servers and peering relationships with multiple tier 1 backbones and fill our own spool set. Throughout our progress, we will provide periodic updates on all development and core services.



New West Coast Servers.

We’re also excited to announce our plans to launch a new server on the West Coast of the United States, which will only be available to NewsDemon members. 

This location will provide increased speeds for a portion of the US, Australia and New Zealand. We anticipate to have an active server at this location by the middle of January 2021.


The NewsDemon team is very thankful to the Highwinds/Omicron team for their many years of excellent service.

We started out as a Newshosting reseller years ago and then moved over to Highwinds along with Newshosting.  Since then, we established friendships and a great working partnership with the folks at Highwinds.


NewsDemon would like to thank all of our members for supporting the Independents in the Usenet space. 
Your support of UsenetExpress and NewsgroupDirect and the growth of those properties has allowed us to be confident in our move to independence at NewsDemon.


What You Need To Know



/// As a NewsDemon member,  you will not need to do anything.  All current configurations will remain the same.
Unlimited members will see no change in their plans.
Monthly Limited members will see that their monthly quotas have all been reset.
Block Account members will find that their block accounts have all been reset to 100% available.
///  The transition started at Midnight of December 1st and members have been migrated to our new platform and network.
///  West Coast servers will be added to the NewsDemon network in 1st Quarter 2021.
///  The NewsDemon team recognizes and appreciates the relationships with our partners and most of all, our members.

40 Years of Usenet: The Online Milestones & Timeline

January 31st, 2020


What a long, strange trip it’s been. For 40 years, Usenet has brought together people all over the world. Creating communities, sharing ideas, interests, conversations and more. Without it, who knows what would have become of the internet we all know today?


Would Tim Berners-Lee (who was an active participant on Usenet) ever create the World Wide Web?  Larry Page was also part of Usenet groups, seeking answers to Java questions. Would he have been able to figure them out without Usenet to later create Google? Luckily, we pushed away those altered paths by the birth and sustaining resources Usenet newsgroups have been able to provide. And not just for individuals, but also as the foundation and framework for many other online platforms that have been created since (we’re looking at you, Reddit and Twitter) 


In celebration of the first 40 years, we’ve included a timeline of major milestones in the online world since Usenet has been released to the masses and the advancements…and sometimes a step back….we’ve taken throughout this historic journey.




Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis, graduate students at Duke University, conceived a computer network to link together those in the Unix community. They met and discussed their idea with other interested students, including Steve Bellovin, a graduate student at the neighboring University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Once the program was functioning on their respective machines, Jim Ellis went to a meeting of what was then the academic Unix users group known as Usenix. This marks the origin  of USENET



During the summer of 1980 at a Usenix meeting in Delaware, Usenet was first announced via handouts that were distributed at the conference that explained the technology and goals that Usenet could offer.

Usenet is launched



On August 6, 1991 Tim Berners-Lee (while working at CERN in Switzerland) announced his idea for the WorldWideWeb on the usenet group alt.hypertext. The post was one of the most important steps in bringing the modern communication age into existence.



The Eternal September (September that never ended). It refers to the time period when Usenet saw its heaviest influx of users and especially newbies, after AOL starting providing Usenet access to its users.

Also, the first Web browser, Mosaic (created by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications), is released. Mosaic later becomes Netscape which ultimately fails, but partially rises again within the soul of Firefox.. 



SSL was developed by Netscape in order to secure communications between a client and server online.

TLS was actually based off of SSL 3.0, despite this, the two are not interchangeable.

Amazon is first launched. 

Forté Agent, one of the first and a highly popular usenet newsreaders, was conceived



Many who have been kicked off of newsgroups for breaking Usenet rules find sanctuary in ICQ




A little company called Netflix is launched with a business model that consists of DVD sales and rentals by mail.

The Usenet Death Penalty (UDP) is implemented to combat spam



The birth of Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Google was founded. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) is created to oversee a number of Internet-related tasks.

At the same time, a new version of accessing Newsgroups, named Usenet II was launched.



Wireless technology called 802.11b, more commonly referred to as Wi-Fi, is standardized

Accessing Usenet newsgroups without an ethernet cable is now a thing.



The dot-com bubble bursts. Web sites such as Yahoo! and eBay are hit by a large-scale denial of service attack, highlighting the vulnerability of the Internet. AOL merges with Time Warner sells its Usenet archive to Google



Blackberry is the first internet cellphone with push email.

Google Groups is launched that provides a gateway to Usneet newsgoups via a shared user interface.



In his dorm, Mark Zuckerberg launches a small social website named Facebook

Usenet still leads as the largest online community.

Thunderbird, a Mozilla Foundation product, is released and is a Usenet newsreader



YouTube and Reddit are launched. Cat videos explode online.

Newsdemon is born



Twitter is launched (#hashtagseverywhere). By the end of the year, the number of websites reaches 100 million.

Usenet reaches 7.54 Million Daily Posts



First iPhone is released. Hulu was launched.

Access to over 1 billion newsgroup articles in over 100,000 newsgroups are available on Usenet



Google index reaches one trillion URLs. Android Market is launched.

PC Magazine declares Usenet dead, later that year they announce they will stop printing their magazine.

Usenet traffic exceeds all previous years.

NZB is born. SABnzbd is first released.



Tom Trustcott and Brad Templeton reflect on and celebrate the 30th anniversary of Usenet with NewsDemon

ARPANET turns 40



Photo sharing evolves with the launch of Pinterest and Instagram. The first iPad is released.

Usenet achieves 5.42 TiB in daily volume



First NZB newsreader is released for iOS and Android phones. Linux turns 20

Newsdemon reaches 1000 Days Binary Retention



The Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act, which would have enacted broad new rules requiring internet service providers to police copyrighted content. The successful push to stop the bill, involving technology companies such as Google and nonprofit organizations including Wikipedia and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (where Brad Templeton is a chairman), is considered a victory for Usenet and sites such as YouTube that depend on user-generated content, as well as “fair use” online..



Google unveils Google Assistant, a voice-activated personal assistant program, marking the entry of the Internet giant into the “smart” computerized assistant marketplace. Google joins Amazon’s Alexa, Siri from Apple, and Cortana from Microsoft.



The Cambridge Analytica scandal rocks Facebbok and sees a mass exodus from its social platform.

Usenet users and newsgroup posts remain anonymous.



The World Wide Web turns 30 Years Old

Newsdemon launches new website



Usenet continues on, 40 years strong



NewsDemon Newsgroups Charters

September 4th, 2019

There are a ton of specialty newsgroups available on Usenet. Ranging from Animals to Video Games, there is a discussion group for practically anything. How do these newsgroups get created? How does it get displayed?

Newsgroup Charters

A detailed statement is explained to USENET provider on what the group will be about and the general guidelines for the newsgroup members.  After it’s submitted and approved, they may create an FAQ regularly.  Both the FAQ and Charter would be posted to the newsgroup after creation so that new members (and old) are able to know about what the group is about.

NewsDemon has long kept a Charter Archive of the many newsgroups. Here, you can select by directory and find what you’re looking for by category and drilling down from there.



By example:



That’s it! Looking for a charter in particular you’re having trouble finding? Want us to add a charter in particular? Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be glad to help.

Newsdemon Newsgroups is proud to be a hub for many of the newsgroup charters available on the web, helping the newsgroup community through our knowledgebase.


NewsDemon Blockbuster Summer Sale

June 1st, 2018

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Usenet New Year Super Sale 2018

December 31st, 2017

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NewsDemon One Day Only 50% Off Sale

April 29th, 2017




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NewsDemon TV Giveaway

February 4th, 2017


At NewsDemon, we LIKE TV.  We like it A LOT!

And we think you do, too.  Especially at SuperBowl time… right?   And if you’re in America, unless you have tickets to watch the game at NRG Stadium in Houston,you’re likely going to be watching the Fox  telecast of the game… (if outside the USA you may need SlickVPN to watch, but that’s another story)  so wouldn’t it be nice to do that watching on a BRAND NEW TV?

Anyone can do it.  Anyone can enter.  And anyone can WIN one of the three following prizes:

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How to Enter

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Promotion Dates

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Winner Notification

Each winner will be chosen at random from valid entries, and we’ll contact the winner through the email used on the Contest Entry Form


NewsDemon is America’s #1 Premium USENET service provider, and we think you’ll like it just as much as you like TV!

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Cyber Monday Deals Are Here!

November 28th, 2016

With the tremendous success we had with our Black Friday specials, we’re bringing them back for Cyber Monday!

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NewsDemon Black Friday Deals!

November 25th, 2016


Why Black Friday?

Ever wonder why the day after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday?”  You’ve probably heard the tale that retailers mark this day as when they pass their breakeven point and begin operating “in the black,” as opposed to operating “in the red,” or at a loss for the year.

Why the public would embrace this name for that reason hasn’t been explained.   But Jacobin magazine cites another, perhaps more believable scenario:

“Black Friday began as a traffic accident. Or a series of them. In Philadelphia in the early 1960s, police noted that the two days after Thanksgiving were characterized by heavy traffic, and, in the pre-Nader days of perilous auto travel, more bloody mayhem than usual.”

Whether true or not, this seems to make a lot more sense.  But no matter what the real reason, Black Friday deals are expected by consumers and they know to look for them.  That’s why we’re writing to you today.

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