Happy Birthday, USENET!


Without the USENET, the online world that we know today could have possibly never existed. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, USENET has been a vital resource at some time of almost every notable technology entrepreneur and developer for the last three decades.

The USENET long has been a meeting ground of the whos-who of the current online world. For the last 30 years, USENET has hosted a range of newsgroups that has allowed thousands access to discuss practically every conceivable topic imaginable. It has been where the pioneers such as Linus Torvalds, Jeff Bazos and even Google founder Sergey Brin first discussed and announced their developments and achievements on USENET.

The thirtieth anniversary of USENET brings with it a significant history. Existing before there was even a World Wide Web, its purpose to create an online community quickly grew out of any ones expectations of what it would be and what it would influence.

It was in North Carolina at Duke University and the University of North Carolina that both Jim Ellis and Tom Truscott would eventually discover and create the foundation of what the USENET has been. It was late 1979 that Truscott and Ellis officially announced the creation of USENET . The success and popularity of such a system could have never been imagined. Since its creation, USENET has been home to the announcement of the World Wide Web as well as its first browser.

Recognizing and paying tribute to the 30th anniversary of the USENET, NewsDemon.com Newsgroups sat down with two key players of the early days of the USENET. We sat with Tom Truscott one of the founders of the USENET and Brad Templeton, creator and moderator of one of the most widely read newsgroups ever – rec.humor.funny, and discussed with them on what USENET was, what it is now and where they predict it will be. The interview is part of a month long celebration of the 30th anniversary of a system that has shaped almost every aspect of the online world we know today. We look forward to another fantastic 30 years of whatever USENET will be.

To start things off right, NewsDemon.com Newsgroups is offering a special for all new customers. To celebrate the anniversary of USENET, NewsDemon.com Newsgroups is offering all subscription plans for $1.00 each month. This special is only available for one day only and allows premium USENET access to thousands of groups for only $1.00 each month for two months on any subscription plans, including the unlimited plan.

“We hope to encourage old and new users alike the opportunity to experience for themselves the benefits and resources that USENET has to offer. By allowing them an almost risk-free incentive of only a $1.00 investment each month, for two months, to try out the service and access the thousands of active newsgroups available, we’re confident they’ll stay to become active subscribers to these communities.” said Charles Burnside, Marketing manager for NewsDemon.com Newsgroups.

To this day, after 30 years, the USENET has surprised many by its longevity. In an ever changing online world, it’s a common thought that all technologies and mediums require further innovation in order to exist. However, USENET provides evidence that what it provides at its core – a system in which it allows people to discuss topics in an organized fashion – can never go out of style.

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