NBC Replaces Heroes With Other Caped Crusader

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TV series HEROES has been grounded from all future time travel after its 4th final season. As reported on comic book and television related newsgroups, the cause lies in dismal ratings after a confusing HEROES Season 3 and 4 that lost most everyone along the way.

Not even all the heroes powers combined could save the cheerleader or the network from the inevitable.

After the first season hooked the world into wanting to save a cheerleader and launched comic book heroe style culture into primetime, the show shimmered with hope and promise. Unfortunately, the shine wore off as Heroes went backwards with both its storyline and following as the numbers of viewing fans have slowly abandoned the series every season since. Many Usenet newsgroup subscribers wonder: Is it any surprise that the network would pull it from finishing the season?

NBC had a lot initially riding on this show – investing heavily in both the marketing and production of the show – which could explain the track it took. Heavy pressure to gain viewers, the storyline ironically attempted to capture more viewers, but lost more instead.

This does not mean that NBC has lost interest into the comic book genre though. In its place, a new comic book drama, “The Cape” is looking to replace and is rumored to debut during the would-be Heroes’ season 5 premiere. A mixture between Batman, The Punisher and Westley from the Princess Bride, “The Cape” keeps in the tradition of the dark tragic hero storyline.  Trailer below:

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