Newsgroups Announces New Website Redesign Newsgroups is pleased to announce the unveiling of the new website design. The URL remains the same, however, has literally a new face in the world with the introduction of the Newsgroups mascot.

Alongside the addition of the new mascot, the re-designed website allows both members and visitors to more easily navigate and find information faster.

The website navigation was simplified and content was reorganized to better meet the needs of our customers. The changes to the website are the result of comments and suggestions from all of our members and visitors. The site is an effort to take Newsgroups to the the next level in terms of technology and functionality. Newsgroups new website design is part of the overall collective movement to bring awareness on the valuable resources USENET is able to provide to its community. As a leading provider of USENET access, Newsgroups provides premium services to its members to thousands of uncesored newsgroups.

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