NewsDemon Flash Sale – This Saturday!


If you have been considering joining a USENET newsgroup provider, or if you’re looking for a better Usenet service to join, you’ll want to hear about this.

First of all, for those who may be unfamiliar:  Usenet Newsgroups are Internet discussion groups.  Now that may not sound sexy right off the bat.  But when you consider the vast amount of binary files such as images, video, music, programs, and games that can be shared among Usenet users, you begin to understand why Usenet Newsgroups are so popular.

Usenet Newsgroups are a widely utilized file exchange medium, and this technology has been around a long time, so it’s tried and true.  But to access all that is out there, you need a USENET Newsgroups provider. has enjoyed explosive growth due to the large number of Newsgroups available (currently over 107,000), their service access from both the United States and European Union server locations, their super-fast connections, and the fact that does NOT limit or throttle speeds in ANY way to ANY customer.

In short, America’s #1 Premium USENET service provider, has a goal.  They want to be the largest USENET service provider in the world.  That’s why they are offering a very special offer., the USENET provider that brings all the Newsgroups content to you in a FLASH, is having a FLASH sale.

Just $5.50 per month.

Unlimited, with secure SSL connections.

You see, has a goal:  they want to be the largest USENET service provider out there.  That’s why they are offering this super-low price during this FLASH sale.

One day, and one day only:


More details:

  • You get access to anything posted to Usenet in the last 2967 days—that’s more than 8 years of data!
  • You’ll enjoy 99.9% completion rates
    • This is important because messages posted must be replicated by a server. Some services generate more errors than other and actual damage the file attachments.  NewsDemon’s near-perfect completion rate outperforms many others in delivering the messages and files to you with integrity
  • You get a secure 256 bit SSL connection in the US and EU
  • Over 107,000 Newsgroups!
  • Unlimited Speed!
  • Unlimited access. No restrictions whatsoever—get what you want, as much as you want
  • 24/7 Support




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