NewsDemon Reaches 2500 Days Of USENET Binary Retention

c8ynNBp NewsDemon Usenet 2024 Access
Once again, retention is on the rise again at Newsgroups. Another retention increase puts binary retention to 2,500 days and growing!

With 2500 days, that allows members to access posts that had originally been included more than 6 1/2 years ago!
The binary retnetion rate that our services provide reflect the length of time that a binary or text file is available on any of the active USENET newsgroup groups we support. With this new milestone, our Newsgroup members are now able to access posts that are up to 2,500 days old. This enhancement is just one part of the many other features that NewsDemon provides including:

  • The ability to connect to multiple servers to get the fastest connection available
  • Robust security with 256 bit SSL Encryption
  • Up to 50 Simultaneous Connections
  • Live support
  • Free Header, Posting and Header compression

The upgrade to 2500 days of retention is immmediately available to all our existing and new members. There is no added fees for this upgrade of service. We continue to offer trusted Usenet newsgroup service at unlimited speeds for premium access to all supported binary newsgroups. Keep an eye out for further announcements of expanded benefits of NewsDemon service!

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