Newsgroup Retention Increase to 910 Days

910 day binary retention on newsgroups

Another jump in binary retention now puts Newsgroups up to 910 days and counting.

The latest upgrades to the Newsgroups services now allows customers to access articles on all supported 107,000 newsgroups that are over 910 days old. This follows a just recent upgrade to 860 day binary retention increase announced earlier.

The retention increase only enhances the USENET newsgroup experience for members and still includes blazing fast access with secure 256-BIT SSL connections. The completion rate also remains consistent at 99.9%. This confirms that the information of the archived articles are complete. Both the US and EU server farms are included with this recent increase to 910 days as well. For EU customers particularly, Newsgroups has also launched dedicated versions of the service to both UK Usenet and Spanish Usenet members, which also automatically receive the feature of increased binary retention.

As always, the latest upgrades are free of charge to both new and existing customers of Newsgroups. As a premium USENET access provider, takes pride in offering these newly added features to its roster of cutting edge services.

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