Newsgroup Spotlight: About Microsoft Newsgroups

With a new search engine – Bing, a new free anti-virus software – Morro, further integration with Facebook and a new operating system due in October, Microsoft seems to be dusting off any negative perceptions that they may have received by thinking they were slowly crumbling. A great example of this growth is the new height of activity Microsoft newsgroups have been receiving.

There are currently over 2,000 Microsoft newsgroups carries dedicated to discussing Microsoft products. If you have a problem with a Microsoft product – from a smartphone, spreadsheet, or music player that you can’t solve, chances are you can find an answer on a microsoft related newsgroup.There are many valuable newsgroups on USENET on nearly every available topic and in many different languages. Regardless of your problem, chances are someone on a newsgroup can help. For example, if you can’t figure out why a formula in your spreadsheet produces errors, asking someone in a newsgroup can often help troubleshoot your problem.

With thousands of IT pros visiting on a regular basis, Microsoft newsgroups offer an incredible amount of support for techs that use Microsoft products. With USENET access, you can freely access and participate in the constant discussions.

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