Newsgroup Spotlight: Apple and Mac Newsgroups


With recent news of the new operating system from Apple, Snow Leopard, many on newsgroups are pinning it against the awaited Windows 7.

Considering that Snow Leopard is more of an update to the current Mac OS, it seems uneven to compare an updated OS release to a full fledged OS modification as Windows 7 presents itself.

This is just one of the current topics of debate you’ll find on Apple newsgroups. These newsgroups have had a long history on USENET and have provided one of the first forms of online communication between mac users.

The general newsgroup for Apple users, comp.sys.mac, has long been centered around the different Operating Systems that Apple has released. Others relating to Apple Hardware, Graphics and Portable Devices have had their own unique communities and topics.

As the generation of Apple has grown, so have the related newsgroups. Since the release of the iPod and iPhone by Apple, a multitude of newsgroups relating to each have remained active in tandem with each of their products popularity.

For over twenty years, Apple newsgroups have made a connection between users to share, discuss and educate each other on Apple related products and continue to pioneer news and information regarding upcoming Apple technologies.

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