Newsgroup Spotlight: Chemistry Newsgroups


From High School Students to accredited Chemists, newsgroups have been a destination for many to discuss, interact and share almost everything regarding the world of Chemistry. USENET Newsgroups offer more than a dozen newsgroups that are home to Chemistry newsgroups.

Chemistry in general is a very diverse field with many different aspects. As USENET newsgroups are broken down to sub-categories of general categories, it has enabled focused discussions about whatever aspect of Chemistry one may be interested in. Analytical chemistry newsgroups and Electrochemistry newsgroups, as an example, each have their own subscribers that share opinions and information that further there understanding of these fields.

In many cases, these newsgroups have been known to provide more up-to-date information regarding innovations and discoveries than any conventional paper journal about the ever changing understanding of Chemistry. It also provides a way to discuss these discoveries alongside other professionals and eager minds.

As with most newsgroup categories that fall under science and technology, Chemistry newsgroup communities have existed for over 20 years and continue to host both old and new subscribers that participate in every day discussions and happenings on Chemistry newsgroups. Whatever field or particular interest in Chemistry one may have, USENET newsgroups should be a required online destination.

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