Newsgroup Spotlight: Creating Big-8 Newsgroups

big-8-usenet-newsgroupsOver the past few months, we’ve covered a number of USENET newsgroups that cover a variety of different topics. But what if you wanted to create a newsgroup on your own?

The first thing you would need to do is check and see if the newsgroup already exists. Most newsreaders allow a search function that can search the thousands of USENET newsgroups available, and by the keyword you search for, return the results of any groups that may be similar to the one you’re looking to create.

Do as much research as possible and search the internet as well to any reference of a newsgroup similar to the one you are looking to create.

Second, visit the newsgroup, news.groups.proposals. Read through the discussions and craft a message to the newsgroup with your request with an RFD Proposal.  Example of formatting here

Determining if you prefer an ALT or a BIG-8 Newsgroup is your next step while you wait for your response.

Generally, newsgroups that start with “alt.*” are usually unmanaged and may not need to follow any preset requirements. The Big-8 on the other hand, is governed by a management board and have a selection of them.

We’ve compiled the requirements to make it simpler in an easy to use guide on creating a newsgroup in the Big-8. This will get you started in creating a proper newsgroup.

We’ll be including another guide soon regarding creating ALT newsgroups as well.

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