Newsgroup Spotlight: Golf Newsgroups

Besides Web sites, there are other areas of interest for golf lovers. Usenet newsgroups are a popular source for interactive bulletin boards designed for discussion and dispute. The newsgroup is one of the best for golfers.

Filled with golf nuts, who have wanted a place of their own to write, to share opinions, and to gather, was born and a host of other golf related newsgroups then followed. Golf Newsgroups offers news, swing tips, opinions, and a whole lot of information.

Everything from golf equipment to handicap information – including insturctional information – can be found on newsgroups. Discussions about players,prize money, results, TV coverage, courses etc are broken down to specific regions, allowing you to narrow down the groups that interest you. Specific discussions may relate to professional golf tournaments and issues relating to the men’s and women’s professional golf tours as well.

For those people interested in the rules of golf: handicapping procedures, golf equipment, swing techniques, or you just want some information on golf courses across the globe, Usenet Newsgroups are a great resource for golf lovers everywhere.

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