Newsgroup Spotlight: Health and Medicine Newsgroups

Dealing with a medical condition is often difficult. Connecting with others who are going through the same thing can make a world of difference. Usenet is a great place where you can make those connections. With a variety of newsgroups that are directly related to a number of different areas of the medical field, you can connect and share your experience.

Usenet provides a unique support group community offering topic specific newsgroups on various diseases, conditions, and health topics. Medical newsgroup communities span worldwide with thousands of contributions per month. With many of these newsgroups, topics are broken down to very specific subjects. You can find newsgroups that cater from ailments such as Lyme disease to Cancer

Usenet is also home to other medical newsgroups that deal with the medical profession itself. A wide range of newsgroups exist for almost every medical field such as Nursing, Dentisty and Pharmacy related professions. Many of these groups are based by professionals in these fields alongside other community contributors that are actively involved.

Newsgroups are a great source of information to find out more about an ailment or simply to research more about health and medicine. With hundreds of groups to choose from, chances are that a specific newsgroup relating to your topic already exists.

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