Newsgroup Spotlight: Psychology Newsgroups

For a long time now, Psychology related newsgroups have been dedicated to fostering dialogue and research between modern science, psychology and philosophy. A good many newsgroups are dedicated to exploring various aspects of psychology such as personality theory, positive psychology, relationships, social psychology, media preferences, psychometrics and other sectors.

The goals of many are the same: to connect those interested in the science of psychology. Psychology newsgroups are unique in fostering communication with both researchers as well as generally interested people in the field.

The very first online community dedicated to psychology were created in USENET Newsgroups.

Specialty newsgroups on the topic of psychology exist to further create communities and discussion. Groups such as sci.psychology.pschotherapy exists to discuss techniques used in interpersonal therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, psychodynamic therapy, marriage and family
therapy, client-centered therapy, rational-emotive therapy, etc. It also is home to discussion on ethical issues in practice as well as specific psychotherapeutic techniques. Other newsgroups cover areas such psychology research newsgroups and expands as far as metaphilosopy.

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