Newsgroup Spotlight: Radio Hobbyists Newsgoups

For as long as Usenet has been around and specialized newsgroups came to form on practically every subject, so did hobbyists. One large group that started to form were amateur and professional radio enthusiasts.
Radio newsgroups offer a variety of different topics and specifics to meet almost any need. From Ham Radio Newsgroups to Digital Radio Newsgroups If you’re a hobbyist at heart, this is the community for you.

These newsgroups are intended to be a place where any radio monitoring topic or hobbies can and should be discussed. The community of hobbyists like tohear from posters who listen to any part of the radio or microwave spectrum, from DC to daylight. Discussions range from shortwave broadcasting, DXing small or distant shortwave stations, utility and teletype monitoring, station schedules, spectrum usage, equipment design and modifications, antennas, receiver reviews and recommendations and many, many more.

Here are just some of the newsgroups to discover if you are a radio hobbyists enthusiast:



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