Newsgroup Spotlight: Video Newsgroups


As online video channels such as YouTube, Hulu and a host of others gain popularity, so has the hobby of video production.

The YouTube slogan of “broadcast yourself” has been taken literally and seriously as more and more are finding creative ways to express themselves and communicate through video. USENET newsgroups themselves have been finding video a more popular medium for sharing content between users to illustrate topic points.

USENET newsgroups host a variety of different newsgroups that directly deal with video production. Video production newsgroups provide a medium for folks to communicate about the latest tricks and tips involved in creating those internet sensations we’ve grown to love.

Even professional video newsgroups are available for more advanced users that are looking more towards commercial cinematography and editing come to converse about the latest technologies and techniques used in larger productions.

Regardless, USENET newsgroups present a great resource to both average and advanced users alike. If you’re looking to find help or to create videos for on or off line, video newsgroups may be your answer. Providing in depth conversations and topics regarding producing, editing and distributing video, USENET newsgroups are the first channel you’ll want to try.

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