Newsrover, a usenet newsreader, has been updated.

The Latest revisions of Version 13.2 address the following:

  • Improved the error retry facility so that logon errors are retried as well as download I/O errors. There is a new parameter on the Configure/Advanced screen that specifies the number of times to retry errors.
  • Changed the Configure/Server screen so that it is now possible to have two entries for the same news server. You can specify a server nickname to cause the two entries to have different display names.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause News Rover to crash if the Delete key was held down to delete many messages while other messages were being downloaded by the same group.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause News Rover to crash if the message list was refreshed while performing a Save-As or Move-To operation.
  • When event logging is turned on, News Rover now presents a screen with a button that can be clicked to copy the event log file specification into the clipboard.
  • Removed the option from subscribed newsgroups and Autoscan to not combine parts of multipart messages.

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