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Newsgroup Spotlight: Health and Medicine Newsgroups

By Newsgroup Usenet March 11th, 2009

Dealing with a medical condition is often difficult. Connecting with others who are going through the same thing can make a world of difference. Usenet is a great place where you can make those connections. With a variety of newsgroups that are directly related to a number of different areas of the medical field, you can connect and share your experience.

Usenet provides a unique support group community offering topic specific newsgroups on various diseases, conditions, and health topics. Medical newsgroup communities span worldwide with thousands of contributions per month. With many of these newsgroups, topics are broken down to very specific subjects. You can find newsgroups that cater from ailments such as Lyme disease to Cancer

Usenet is also home to other medical newsgroups that deal with the medical profession itself. A wide range of newsgroups exist for almost every medical field such as Nursing, Dentisty and Pharmacy related professions. Many of these groups are based by professionals in these fields alongside other community contributors that are actively involved.

Newsgroups are a great source of information to find out more about an ailment or simply to research more about health and medicine. With hundreds of groups to choose from, chances are that a specific newsgroup relating to your topic already exists.

Newsgroup Spotlight: Astronomy Newsgroups

By Newsgroup Usenet March 4th, 2009

The fascination to unravel the mystery of the sky has been set alongside human history since the dawn of time. The technology and progress that has been made since is accredited to the collaborative effort of many, building upon each other.

Through discussion and sharing their findings we continue to discover new aspects of our expanding universe.

Usenet hosts a variety of newsgroups that cater to the discussion of astronomy. Designated groups ranging from amateur astronomy newsgroups to astronomical research are covered on Usenet.

Other newsgroups, such as the Hubble Telescope newsgroup that was in recent news of being in peril due to the debris from a destroyed satellite as well as Planetary and Planetarium newsgroups cover other aspects of astronomy as they cover a variety of glimpses inside our galaxy and universe.

By way of these discussions and discoveries by communities like these we can continue to anticipate new discoveries to be made.

Below are some other newsgroups related to Astronomy you may be interested in with a Usenet account:

Flexible Image Transport System (sci.astro.fits)

Miscellaneous (sci.astro)






















uk.sci.astronomy New Newsgroup Newsreader Information and Tutorials

By Newsgroup Usenet March 2nd, 2009

Usenet hosts thousands upon thousands of newsgroups that can be subscribed to with a newsreader. A newsreader client allows the user to subscribe to these newsgroups and download the headers and messages from Usenet.

There are a variety of newsreaders that fit most any operating system and user preferences by the amount of features each have. now offers tutorials and information on some of the most popular newsreaders. These newsreaders cover Windows, OSX and Linux platforms.

The tutorials are specifically made to go alongside your Usenet access account. members receive a free version of the award winning Newsrover newsreader. The version of Newsrover is preconfigured with your access account. You can find details in your member login page on how to download, set-up and configure your Newsreader. A video newsrover tutorial is also available.

Newsbin and Newsleecher have also been added as other supported Windows based newsreaders.

We want to be able to cater to all of our customers. If you have a newsreader you would like us to feature and offer a tutorial on, please send your request to your support department.

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By WebMaster March 1st, 2009

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Newsgroups Spotlight: Sports on Usenet Newsgroups

By Newsgroup Usenet February 25th, 2009

For as long as Usenet has existed, it has catered to the interests of its community. It’s no wonder then that so many sports related newsgroups exist. Everything from basketball to Japanese bowling have been and continue to be available on newsgroups.

Today, we’re taking a look at some of these sports groups and the specific sports activity and/or region they cater to. Some of these groups are more active than others, some are up to the minute. All and all, for full coverage of practically any sport, Usenet has got it covered.





























































Newsgroup Spotlight: Usenet and Newsgroup Help

By Newsgroup Usenet February 18th, 2009

Usenet HelpUsing Usenet poses a lot of questions that all may not be answered here or throughout the net. Even with the combination of all of the FAQ’s from every internet website may not answer your specific question. It’s good to know that Usenet hosts their own FAQ’s where there are Newsgroups and communities available that may be able to help.

A variety of Newsgroups exists specifically to assist with any questions that you may have that are not found elsewhere. Everything from New User questions [Questions, new users – news.newusers.questions] to questions about specific Newsgroups [Questions on groups (news.groups.questions)]. These Newsgroups host a community that is willing to assist to the new and current user base of Usenet that may have questions on how to use the service, as well as a meeting ground to introduce and inolve in general discussions.

For New users that wish to announce themselves or news and information have a variety of announce newsgroups. For those looking for more information on administrators of Usenet also have administration related newsgroups. Alongside many more.

Since Usenet is based upon communities, the topics are endless on the types of subjects that can be found through specific newsgroups. Even if you can’t find a newsgroup, it does not mean that it cannot be created. There is a Newsgroup just for instructions and guidance on how to create and configure a Newsgroup as well!

Usenet is a hub of information that understands that not all users may understand how it works and over time, has created dozens of help sections and newsgroups to assist you along the way. Check out our New Users section for more.

Newsgroup Spotlight: Usenet Economy

By Newsgroup Usenet February 11th, 2009

A lot of developing stories recently have been focused on the economy. Many countries throughout the world have been focused on the current trends and forecasts of their own and neighboring  economies.

Discussions on the matter have had a long history on Newsgroups. Usenet has been one of the first to offer online discussions on economic matters and issues since early on from it’s inception, with some economy related newsgroups dating back since 1981.

From investments to business, Usenet has been home to almost everything that relates to the economy.

With active discussions that span the globe, large amounts of users and subscribers have been and continue to be active members of these Newsgroups – offering insight and viewpoints on the latest economic trends. Another advantage is that these newsgroups are sometimes region specific, allowing you information that pertains to the particular subject or reference that you prefer.

With a combination of experts to the inquisitive novice, these newsgroups offer an in-depth source of knowledge that rivals and beats most any current wiki on the matter.

Here are just some of the newsgroups that Usenet has to offer on topics regarding the Economy and Business:























xt.soc.economia Offers Free Usenet Access to Genealogy Newsgroups

By Newsgroup Usenet February 11th, 2009 has announced that it will begin to offer free access to genealogy newsgroups. The free access includes all of the most popular and known genealogy newsgroups on Usenet. Those interested do not need to have a membership as it is open and available to access free of charge to the public.

Historically, genealogy has been a very important field as family connections between nobility were crucial to the idea of inheritance and the passing down of titles and ruler ship. Genealogy is the study of a family’s lineage and ancestry. Genealogy covers everything from a family tree to when and how people lived almost a century ago. The word genealogy is derived from the Greek, and means the study of family history and descent. Usenet hosts a variety of newsgroups related to the topic of genealogy and extensive research by the newsgroup community has expanded genealogy research since 1995.

Complete details on how to access Genealogy and the groups that are included can be found on the Genealogy Newsgroups page. has created this free access in a continuing effort to promote awareness of the values that Usenet has to offer.  By including free access to genealogy, it is the intention to promote awareness and value to the terrific resources the genealogy newsgroups in particular have to offer the online community.

Newsgroup Spotlight: Cell Phones on Usenet

By Newsgroup Usenet February 4th, 2009

It’s undeniable that cell phones are being used less and less nowadays as a phone. Recently, research studies have suggested that cell phones are being relied upon for everything from using your email to downloading and playing favorite tunes and videos. The future of this market seems only to be increasing by the day as phone manufacturers rush to supply the latest and greatest. The iPhone, G1, Blackberry Storm and the new Palm Pre are all examples of these all-in-one devices that are quick to cater to the flood.

A great source for both fans and owners of these devices have been found on newsgroups. From development to the technology in which they’re based, many newsgroups are hosts to dedicated discussions of the different phones and platforms they’re based upon.
As an example, newsgroups such as hosts general discussions of fans of the iPhone. Users of the recently released Google phone, the G1, have been active on alt.cellular.t-mobile – the only US Carrier suporting the phone. While patiently awaiting fans of the new Palm Pre have been getting leaked details of the new phone on alt.comp.os.palm. Other newsgroups dedicated to the development of the platforms and the phones themselves have been an invaluable resource for developers. The newsgroups have been responsible for creating and maintaining some of the core functions these phones feature.
General chatter on providers, service and technology also are prominent on Usenet. For the US, alt.cellular.attwsand alt.att have been a meeting ground regarding ATT service, while the UK community meets upon groups such as and tw.bbs.rec.mobilecomm.
Many other newsgroups exist on the subject as well that cater to different phones and providers alonside the other thousands of newsgroups that exist on Usenet today. Many of these newsgroups came into existence even before there products were released, as others will be created as technology and advancements are made.

Newsdemon Provides Free Access to Humor Newsgroup

By Newsgroup Usenet February 3rd, 2009 has announced it will begin offering free access to the Usenet newsgroup rec.funny.humor. The newsgroup will have exclusive free access provided by the premium Usenet provider in a continuing effort to grow awareness of the vast variety of topics Usenet represents.

 Usenet has had a long history of building online communities on specific topics. Ranging from science to philosophy, Usenet has been home to communities that catered to practically any subject or matter.

One of the oldest and most popular newsgroup to date has been rec.humor.funny. The newsgroup is a comedy publication that provides daily editor-selected jokes.

Since the early days of Usenet, a moderated joke newsgroup rec.humor.funny has been the longest standing and consistently active newsgroup of its kind. As a response to the un-moderated rec.humor newsgroup, rec.humor.funny lent itself to be the source of comedy. Started by Brad Templeton, rec.humor.funny took the challenge of weeding out duplicates, misdirected messages and comments of other same topic newsgroups and created the premier comedy newsmagazine haven.

 For your entertainment and continuing to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Usenet, is now offering free access to the newsgroup.

 You’ll need a newsreader to access the group. Please use the information below to enter the information in your newsreader which you’ll need to access, download and read the newsgroup.

             Server Address:

Newsgroup Name: rec.humor.funny

Username: funny

Password: free is proud to offer free access to rec.funny.humor as an example of one of thousands of active and current newsgroups that Usenet access provides. We hope you enjoy your access and that it brings upon a smile.