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By Newsgroup Usenet July 12th, 2016


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NewsDemon now with SlickVPN Takes Your Privacy Seriously

By Newsgroup Usenet July 11th, 2016


Privacy.  It’s not just a modern issue.


In 1933, Germany’s President Hindenburg signed the Reichstagsbrandverordnung, or Reichstag Fire Decree.  Historians regard this decree as one of the key steps leading to the establishment of a one-party Nazi state in Germany.  It not only nullified many German civil liberties, but also suppressed publications considered unfriendly to the government.  Ferdinand Schlingensiepen’s biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer– one of Hitler’s leading critics– stated quite simply that the decree meant that “the right to privacy of communication by mail or telephone no longer existed.”


Today, the Privacy Coalition is an impressive nonpartisan group of  member organizations:  consumer, civil liberties, educational, family, library, labor, and technology supporters, who have all take the Privacy Coalitions Privacy Pledge.  Privacy Coalition members take individual privacy seriously.


Not everyone seems to agree it’s a problem, however.  Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was quoted in an article in The Guardian saying, “People have really gotten comfortable not only sharing more information and different kinds, but more openly and with more people… That social norm is just something that has evolved over time.”  Of course, Facebook makes millions selling member information, and Zuckerberg’s words could be regarded as self-serving.  The fact is that Facebook has been criticized again and again about the  highly controversial privacy settings for Facebook members.

Disagreements aside, The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution is clear:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.”

Freedom to read what you want, to hear what you want, and to view what you want has never been more important as more and more entities gather, collect, and monitor online activities as part of their daily business.

That’s why NewsDemon is proud to once again show why they are true privacy advocates.

NewsDemon is America’s #1 Premium Usenet Provider, with secure, private and unlimited Usenet access.

  • You’ve long been able to find, download, and keep virtually whatever you want over 50 (256 bit) SSL connections with NewsDemon.
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SlickVPN has been rated one of the best VPNs available by, allowing you to control your own internet experience in complete privacy.  Now SlickVPN brings that protection to NewsDemon Usenet access.

Downloading, or ‘leeching’ on Usenet has long been regarded as a safe activity.  Uploading, however, carried some risk of an IP address associated with you begin matched to the uploaded content.   With a SlickVPN account, you can browse the web anonymously so that nobody can see your real IP address– including on Usenet!  With SlickVPN, since no one can see your IP address, your privacy and security increase beyond where it was already with NewsDemon– and now this extra layer of protection is included with your NewsDemon membership!

You get access via computer, smartphone, or tablet.  A variety of protocols to tailor your protection.  You get a strong encrypted internet connection and IP address from countries and cities around the world. No one knows who you are, where you are, or what you are looking at via your online communications.

If you value your privacy– and want to protect your identity online– makes it easy, with SlickVPN as part of your membership.  Just access in the admin control panel. offers high speed, one of the longest retention rates, 99.9% completion rates, terrific value at all package levels, efficient and reliable technology, and security built-in with 256 bit SSL encryption over 50 connections.  Plus 24/7 support from knowledgeable, experienced and trained staff.

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NewsDemon Announcement: Newsgroup Header Modification

By Newsgroup Usenet February 1st, 2016

As part of our continuous effort to provide superior service and features to our customers, we have recently moved to a new header numbering scheme so members can access the full depth of retention through headers. Users no longer have to worry about having only part of the retention available through headers.

What this means is that a full refresh, or a re-download of headers to subscribed newsgroups must be executed in order to reflect this change.

If there any questions regarding this matter, please contact our support group at [email protected]

Thank you!


Newsbin Newsreader FREE for NewsDemon Members

By Newsgroup Usenet January 30th, 2016


The Award winning ultimate downloading tool Newsbin Pro is available as a free newsreader client for Newsdemon users.

The free key is good indefinitely and includes one week of our Usenet Search service as a trial.

Newsbin  is arguably the best newsreader in the market.  Newsbin is designed for Windows Operating Systems and will run on both 32 bit and 64 bit.

Instructions for an easy install and set up for Newsbin Pro can be found on our website at

As an added bonus Newsbin offers a free week of their Usenet search.

Download and experience one of the most popular used binary downloaders for the Usenet system with Newsbin.  With speeds as fast as your internet provider allows, built in RAR and Split File processing, security and multiple server support to name a few of the Newsbin features that make searching USENET as easy as ever.

Reddit and USENET Newsgroups

By Newsgroup Usenet October 31st, 2015


Reddit calls itself ‘The Front Page of the Internet,’ and for many who visit, this may as well be true. is ranked #32 in the world and #9 in the United States for site traffic.   A link on the home page of will almost certainly create tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of page views.  With about 70 million unique visitors a month and approximately five billion page views, Reddit generates more traffic than the New York Times, Fox News, and Skype.

Of course, be careful what you wish for:  some smaller sites with content linking to Reddit have received the Reddit effect, otherwise known as the ‘hug of death.’  That happens when traffic back to the linked site is so big that it crashes the overloaded servers.

For those who haven’t visited, Reddit is website with news, entertainment, and social media content.  Much of that content is created by registered community members, and includes texts, direct links, video, and pictures.  In a nutshell, Reddit is an online bulletin board system.

Bulletin Board Systems have been around since the earliest days of dial-up modems, and originate before there was such a thing as a graphical user interface (GUI) which meant early bulletin boards online were text only.   These early BBS sites were still very big back in the day—in 1994, 17 million users in the U.S. alone constituted a bigger market together than the major online services (anyone remember CompuServe?)  The BBS sites were devoted to a variety of different interests, and were controlled by the person who’d set the whole thing up.

Evolution always happens, and the first attempt to create a network beyond local private BBS communities was the creation of Usenet, aimed at the general public.  Emoticons, flaming, trolls, and lots of slang acronyms like “LOL” found their first use on Usenet.

And while no one can say the founders of Reddit didn’t sell an idea that proved immensely profitable, today most people are hard pressed to accurately describe the real operational differences between Reddit and Usenet.

There are some overwhelming similarities:

  • Both Reddit and Usenet usage centers around accessing online content of interest.
  • Reddit allows members to post content; Usenet allows members to post content
  • Both Reddit and Usenet have text, pictures, links, & social interaction.
  • Content is categorized by interest in Reddit as ‘subreddits;’ in Usenet these categories are called “Newsgroups.”
  • Both Usenet and Reddit foster a sense of ‘community’ in the online members who view and post content in the specialized groups.
  • Both Usenet and Reddit have a significant amount of (ahem!) salacious content.
  • Everyone around the world can access the content in both Usenet and Reddit.

And some differences:

  • Reddit is privately owned by Conde Nast.
  • Usenet is decentralized, and not owned by any single organization.
  • Reddit can easily be accessed with any web browser—though many find navigating through the site is a complete mess.
  • Usenet virtually requires a dedicated newsreader program to use the content.


A dedicated newsreader program like offers powerful ways to search, navigate, and manage messages in Usenet newsgroups.  Most find that the specialty groups inside of Usenet to be very useful, with credible information inside.  The wide-open nature of Reddit has naturally led to some of the content being of a less useful nature, and because the web is kind of a lowest-common-denominator interface which is simply ‘good enough’ for the Reddit video gamers and “Gone Wild” subscribers.  Or, as the New York Times categorized them, the typical Redditor… a nerdy, pervy, compulsively masturbating pothead.


Of course, you can find virtually any kind of content you’d like with Usenet as well.  If you like Reddit, you’ll likely like Usenet.  So if you haven’t looked at Usenet newsgroups, get yourself a newsreader program like and see what you’ve been missing on Reddit.  You’ll get fast, reliable, secure Premium Usenet Access, 256-Bit secure server connections, and a FREE TRIAL.


What’s to lose?  Just visit, create an account, download the free software, and have at it!  Access, search, and share the best of Usenet Newsgroups with

Retention Increase to 2600 Days at NewsDemon

By Newsgroup Usenet September 28th, 2015

newsdemon-binary-retention-2600-days Newsgroups is proud to announce another binary retention milestone now at 2600+ days! The retention increase is now available to all of our members. The increase to 2600 days of binary retention is yet another step forward to delivering the best possible USENET experience to users.

The latest upgrades to the Newsgroups services now allows customers to access articles on all supported 107,000 newsgroups that are over 2600 days old. This follows a just recent upgrade to 2500 day binary retention increase announced earlier.

The amount of days that messages and articles can be accessed on a Usenet newsgroup translates to binary retention. The longer amount of days, the longer the history of articles are available.

The increase in retention comes at no additional price. Existing customers will not see their price increase, nor will they have to choose a more expensive plan to gain access to the new 2600 day retention. Newsgroups continues in providing extended features for all its members. Committed to superior service and exceptional support to the Usenet community and its members, Newsgroups is proud to offer affordable premium access to over 107,000 newsgroups at blazing speeds.

PREMIUM USENET Service 50% OFF—One Day Only!

By Newsgroup Usenet September 4th, 2015


TGIF with America’s #1 Premium USENET service provider, has a goal:  they want to be the largest USENET service provider out there.  That’s why they are offering 50% off for one day and one day only:

TODAY, Friday September 4th.

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  • The $5.00 per month membership with 50 Gigabytes of data and 20 connections now just $2.50 TODAY ONLY.
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The same great service, just 50% OFF:

  • Premium service!
  • Free Headers
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  • OVER 107,000 Newsgroups!
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Are You a Speed Demon?

By Newsgroup Usenet September 3rd, 2015


Sheana Easton had a hit with Devil in a Fast Car.  There was a secret Chevy Corvette Z06 project that featured a turbocharged LS7 engine with more than 650 horsepower— codenamed Blue Devil.  And the high-speed weather phenomenon known as a Dust Devil is capable of wreaking havoc similar to an EF0 tornado.

People have been linking the notion of speed with the Prince of Darkness for a long, long time. 

Perhaps it’s because Satan represents earthly temptation, and who would choose to go slow, when they can speed things up a bit?  That’s especially true when it comes to fast internet service.  Unfortunately, in serving up speedy internet, sometimes the devil is in the details.

On the good front, there is recent news that Comcast is working on their speed of service, and it may wind up as fast as Google Fiber—perhaps even faster.  Technology is being tested that can deliver more than 1 Gigabit per second.  That’s right—more than 5 times faster than a typical (for now) fast broadband connection of 200 mbps.  And with the right modem, under a perfect scenario, internet speeds of up to 10 Gigabits-per-second may be possible.

That’s fast enough to tempt the devil himself.  Problem is, the scenario is rarely perfect.

Comcast may offer the ability to receive blazing hot connections, but the actual speed is going to be much slower if the entity delivering the content doesn’t speed up.  Consider yourself lucky if you get Netflix content, for example, served up faster than 3.4 Mbps.  Hulu used to offer a setting that allowed varying the level of Mbps for best service, but that option was removed from their website, and Amazon won’t even comment on the whole matter..

Just as with a car, internet speed is expensive.

The faster you receive content, the more bandwidth you use, possibly affecting service for others on the network.  That’s why it’s entirely possible your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is throttling your service as well, giving you a devil of a time trying to maximize the signal for which you are paying.

You may not be able to get Netflix, Hulu, or to change their business practices and move things along as fast as you’d like.  But you can redline the tachometer when it comes to speed of service with your Usenet Newsgroups provider.

For a real speed demon in USENET provider service, choose

America’s #1 Premium USENET service provider,, is fast as lightning, with no throttling or speed limits.  Over 107,000 Newsgroups served up with the highest completion rates and retention rates.

As a bonus, your membership will also include a complimentary account with—so you can enjoy surfing the web anonymously, unblocking content from anywhere, and hiding your IP location—all at superfast speeds!  It’s like a turbocharger for your membership!

So if your current USENET Newsgroup service has ‘gone to hell,’ make a pact with  You won’t have to pay in blood… packages start as low as $5.00 per month, and unlimited plans are available, too—all with complimentary VPN service from

For more information, visit

Billing errors

By WebMaster August 6th, 2015

There was an error in our billing platform tonight and some of our customers were erroneously billed twice.

We apologize, we will be issuing refunds to all customers who were double billed.

Free USENET Access for Military Personnel

By Newsgroup Usenet June 23rd, 2015 Newsgroups is proud to announce a new offer that allow Military personnel FREE USENET access.

As part of our Summer of Savings, we’re saluting those in the United States Military with FREE USENET access. Only a limited number of these accounts are available and we expect to run out fast.

In order to qualify, visit our FREE USENET access page located here:


Simply provide your .mil email address in our application form. Once we have verified your email address, we’ll send out your member information access.

This offer provides no obligation to continue service once our FREE USENET access program ends on August 31st. We do hope that the features and service throughout this Free period will help us spread the word on the benefits that USENET provides, grow the USENET community and the quality of USENET access NewsDemon delivers.

We want to be able to show our gratitude and support for those who serve. This limited time offer allows personnel to submit their registration regardless of the military branch they serve.

No billing information is required and no obligation to continue service after the August 31st expiration date.

Join Now!