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Retention Increase to 2600 Days at NewsDemon

By Newsgroup Usenet September 28th, 2015

newsdemon-binary-retention-2600-days Newsgroups is proud to announce another binary retention milestone now at 2600+ days! The retention increase is now available to all of our members. The increase to 2600 days of binary retention is yet another step forward to delivering the best possible USENET experience to users.

The latest upgrades to the Newsgroups services now allows customers to access articles on all supported 107,000 newsgroups that are over 2600 days old. This follows a just recent upgrade to 2500 day binary retention increase announced earlier.

The amount of days that messages and articles can be accessed on a Usenet newsgroup translates to binary retention. The longer amount of days, the longer the history of articles are available.

The increase in retention comes at no additional price. Existing customers will not see their price increase, nor will they have to choose a more expensive plan to gain access to the new 2600 day retention. Newsgroups continues in providing extended features for all its members. Committed to superior service and exceptional support to the Usenet community and its members, Newsgroups is proud to offer affordable premium access to over 107,000 newsgroups at blazing speeds.

PREMIUM USENET Service 50% OFF—One Day Only!

By Newsgroup Usenet September 4th, 2015


TGIF with America’s #1 Premium USENET service provider, has a goal:  they want to be the largest USENET service provider out there.  That’s why they are offering 50% off for one day and one day only:

TODAY, Friday September 4th.

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But you MUST ACT TODAY to receive.

  • The $5.00 per month membership with 50 Gigabytes of data and 20 connections now just $2.50 TODAY ONLY.
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  • AND… The unlimited plan, with 50 SSL Connections—first month was $13.00, now just $6.50!  TODAY ONLY!

The same great service, just 50% OFF:

  • Premium service!
  • Free Headers
  • Free Posting
  • HIGHEST completion rates and retention rates!
  • NO throttling or speed limits!
  • Header Compression!
  • OVER 107,000 Newsgroups!
  • Unlimited Speed!
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Are You a Speed Demon?

By Newsgroup Usenet September 3rd, 2015


Sheana Easton had a hit with Devil in a Fast Car.  There was a secret Chevy Corvette Z06 project that featured a turbocharged LS7 engine with more than 650 horsepower— codenamed Blue Devil.  And the high-speed weather phenomenon known as a Dust Devil is capable of wreaking havoc similar to an EF0 tornado.

People have been linking the notion of speed with the Prince of Darkness for a long, long time. 

Perhaps it’s because Satan represents earthly temptation, and who would choose to go slow, when they can speed things up a bit?  That’s especially true when it comes to fast internet service.  Unfortunately, in serving up speedy internet, sometimes the devil is in the details.

On the good front, there is recent news that Comcast is working on their speed of service, and it may wind up as fast as Google Fiber—perhaps even faster.  Technology is being tested that can deliver more than 1 Gigabit per second.  That’s right—more than 5 times faster than a typical (for now) fast broadband connection of 200 mbps.  And with the right modem, under a perfect scenario, internet speeds of up to 10 Gigabits-per-second may be possible.

That’s fast enough to tempt the devil himself.  Problem is, the scenario is rarely perfect.

Comcast may offer the ability to receive blazing hot connections, but the actual speed is going to be much slower if the entity delivering the content doesn’t speed up.  Consider yourself lucky if you get Netflix content, for example, served up faster than 3.4 Mbps.  Hulu used to offer a setting that allowed varying the level of Mbps for best service, but that option was removed from their website, and Amazon won’t even comment on the whole matter..

Just as with a car, internet speed is expensive.

The faster you receive content, the more bandwidth you use, possibly affecting service for others on the network.  That’s why it’s entirely possible your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is throttling your service as well, giving you a devil of a time trying to maximize the signal for which you are paying.

You may not be able to get Netflix, Hulu, or to change their business practices and move things along as fast as you’d like.  But you can redline the tachometer when it comes to speed of service with your Usenet Newsgroups provider.

For a real speed demon in USENET provider service, choose

America’s #1 Premium USENET service provider,, is fast as lightning, with no throttling or speed limits.  Over 107,000 Newsgroups served up with the highest completion rates and retention rates.

As a bonus, your membership will also include a complimentary account with—so you can enjoy surfing the web anonymously, unblocking content from anywhere, and hiding your IP location—all at superfast speeds!  It’s like a turbocharger for your membership!

So if your current USENET Newsgroup service has ‘gone to hell,’ make a pact with  You won’t have to pay in blood… packages start as low as $5.00 per month, and unlimited plans are available, too—all with complimentary VPN service from

For more information, visit

Billing errors

By WebMaster August 6th, 2015

There was an error in our billing platform tonight and some of our customers were erroneously billed twice.

We apologize, we will be issuing refunds to all customers who were double billed.

Free USENET Access for Military Personnel

By Newsgroup Usenet June 23rd, 2015 Newsgroups is proud to announce a new offer that allow Military personnel FREE USENET access.

As part of our Summer of Savings, we’re saluting those in the United States Military with FREE USENET access. Only a limited number of these accounts are available and we expect to run out fast.

In order to qualify, visit our FREE USENET access page located here:


Simply provide your .mil email address in our application form. Once we have verified your email address, we’ll send out your member information access.

This offer provides no obligation to continue service once our FREE USENET access program ends on August 31st. We do hope that the features and service throughout this Free period will help us spread the word on the benefits that USENET provides, grow the USENET community and the quality of USENET access NewsDemon delivers.

We want to be able to show our gratitude and support for those who serve. This limited time offer allows personnel to submit their registration regardless of the military branch they serve.

No billing information is required and no obligation to continue service after the August 31st expiration date.

Join Now!

NewsDemon Reaches 2500 Days Of USENET Binary Retention

By Newsgroup Usenet June 20th, 2015

Once again, retention is on the rise again at Newsgroups. Another retention increase puts binary retention to 2,500 days and growing!

With 2500 days, that allows members to access posts that had originally been included more than 6 1/2 years ago!
The binary retnetion rate that our services provide reflect the length of time that a binary or text file is available on any of the active USENET newsgroup groups we support. With this new milestone, our Newsgroup members are now able to access posts that are up to 2,500 days old. This enhancement is just one part of the many other features that NewsDemon provides including:

  • The ability to connect to multiple servers to get the fastest connection available
  • Robust security with 256 bit SSL Encryption
  • Up to 50 Simultaneous Connections
  • Live support
  • Free Header, Posting and Header compression

The upgrade to 2500 days of retention is immmediately available to all our existing and new members. There is no added fees for this upgrade of service. We continue to offer trusted Usenet newsgroup service at unlimited speeds for premium access to all supported binary newsgroups. Keep an eye out for further announcements of expanded benefits of NewsDemon service!

3 Months of Unlimited USENET Access for Only $14

By Newsgroup Usenet June 2nd, 2015

Get out the Suncreen and grab hold of your wallets, the
NewsDemon Sizzling Summer Sale has started!

Limited to a select number of accounts, NewsDemon is currently providing 3 Months of UNLIMITED USENET access for only $14.00!

Are you ready for summer fun? Make it that much sweeter with this cool offer on a hot deal. For only $14.00, you’ll have access to:


  • 107,000+ Uncensored Newsgroups
  • 50 Blazing Fast Connections
  • Almost 2500 Days of Binary Retention
  • Both US and EU Servers
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support

For less than $5.00 a month, you can enjoy USENET all Summer long!


Whats the catch?

NONE! After enjoying your 3 Months of UNLIMITED USENET access, there is no rebilling, no sales catch, no other obligations (although we do value all of our members and would hope you’d remain as an active subscriber).


Why, NewsDemon, Why?

We’re running this sale to help turn on more people to USENET, that’s why! USENET has always been a sanctuary for online communities to share their interests with the world. Now that school is out, the weather is hot, the nights are long, this is a perfect opportunity to bring the experience USENET provides to more of the masses.


Where did it the Sale go?

We told you it was going fast!

Don’t pass up on this hot Sizzling Summer Sale. Dive in now to this fantastic offer before it fades away into the Sunset.

Get your USENET on with 3 Months of UNLIMITED USENET Acceess for only $14.00!


Four Months of ‘All You Can Eat’ USENET for $20.15

By Newsgroup Usenet May 8th, 2015


Here’s your chance to get more news… unlimited news… with more than 6 years of content stored and available on over 107,000 active newsgroups.  All yours, all you can handle, and just one low price– $20.15 for all four months!  That’s about five bucks a month! has upgraded our infrastructure, and is excited about this year!  We want everyone to enjoy what our current members already have:  more features than ever before, and now a chance to use them all you want!

It’s a one day sale!  Grab it now!  An Unlimited Usenet plan!

Get Unlimited USENET with SSL for FOUR MONTHS for only $20.15.  That’s about 17 cents per day for unlimited USENET from, a leading and trusted name in the USENET industry.

Blazing Fast Connections

With up to 50 256 BIT SSL blazing fast connections, members can experience limitless USENET access.


Get it, and It’s YOURS!

The sale is one day, but the savings go on and on.  As a bonus, your service can keep recurring at the same rate:  $20.15 every four months at the end of the initial term.   The offer is only available for today but subscribers who get in on the deal can keep it for the lifetime of the account.

All payment options are available including our newest addition of accepting Bitcoins.

With over 2400+ days of retention on top of our other member features Newsgroups demonstrates their effort in giving their members everything they need to have the best USENET experience available.


Microsoft Already is Planning Updates to Windows 10

By Newsgroup Usenet April 20th, 2015

Two and a half billion, that’s billion with a “B.”  That’s how much Microsoft paid to acquire the Swedish Minecraft game developer Mojang last year.   When you consider that as of 2012, the company had revenues of less than 100 million, you get the idea that our pals in Redmond wanted Mojang a lot more for the intellectual property than the actual revenues.

In any case, players of Minecraft know that Redstone is the coveted ore that powers the things that Minecrafters build.  And apparently Microsoft is proud enough of their purchase to name the expected updates for Windows 10 to be released in 2016 after it:  Two ‘substantial’ updates are reportedly dubbed project ‘Redstone.’

The relationship between the two companies has already proved symbiotic.  Close followers of Mojang may have to wonder about the latest security patch addressed in Minecraft version 1.8.4 and whether it’s sudden appearance might have been prodded along by Microsoft’s tech crews.  Speedily addressing updates as part service is nothing new to Microsoft, but the Minecraft major security  flaw (that could cause servers to crash) had been identified and brought to Mojang’s attention, yet remained unaddressed, for almost two years.

The Redstone updates for Windows 10 may be nothing more than just tweaks for the 2015 release of Windows 10, or for core features that don’t make the cut or aren’t finished for this year’s release.  And the big news of course will be the Spartan browser, the (mostly) replacement for Internet Explorer.

There are, however, rumors that Windows 10 and the Redstone patch will bring to Microsoft’s OS new classes of devices that aren’t currently supported.  It’s possible, just possible, that Windows establishes Redstone to be the ‘fuel,” much like in Minecraft, that powers new devices that others may build.  This is where the question gets interesting for newsreaders, and the truth of the matter is that the compatibility of current Windows-based newsreader with Windows 10 remains to be seen.  But if Usenet services like NewsDemon Newsgroups are allowed to build and/or adapt themselves to be driven by Redstone, the world just became a more interesting place.

Linux Based USENET Newsreaders

By Newsgroup Usenet December 18th, 2014

If you’re as much of a Linux lover as many of us here at NewsDemon, you can’t fathom the thought of going back to Windows or iOS. The difficulty sometimes though, is finding software that is compatible with your OS.

Fortunately, newsreaders shouldn’t be an issue. Here are two that we suggest should be your go-to newsreaders to get the most out of USENET newsgroups on Linux:


SABnzbd – This is the go-to USENET newsreader for many Linux lovers and works on all distros. The program is easy to set up and use. A great advantage is the ability to remotely access the newsreader from other devices in the home or abroad. Allowing you to cue up your newsreader from anywhere you are.

NZBGet -This program has some advantages with USENET enthusiasts as it has built in scripts in order to distinguish and remove spam posts from newsgroups. The latest version works on both Linux and Mac OSX
The big winner we recommend is not so much a newsreader, but a full USENET suite of services tied into an Ubuntu distro. Combined with XBMC and/or the built-in Plex Media Server, Tretflix is a great way to get a USENET based media center up and running for home and on-the-go entertainment in under 5 minutes.

The suite of software contains CounchPotato, Headphones, NZBDrone, Plex, Sick Beard and Transmission. All of which are considered “Essential” apps for many USENET goers.

The list of apps here are a great way for you to get deep into the USENET experience. Easy to install and configure software for USENET is more advanced than many other software categories. Above are just a sum of a great whole of Linux-based newsreaders available.

We don’t pretend to know it all though. Have one you think is better? Let us know in the comments! Happy USENET-ing!