Newsdemon – Star Trek XI 2009 New Trailer Released

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If you saw the new Bond movie this weekend, you probably saw the new trailer for next summer’s ‘Star Trek’ reboot. While a bootleg recording of it quickly made its way to the Web, Paramount today finally made a high-quality version available. Unfortunately, it’s hosted by Apple, which tends to not give out codes for embedding it on a page.

You can see the trailer at You want Trailer 2. (Trailer 1 was the one that was attached to ‘Cloverfield’ earlier this year.)

As Kirk and Spock, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto respectively seem to fill their roles well, but the idea of assembling the Enterprise on Earth seems ludicrous. The ship isn’t meant to land on planets, so wouldn’t you want to assemble all the pieces in space and zero gravity?

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