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Newsgroup Spotlight: Animal and Pet Newsgroups

June 3rd, 2009

Pet newsgroups are communities for animal lovers with comprehensive discussions on all types of animals and their care taking. From Reptiles to Pigeons, every animal of land, sea and air is covered. On these newsgroups, one can share related knowledge and experience, ask questions, get advice on practically every kind of animal on newsgroups.
Even Badgers have a dedicated newsgroup that discusses the health, behavior and spotting of badgers throughout the world.
Usenet newsgroups give pet owners and animal enthusiasts alike the opportunity to ask questions, share stories, read and talk about current events in the animal kingdom. Reptiles and wildlife newsgroups are great as they offer practical education as they give the knowledgeable care, materials and resources that are needed to understand these animals.
Naturally, dog newsgroups and cat newsgroups dominate the arena. Groups such as and rec.pets.cats discussion groups invite pet owners to talk with other owners about everything from food and nutrition, care and grooming, to toys and furniture.
Pet newsgroups are a primary source for news and expert advice on dog and cat behavior, health, breeding, showing, and care specifically.
You’ll find a great multitude of enthusiastic and knowledgeable members; all who would love to answer questions, look at your pet pictures, and welcome you into these Usenet newsgroups.


Microsoft’s Bing Time Thing Lacks Usenet NewsGroups

June 1st, 2009

Microsoft has replaced Live Search with a new brand: Bing. The new Microsoft search destination is in part an overhaul of Live Search and in part a renovation of Microsoft’s search technology. According to Microsoft, Bing lets you find Web content fast and excels at refining searches so that you can unearth the lowest airfares, discover reviews of neighborhood boutiques, or track down reliable health information.

Microsoft’s research shows only one in four searches are satisfactory on the first try. Most others force users to repeatedly refine their queries or to click around on the Web before locating what they need.

Bing’s goal is to improve the search experience, and it does that well overall in an incremental way, but especially in four key categories – shopping, travel, local, and health; by tailoring the experience in much the same way as Usenet newsgroups to specific goals associated with those categories.

Why Bing? CEO Steve Ballmer admits: “I am not what you would call the creative side of life. Short matters. Being able to verb up can be helpful.” But he also says, “We wanted something that unambiguously says search.” At least they’re not calling it Microsoft Windows Live Search Ultimate Professional Business Search Engine Edition 2009 V 1.01.060109.

We tested to see if older messages posted on the Microsoft newsgroups would appear as Google Group messages do with Goole search terms. The Microsoft Discussion Newsgroups are not indexed on Bling nor does there seem to be any integration as they are with competitor Google as part of the search results.

It’s too soon to say if the site will result in sucess or failure, but either way, it has sent a great number of conversations going on microsoft related newsgroups such as


Newsdemon Increases Newsgroups Retention To 400 Days!

March 20th, 2009, a leading premium USENET provider, is proud to announce retention is being increased to an unprecedented, industry leading, 400 days. This increase in retention will be available for both United States and Europe based members.

The one year and thirty five day retention follows an earlier announcement this year of a 175 day retention increase.

The retention rate of binaries translates into the longest amount of time an article would be available on any particular Newsgroup. The increase in retention does not require any modifications from members on either their newsreaders or account settings.

The 400 day binary retention increase will not affect the same level of superior service or speed provided by premium USENET access. is proud to be an industry leading USENET provider and is proud to be part of the global networking community it supports. USENET access has been committed to providing access to thousands of uncensored newsgroups at blazing speeds and affordable prices.

For more information regarding this upgrade, please view our USENET Newsgroups Retention Upgrade page.


Newsdemon Credit Card Outtage Fixed

January 2nd, 2009

On January 2nd, between the hours of 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM, experienced a critical error with their credit card processor which prevented successful checkout for those who had attempted to pay via Credit Card.

We at have since repaired this issue, and we are happy to report that credit card methods of payment are now fully operational.

This had only effected those customers who attempted to pay by credit card only. All PayPal methods of payment, including PayPal transactions that are paid by credit card, are not related to and have not been affected by this error as they are separate payment processors and systems.

The issue that caused this error involved a dropped communication between our server to our payment processor. No information gathered or stored on our servers were ever at risk of being compromised. The error solely caused an unsuccessful transaction.

At 6:00 PM today, after extensive testing, has taken measures to remove the error, allowing customers to checkout via credit card.

Any questions or concerns regarding this matter specifically can be directed via email at [email protected] We apprecitate your patronage and greatly apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.


Newsdemon Now Reaches 175 Day Retention on Binaries

December 5th, 2008

Once again, has announced yet another increase in retention in less than a month! members can now access over binaries over 175 days old. The 175 day binary retention is now available to both US and EU members. had previously announced a 70% increase on binary retenion in mid-November.

The retention rate of binaries translates into the longest amount of time an article would be available on any particular Newsgroup.

The increase in retention does not require any modifications from members on either their newsreaders or account settings. Members should immediately see an increase in the age of headers available on any particular binary newsgroup.

This benefit is for all existing and potential new members of at no additional cost. will also continue to provide the same blazing speed through simultaneous, SSL encrypted Usenet access while being completely uncensored as before.

Continuing on progress, works deligently to surpass expectations by delivering premium Usenet access to all of its customers.


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September 4th, 2008

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