Win an XBOX 360 Game Console from NewsDemon!

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The Newsgroups team has a 100% Free XBOX 360 that they want to give to you!

All you have to do to your brand new and sealed FREE XBOX 60 is to fill out the Newsgroup Console Giveaway form.

As part of the initiative to bring awareness of the benefits USENET has to offer the gaming community, and popularize further the vast number of gaming newsgroups, Newsgroups has continued on its Gaming Giveaways by offering the XBOX 360 console this month as the grand prize/giveaway.

The Microsoft XBOX 360 is one of the hottest gaming platforms around. With a huge selection of games, it rivals (if not beats) the competitive PS3 and Wii consoles Newsgroup has already awarded several games to lucky winners as part of their giveaways.

In order to secure your chance at winning, simply sign up to the Newsgroup Console Giveaway. Although entries are limited once per day, you can increase your chances by submitting your entry each day until the end of the contest.

The contest runs throughout the month of March and will end on March 31st.


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