Free Usenet Access to Academic Institutions provides free access to Usenet Newsgroups to University, College, School and Institution faculty and staff. In order to grow awareness of the vast resources Usenet continues to provide, is donating free access to Usenet to qualified faculty and staff of colleges, universities and academic institutions.

Since its inception, Usenet has fostered a deep community within its newsgroups that have catered to science, technology, history, philosophy, genealogy and much more. These communities have been responsible for crowning achievements in their related fields through collaborative research and discussion. The largest provided networks of Usenet have long been Universities and Colleges. However, in order to sustain these peers, they can be quite costly. In recent years, many Universities and Colleges have had to sometimes sacrifice their Usenet access due to cost prohibitions and/or lack of available resources.

In an effort to assist, alongside the firm understanding of the value that Usenet represents for academia, has available options for faculty and staff to integrate free Usenet access offer for their institution.

The free Usenet access contains all of the same features that current members enjoy, such as simultaneous SSL encrypted connections to thousands of newsgroups with 99.9% completion on binaries up to 200 days and text messages up to 1000 days old.

The following are the available free Usenet access to academic institutions Faculty and Staff options:

1) For individual access to Usenet services, you can submit your requests alongside your information on this page.

2) Representatives for schools can also submit a request for a list of faculty and/or staff to receive free Usenet access. Academia staff can submit their requests here.

3) From the institution, representatives are able to add and remove users that free Usenet access. For consideration and integration, please contact [email protected] Include the name of your institution, your name, and phone number to be contacted.

4) Other available options may be considered. All requests that do not pertain to the above options can be submitted via email to [email protected] has created this initiative in order to give back to the Usenet community. The goal is to increase the activity of utilizing Usenet for academic achievements.

The history of Usenet was created by college grads in need of a system that was to replace the once popular BBS. Quickly, academic institutions came aboard and have been part of the Usenet community ever since. As Usenet has become less available by the institutions themselves, is offering these services to bridge these gaps.

Consideration for the free Usenet offer would be greatly appreciated by mentioning on your academic website/page, or by other promotions that may be relevant and suitable with this offer. This optional consideration will hopefully allow other institutions to also be aware of the same offer available to them. Additionally, for institutions that plan to offer free Usenet access from, free support is available and links can be used to direct those who require technical assistance.

This demonstration is a reflection of the care and attention has put forth in order to grow the vital resources Usenet hosts for the academic circle. Any questions or concerns about this offer or for general inquiries, please contact [email protected]