List Submission for Free Usenet Access for Academic Institutions


Requests for free Usenet access for college, university, academies and other academic institutions faculty and staff can be submitted on this form. Please fill in each field with the appropriate information. Your information will then be reviewed by a representative and you will be notified of eligibility.

This form is for representatives of schools that wish to obtain free Usenet access to a list of faculty and staff for the school they represent.

Individual requests can be found here.

General information pertaining to the free Usenet offer can be found here.

Academic Instiution Representative/Administrator Information
master account of administrator that will be responsible for the list of users

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Below, enter the names and the email address of each individual of the institution you wish to also receive free Usenet access

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We will verify each entry prior to approval. To help us better serve you, please provide any of the following:

1) A contact email address from your organization's mail server. For example, someone working at Harvard University should send their [email protected] email address.

2) A page on the organization's website where we can verify your employment. An example would be a department listing for the computer science department at with your name listed.

3) An email address of your superior or co-worker who can verify your employment. This address would need to be from your organization's mail server.

Questions and concerns regarding this free Usenet offer can be directed to [email protected]