Configuring Newsbin Pro


The first step in Configuring Newsbin is to check the Options Menu to dictate the folder in which messages will be Downloaded

Step 1 - Once Newsbin is open, Click on "Options"

Newsbin Options

Step 2 - Click on "Browse" on the new window that appears and choose the Destination folder you desire to have messages downloaded to.

Step 3 - Press "Ok" when done

The next step is to manually add Newsgroups you wish to subscribe to.

Step 4 - In order to ensure that you have the most up to date list of Newsgroups, click on the "Download Groups List From Server"

Step 5 - Click on "Add Groups" from the main menu

Step 6 - On the search field, enter the keyword you wish to look for. In this example, we are looking for pictures of automobiles, therefore we use the keyword "auto"

Step 7 - After entering in your keyword, click "Search". This will display on the bottom all of the newsgroups that correspond to the keyword entered.

Step 8 - Once you have found a Newsgroup you wish to subscribe to, click on the checkbox to the left of the newsgroup to subscribe. You can click on as many newsgroups you desire.

Step 9 - After subscribing to a group, in this example "autos", it will display in the first pane under the "Groups" tab on the top of the page. Right click on the Newsgroup for a menu of options. Select "Download All Headers" to see all of the headers of the group. Do this each time you wish to see the latest headers of this group. Explore the options menu in order to set the feature of automating header downloads.

Step 10 - You will notice the headers being downloaded on the pane below. Once the download has finished, right click on the newsgroup. This time, choose "Show All Posts". This will create a new tab on the top with all of the headers that were recently downloaded.

Step 11- Click on the tab on the top that shows the newsgroup you wish to view. This will display a list that can be sorted by Subject, Status, Date or any other fields that are present on the top. Once you have found messages you wish to view and download by clicking each message that you want. The messages will be downloaded to the folder you designated at the beginning of this Configuration. Follow each step again for additional newsgroups to subscribe to.

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