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From [email protected] Fri Apr 14 17:44:51 1995 Path: uunet!bounce-back From: Bruce Davies <[email protected]> Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,talk.politics.animals,alt.politics.greens,alt.activism Subject: RFD: talk.politics.animals.{liberation,misc} Followup-To: news.groups Date: 14 Apr 1995 16:54:55 -0400 Organization: newcastle cs Lines: 282 Sender: [email protected] Approved: [email protected] Message-ID: <[email protected]> NNTP-Posting-Host: Xref: gs2.UU.NET news.announce.newgroups:6612 news.groups:144766 talk.politics.animals:38123 alt.politics.greens:8168 alt.activism:95439                   REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)  Group names:    talk.politics.animals.misc                 talk.politics.animals.liberation  Groups affected: talk.politics.animals  Status:        talk.politics.animals.misc -- Unmoderated.                talk.politics.animals.liberation -- Moderated.  Distribution:  World wide.  Summary:       talk.politics.animals.liberation -- Provides a home base for                matters directly relating to animal liberation.                 talk.politics.animals.misc -- Provides a general, non-specific                discussion area for other matters relating to animals and                politics.  Proposed by:   Bruce J. Davies ([email protected])                                ([email protected])  Cross Posted to:                talk.politics.animals                alt.politics.greens                alt.activism  This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) on the restructuring of the talk.politics.animals newsgroup. What is proposed is to create two sub-groups, namely talk.politics.animals.misc and talk.politics.animals.liberation.  This message initiates a discussion period to consider the creation the new groups, as outlined above. Discussion and all follow up posts should be made to news.groups.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------- CHARTER & RATIONALE -- talk.politics.animals.liberation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  CHARTER talk.politics.animals.liberation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The group will provide a number of services which at present seem to be lacking on the net including, but not limited to...      1> An information service for Animal Liberation groups worldwide,        providing...          * Announcements of planned Animal Lib group activities.          * Results of Animal Lib group activities.          * Updates of legal battles by Animal Lib groups.          * Information on establishment/industry plans for new animal           factories.          * A current listing of organistions and resources supporting the           Animal Lib cause.      2> A forum for debate on Animal Lib policies ONLY! These include, but        are not limited to...          a) Farming method reform.         b) Animal testing and experimentation.         c) Zoos.         d) Battery hens.         e) Fur industry.         f) Rodeos.         g) Circuses.        As well as the issues themselves, policies on the mechanism of       Animal Lib action should be discussed, including...          a) Non-agressive demonstration technique.         b) Press releases.         c) Political lobbying.         d) Legal assistance.         e) Monetary assistance.        Contributions from opponents of Animal Lib policies should be       welcome.        The ongoing result of discussion on these matters would be some set       of uniformly agreed upon working documents for use by a unified       Animal Liberation front.  MODERATION POLICY talk.politics.animals.liberation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Relevant materials on talk.politics.animals.liberation will include, but not be limited to, those subject as outlined in the charter above.  This newsgroup shall have an active moderator, and at least two co-moderators.  It shall be the responsibility of the active moderator to screen postings to the newsgroup, and eliminate those which have no connection with animal liberation, or are merely inflammatory or insulting.  All articles that are rejected will be sent back to the contributor with a short message explaning the reason for rejection. Such rejections may be appealed as outlined below.  The co-moderators serve in a back-up capacity, so as to insure continuity during either a temporary or permanent change in the status of the active moderator.  In addition, the co-moderators will have the responsibility, along with the active moderator, for voting on appeals of rejected posts, the appointment of new moderators, and the possible removal of a current moderator as outlined below.  Appeal of Rejection of Posts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If a contributor whose post has been rejected wishes to appeal this action, the current active moderator will forward this request and the post in question to all co-moderators for a vote.  If the majority of all moderators votes to overrule the rejection, the article will be sent to the newsgroup.  If the post is rejected, the person appealling the rejection will be sent a summary of the votes by the moderators.  Appointment of New Moderators. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New co-moderators will be appointed as necessary through the nomination of an individual by the other moderators. The appointment will require a unanimous vote of the current moderators to pass. The new co-moderator's name will then be submitted to the newsgroup for a five day discussion period.  During these five days, any of the current moderators may change their vote in response to this discussion.  At the end of the five days, if all the moderators are still in agreement, the nominee becomes a co-moderator.  Removal of a Moderator. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A moderator may be removed for the following causes:      1> Failure to perform the outlined duties of the position.      2> A pattern of biased or discriminatory rejections of postings.        Such removal will be made by the formal vote of all current        moderators. A 2/3rds vote in favor of such action will be        required for removal. The reasons for, and results of, all such        votes will be posted to the newsgroup. If there is a large        negative response from the newsgroup, then the removal of the        moderator will be deemed to be invalid, and the moderator        re-instated.  Moderator Selection. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All moderators should be socially distant from each other. By this I mean that moderators should be connected only by the fact that they are moderators of the talk.politics.animals.liberation newsgroup. Moderator selection and continuance should be based on performance as a moderator, nothing more and nothing less.  Ideally, one co-moderator should be in agreement with the arguments put forward by animal liberationists, and one against. The active moderator should at all times be be in agreement with animal liberation policies.  The appointment of the inaugural co-moderators will be done by the inaugural active moderator. See non-(pushy and self-serving) application by me, below!  FAQ. ~~~ The moderators, as a group, will be responsible for the development and posting of a frequently asked question (FAQ) file for this newsgroup.  Posting of Charter and Moderators List. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This charter will be reposted, along with the list of current moderators to the newsgroup every three months.  (Many thanks to Brian Ross, RFD: soc.history.war.vietnam for most of the above moderation policy;-)%% Good work man.  Application for active moderator. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At the expense of seeming rather pushy and self-serving (which I'm not) I would like to nominate for the position of active moderator for the group talk.politics.animals.liberation. I have been a member of the Australian Animal Liberation group for some time now, and feel that I have gained enough knowledge on animal liberation issues to effectively perform the duties as described for the position. In my spare time I also do other things, such as tutor in C++ at Newcastle Uni, program erosion visualization and modelling applications, lift weights and play squash.  If this Request For Discussion is successful, my first duty will be to call for applications for the positions of co-moderators. From the responses received (hopefully lots) I will select the co-moderators. I'm sorry if this seems rather despotic, but I can think of no better or easier way to do it. Be assured, the co-moderators will be unknown personally to me, and will have been selected on the basis of the descriptions in their applications.  After this initial moderator selection process, the moderator system will work as described in the moderation policy.  RATIONALE talk.politics.animals.liberation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is to be a group primarily aimed at achieving a higher standard of living (and dying) for all the animals on earth. Issues of a wider span should be addressed to the (proposed) talk.politics.animals.misc group. The liberation group is aimed solely at Animal Lib policies and operations.  If this group is accepted as such, it will provide a "one-stop shop" for anyone wanting to know the current state of animal liberation issues in both their local area and globally.  People and organizations with relevant postings will be able to post to this newsgroup and be sure that their subject is reaching the right audience, and will not be surrounded by many, unrelated articles.  The group is to be aimed at results. As such, the group should welcome contributions from all members of the community, regardless of their choice of foodstuffs and lifestyle.  It is a group aimed at debate. As such, the group should welcome contributions from opponents of Animal Lib policies.  Why moderated?  A moderator is needed when dealing with topics of this nature. Moderation will filter out flames and subjects which are unrelated to the primary topic, or which are merely time wasting devices. This process will not be intended to stifle discussion or information dissemination -- rather, moderation will serve to keep the newsgroup on the topic. Postings from reasonable opponents of animal liberation policies shall be welcomed.    --------------------------------------------------------------------------  CHARTER & RATIONALE -- talk.politics.animals.misc ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  CHARTER. ~~~~~~~ Basically, this group is to become what the current talk.politics.animals group is today. It is to be an unmoderated discussion forum for all matters of animal politics unrelated to animal liberation.  Unfortunately, we can't locate the original Request For Discussion for talk.politics.animals, so please see this charter as being a rough outline of what the original may have been.  The talk.politics.animals.misc group will provide an unmoderated discussion forum for all and any matters related to animal politics, perhaps even those articles deemed unsuitable for inclusion in talk.politics.animals.lib- eration.  RATIONALE. ~~~~~~~~~ The subjects covered by the umbrella of talk.politics.animals are broad. Although the creation of a specific group talk.politics.animals.liberation will provide a resource for matters relating to animal liberation, the story does not end there. Within the talk.politics.animals.misc group there is space for arguments of a more ethreal nature, flames, passion and all the other joys usually associated with an unmoderated and controversial newsgroup.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------   NOTES ~~~~~ If the subject matter interests you, have a browse around the resource on the WWW. It is a good starting place.      Also recommended is the book "Animal Liberation" by Peter Singer.  Please post any responses to this message to news.groups.  This is NOT a call for votes. A Call For Votes (CFV) will be posted 21 to 30 days from now and will be conducted by an independent third party.  If you are interested in the group, then please participate in the discussion.  
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