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Advocacy ( comp.os.linux.advocacy )
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From [email protected] Mon Feb 14 19:55:41 1994 Path: uunet!bounce-back From: [email protected] (Danny Gould) Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,comp.os.linux.announce,comp.os.linux.misc,comp.os.os2.advocacy,,,comp.sys.mac.advocacy,comp.unix.advocacy Subject: RFD: comp.os.linux.advocacy Followup-To: news.groups Date: 14 Feb 1994 18:37:11 -0500 Organization: National Institutes of Health, Bethesda Lines: 74 Sender: [email protected] Approved: [email protected], [email protected] Message-ID: <[email protected]> NNTP-Posting-Host: Keywords: advocacy Xref: uunet news.announce.newgroups:4613 news.groups:95466 comp.os.linux.announce:1819 comp.os.linux.misc:9810 comp.os.os2.advocacy:38935 comp.sys.mac.advocacy:14616 comp.unix.advocacy:631  Request for Discussion (RFD) on comp.os.linux.advocacy  Proposed by: Daniel L. Gould <[email protected]>  Summary: comp.os.linux.advocacy is to be an unmoderated group for the discussion of the positive and negative sides of Linux and comparison  of Linux with other operating systems.  Sent to newsgroups:  news.announce.newgroups (followup to news.groups), comp.os.linux.misc,  comp.os.linux.announce, comp.os.os2.advocacy,,, comp.sys.mac.advocacy, comp.unix.advocacy  ---     Recently on comp.os.linux.misc, there have been many debates of Linux versus DOS, Windows, NeXTstep, and other operating systems.  There have been postings requesting that those discussions move to a comp.os.linux.advocacy group.  The creation of this group would leave Linux-only and technical questions in the existing comp.os.linux.misc and comp.os.linux.development groups, and move all inter-operating system (and platform) discussions to this proposed group.     Linux is a free UNIX clone written by Linus Torvalds and many other developers.  The source code to the OS is also distributed for free.  The various FAQs on Linux are posted regularly to comp.os.linux.misc, and are availabe by ftping to in the pub/Linux heirarchy. It is distributed under the Free Software  Foundation's licensing system (reffered to as the "copyleft").  Many UNIX applications have been ported to Linux, it supports TCP/IP, and it can run X-Free, a free X windows implementation for the 80x86 architectures. (Linux will only run on 80386 and above systems, but there may be plans in the future to port it to other systems.)  CHARTER:     The proposed group will provide a forum for the discussion of Linux. In addition, it will allow comp.os.linux.misc to deal with Linux-specific issues.  Discussion will include (but not be limited to) the discussion of the pros and cons of Linux and appliactions for Linux, and the comparison of Linux with other operating systems and enviromnets such as Microsoft DOS and Windows, SCO UNIX, Coherent, NeXTstep, Macintosh System, etc.  It will be an unmoderated forum.  --- The process for the creation of comp.os.linux.advocacy:  **1. RFD: During this period discussion about this proposed newsgroup will take place.  All discussion should be crossposted to news.groups.  The discussion period will take place for approximately one month. Though I have tried to stay with the standard naming scheme, name changes may also be proposed.  If there are no major disagreements during this time, and the name and charter are agreed on, we will proceed to step two.  2. CFV (call for votes): We will ask the UVV (USENET Volunteer Votetakers) to run the CFV according to standard USENET votetaking procedures (that will be posted at the time of the CFV.)  3.  There will be a counting of votes and a public display of votes.  If all conditions are met,  4. The new group will be announced, and created if the site admin so chooses.  Thank you very much. --  Danny Gould   AGE   16   N3HCH     Supercomputer/Internet Addict Montgomery Blair High School    UNIX sysop finger [email protected] for accts, curent project information, as I keep adding to it...  
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