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From [email protected] Wed Jul  8 15:16:17 1992 Xref: uunet news.announce.newgroups:2504 news.groups:53898 comp.sys.apple2:39943 Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,comp.sys.apple2 Path: uunet!bounce-back From: [email protected] (Richard Muise) Subject: RFD: comp.sys.apple2.programmer Message-ID: <[email protected]> Followup-To: news.groups Keywords: apple programmer new group Sender: [email protected] (David C Lawrence) Organization: Acadia University Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1992 17:52:00 GMT Approved: [email protected] Lines: 84  Request For Discussion =============================================   	This is a request for discussion concerning the creation of the new newsgroup comp.sys.apple2.programmer. This is a new group to be formed for the discussion of programming on the Apple II line of computers. The new  group will be UNMODERATED.  	There are currently two groups serving most of the needs of the Apple II users : comp.sys.apple2 and comp.binaries.apple2 . The later only deals with the distribution of programs, and data pertaining to the Apple II. The former deals with everything else. This makes it difficult to sometimes recieve the information that programmers, and users may need, especially if the reader has to sift through over 100 posts a day to find the relevant information.  This 	This new group will help this problem, and act as a store house for programming information. It is becoming difficult to find information in this area, as the Apple II is being left behind in the computer race dominated by IBM, Macs and Amigas. However the Apple II can't be forgotten, as it is the dominant computer in many K-12 schools today. It is also for this important reason that comp.sys.apple2.programmer should be created.   Proposed Charter ==============================================  	Comp.sys.apple2.programmer will be a news group where discussion of programming techniques, programming information, and hardware information pertaining to the Apple II line.  Topics that can be covered (there are probably many more, and there is no restriction, or penalty for posting other topics):  	1] Programming the Apple in any language, such as C, Basic, Assembly, Forth, and Pascal.  	2] Source code for programs that may be of interest to the Apple II community. This could include full programs, or parts of a large algorithm.  	3] Programming and the operating systems. There can't be a discussion of Apple programming without including the operating systems, such as Dos 3.3, ProDOS, GS/OS, GNO, and other ones I have forgotten.  	4] Information pertaining to the Apple II hardware. This could include memory maps, locations of important ROM locations, the discussion of GS/OS tools that interact with hardware. This does not include topics such as : how to install hardware, how to fix hardware, and what software is compatable with what software. Perhaps comp.sys.apple2 could handle these topics, as it  currently does.   What's Next ?    ================================================  	This has been the first RFD for this group. Before the new group is formed, a discussion must occur concerning whether this group is neccessary, and whether it should be formed UNMODERATED, and a discussion on the contained propsed charter. I suspect that the bulk of the discussion will concern the charter. The charter needs more input on what topics will be discussed. The final topic (number four (4)) should be altered to what the needs of the new group will be.  	All discussion is directed to the newsgroup news.groups, as per the  USENET regulations concern such a RFD. Please don't forget to include the  new group name (comp.sys.apple2.programmer) in the subject line of your posting.  	The discussion is public. Please post your feelings and opinions. Any mail sent to me will be posted to the group news.groups . When the final vote is to begin another message will be posted (the CFV or Call For Votes). Then the voting will be private. The voting procedure will be posted at that time.  	The CFV posting will occur in about 30 days. A pre-post will be posted to comp.sys.apple2 to insure that the people most concerned with the discussion will have a reminder that the vote in impending.   Thank you for you time. Richard Muise --   " Apple : Changing the world, one person at a time"  " Friends : Don't let friends do DOS "        881045m @        881045m @  From [email protected] Tue Aug 11 12:15:46 1992 Xref: uunet news.announce.newgroups:2612 news.groups:55285 comp.sys.apple2:41701 Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,comp.sys.apple2 Path: uunet!bounce-back From: [email protected] (Richard Muise) Subject: CFV: comp.sys.apple2.programmer Message-ID: <[email protected]> Followup-To: poster Sender: [email protected] (David C Lawrence) Reply-To: [email protected] Organization: Acadia University Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1992 03:42:38 GMT Approved: [email protected] Lines: 39  	This is the Call for Votes for the creation of the new newsgroup  comp.sys.apple2.programmer. This news group is about the art of programming the Apple II line of computers, including clones (Laser,Franklin,...), and the Mac LC Apple II emulator. This group will be unmoderated. All posting are welcome. It is suggested that any source code be cross posted to  comp.sources.apple2. Questions about hardware are also welcome, so long as they in some way deal with programming the Apple II (ie memory maps, Peek,  Poke addresses, but not "How do I add RAM to the Apple II"). The latter question would be better handled to comp.sys.apple2.      	This new group is also being created to help cut down on the large bandwidth on comp.sys.apple2. For the moment it is a "catch-all" news group. This news group, along with comp.binaries.apple2, and comp.sources.apple2 will cut the bandwidth down, while still spurring more work on the Apple II  line.  How To Vote: 	To vote simply mail a message to [email protected] Note this is not the same as the forwarding address (sorry). The message header should contain the words "Yes/Create" or "No/Don't create". The mail should be explict as to what vote you are casting. The voting starts today, and will end in 21 day, at 23:59 on Monday August 31. After the completion of the vote there is a five day waiting period before the results will be posted to news.announce.newgroups and comp.sys.apple2. 	Votes by proxy are not allowed. Votes posted to news groups are not valid.   	There must be 100 more Yes/Create votes than No/Don't create votes, and 2/3 of the valid votes must be Yes/create for the new group to be created. A list of valid votes, and the voters address will be posted 5 days after the end of the vote. Only one vote per voter. Of two conflicting votes by a voter the one dated later will supersede the former.  	Again the voting address is [email protected] Thank you. --   " Apple : Changing the world, one person at a time"  " Friends : Don't let friends do DOS "        881045m @        881045m @  From [email protected] Mon Aug 24 22:22:26 1992 Xref: uunet news.announce.newgroups:2643 news.groups:55736 comp.sys.apple2:42296 Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,comp.sys.apple2 Path: uunet!bounce-back From: [email protected] (Richard Muise) Subject: 2nd CFV and VOTE ACK: comp.sys.apple2.programmer Message-ID: <[email protected]> Followup-To: poster Sender: [email protected] (David C Lawrence) Organization: Acadia University Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1992 22:19:53 GMT Approved: [email protected] Lines: 72  This is the second and last Call for Votes for the new news group Comp.Sys.Apple2.Programmer. This unmoderated group will cater to people interested in programming the Apple II line of computers. It is for the starting user to the advanced software programmer. 	The first CFV was posted August 10,1992. At the end of this post is a mass acknowledgement of the voters who voted. The way they voted (Yes/No) is not , and can not be implied. 	The last day for votes is August 31,1992. Votes must be mailed to [email protected] for the vote to be valid. 	For the group to be created there must be 100 more Yes votes then no votes, and at least 2/3 of the votes must be Yes.  Here are the voters names (54 votes): Scott Alfter Larry W. Virden Tero Sand Dale B. LaFountain Dameon D. Welch Kent Radek tuu Rich Payne Andrew Robert Volk Richard Kulawiec lim thye chean David.Empson Amrit Chauhan Brendan_Hoar DESROCHERS GARY FREDER Max Heffler B.J.   11-Aug-1992 1051 Kapffer Richard H. Miller Michael R. Eisler James L. Brookes Andreas Karrer Brian Bening Bob Sherman Heath Wilkinson Eric J. Olson Jawaid Bazyer warlock Marc Sira Marc Moorcroft Jeff Hartkopf Jeff Holcomb Bill Owens Kent Dickey Otto Heuer #3 Daniel Demaggio Russ Woodroofe Brain Tao Lunatic Johnathan Bruce E'Sex Brain Huddleston David Kopper Gregory G. Woodbury  Derek Taubert Andrew Guillaume John J. Wegis Matt Deatherage Francis A. Uy Doug Ashbrook Rob Knauerhase shane Stephen Harker Michael Crane  Rob Wilson --   " Apple : Changing the world, one person at a time"  " Friends : Don't let friends do DOS "        881045m @        881045m @  From [email protected] Tue Sep  8 23:34:24 1992 Xref: uunet news.announce.newgroups:2705 news.groups:56313 comp.sys.apple2:42930 Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,comp.sys.apple2 Path: uunet!bounce-back From: [email protected] (Richard Muise) Subject: RESULT: comp.sys.apple2.programmer fails 81:10 Message-ID: <[email protected]> Followup-To: news.groups Sender: [email protected] (David C Lawrence) Organization: Acadia University References: <[email protected]> Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1992 03:08:47 GMT Approved: [email protected] Lines: 125  The voting period for the creation of comp.sys.apple2.programmer ended on August 31,1992. The vote failed to get the minimum number of votes (100). Therefore the vote has failed. The next RFD for the creation of this group can occur on February 1,1993. I suspect that the minimum number of votes will be found at that date, as school (University) will be in for most people, and their will be a larger number of people to  respond to the RFD. The vote count and ACK is as follows:  Votes for : 81 Votes against: 10  Vote ACK:  Yes votes (81):  Scott Alfter ([email protected]) Adam Barclay ([email protected]) Jawaid Bazyar ([email protected]) Tye Botting ([email protected]) James L. Brookes ([email protected]) Brian Bening ([email protected]) lim thye chean ([email protected]) Armit Chauhan ([email protected]) Brian Clark ([email protected]) Michael Crane ([email protected]) Steve Chiang TM ([email protected]) Kent Dickey ([email protected]) Matt Deatherage ([email protected]) Daniel Demaggio ([email protected]) Benjamin Doherty ([email protected]) Lawrence Dunfield ([email protected]) Jeff Dyason ([email protected]) Lunatic Johnathan Bruce E'Sex ([email protected]) David Empson ([email protected]) Espo ([email protected]) Michael Foegelle ([email protected]) Desrochers Gary Frederic ([email protected]) Leon Garde ([email protected]) Steve George ([email protected]) John Goggan ([email protected]) Eric Gravil ([email protected]) Glenn Gray ([email protected]) Andrew Guillaume ([email protected]) Steve Harker ([email protected]) Jeff Hartkopf ([email protected]) Jeff Holcomb ([email protected]) Max Heffler ([email protected]) Otto Heuer #3 ([email protected]) Robert Hill ([email protected]) Brendan Hoar ([email protected]) Brian Huddleston ([email protected]) B.J. ([email protected]) Chris Jacobson ([email protected]) Basil Johnson ([email protected]) Matthias Kapffer ([email protected]) Rob Knauerhase ([email protected]) David Kopper ([email protected]) Maureen Kopper ([email protected]) Dale B. LaFountain ([email protected]) Life...([email protected]) Lindsey MacPherson ([email protected]) mayhem ([email protected]) Tim Meekins ([email protected]) Richard H. Miller ([email protected] Robert_Paul MUELLER ([email protected]) Tony J Neyens ([email protected]) Frank Nusselder ([email protected]) Rich Payne ([email protected]) Jerry Penner ([email protected]) Austin Phelps ([email protected]) psonnek ([email protected]) Kent Radek ([email protected]) Terry Rawlings ([email protected]) Tero Sand ( Ian Schmidt ([email protected]) shane ([email protected]) Jason Simmons ([email protected]) Marc Sira ([email protected]) Danny Spalt ([email protected]) Mitchell Spector ([email protected]) Dale Staines ([email protected]) Brian Tao ( [email protected]) Derek Taubert ([email protected]) Grover Thomas ([email protected]) Gary Turnquist ([email protected]) tuu ([email protected]) Francis A. Uy ([email protected]) Todd VanDerHul, MCP ([email protected]) Larry W. Virden ([email protected]) Andrew Robert Volk ([email protected]) John J. Wegis ([email protected]) Dameon D. Welch ([email protected]) Heath Wilinson ([email protected]) Ron Wilson ([email protected]) Gregory G. Woodbury ([email protected]) Russ Woodroofe ([email protected]) Shane M Zatezalo ([email protected])  No votes (10):  Doug Ashbrook ([email protected]) David Van Beveren ([email protected]) Mike Eisler ([email protected]) Andreas Karrer ([email protected]) Richard Kulawiec ([email protected]) Marc Moorcroft ([email protected]) William Moxley ([email protected]) Eric J. Olson ([email protected]) Bill Owens ([email protected]) Bob Sherman ([email protected])  I feel I must apologize for the mix ups that occured during the vote. The polling station ([email protected]) had a server crash during the second week in the vote. Also this message is late (it should have been posted last week) because I had my wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday.  thanks to all who helped and participated in the vote.  Richard Muise --   " Apple : Changing the world, one person at a time"  " Friends : Don't let friends do DOS "        881045m @        881045m @  
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