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Multimedia ( comp.multimedia )
From [email protected] Mon Sep 27 10:23:54 1993
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Posted-Date: 6 Jan 91 22:53:06 GMT
From: [email protected] (Ittai Hershman)
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups
Subject: VOTE RESULTS: comp.multimedia PASSES
Date: Sun,  6 Jan 91 23:56:08 PST
Followup-to: news.groups
Organization: NYU Stern School of Business
Keywords: posted

There were 264 votes in favor of the creation of comp.multimedia as
proposed, and 7 votes against.  (Interesting statistic: 85% of the
vote turned out in the first week).  Thank you all.

I have asked Eliot to send out the newgroup message.


Appendix A.

Votes in favor of comp.multimedia as proposed in the Call for Votes:

 Philip Young <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Ross Wilkinson)
 "Michael S. McLean" <[email protected]>
 Jonathan Rosenberg <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 "Ant Man"  <FFDKL%[email protected]>
 Andy Peterman <andyp%[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (David Neves)
 [email protected] (Chris Perry)
 Dave Walden <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Robert D. Thompson)
 [email protected]
 Craig Hubley <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Iain D. Sinclair)
 bowdidge%[email protected] (Robert Bowdidge)
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 Chad Fogg <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 Daniel Edward Lovinger <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (Oluwatoyin Tunde AKINDELE)
 [email protected] (Thom Gillespie)
 Woobin Lee <[email protected]>
 John Grinham <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Rakesh Sinha)
 [email protected] (Tor G. Syvertsen)
 [email protected] (Leif Erlingsson)
 [email protected] (Kim DeVaughn)
 [email protected] (Tom Horsley)
 [email protected] (Phillip Everson - Sun UK - CS Hotline)
 [email protected] (Boyle)
 [email protected] (Lillard Walker)
 Gebhard Auer <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Sam Milosevich)
 [email protected] (Emmett Black)
 Rob (R.P.) Enns <ROBE%[email protected]>
 "Hannes P. Lubich" <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 Brian Bechtel <[email protected]>
 Simon Gibbs <[email protected]>
 Richard Jennings <[email protected]>
 Don Smith <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Keith M Andress)
 Timothy VanFosson <[email protected]>
 Jim Davis <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Kris Olander)
 Peter da Silva <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Mark Horstman [314-235-3417])
 Hans Eidnes <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Cazier)
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (W. H. Dodrill)
 Sill D E <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Michael S. Green)
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (Glen Fullmer)
 Ruth Lang <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (Mark Scoville)
 Richard H. Miller <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Andrew Scherpbier)
 [email protected] (Walt Thode)
 [email protected] (Dewey Henize)
 Victor Bahl <[email protected]>
 Andrew Currie <[email protected]>
 Stan Schwerin <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Michael Aieta)
 [email protected] (David E. Watson)
 [email protected] (Chander Ahuja (214)754-3895)
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (Rick McCormack)
 Richard Fozzard <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Dominic Nguyen)
 David F. Aronson <[email protected]>
 Suresh B Krishnamurthy <krish%[email protected]>
 Michael Burdett <[email protected]>
 [email protected]  (Gil [email protected]@Banyan)
 "Rodney F. Carvalho" <SIT%[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Steven H. Schwartz)
 [email protected] (Henry Ip)
 Mike Oltz <[email protected]>
 "Patricia O Tuama" <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 Frode Kileng <[email protected]>
 gruen%[email protected] (Dan Gruen)
 Robert Greer <GREBM%[email protected]>
 Udo K Schuermann <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Greg Pasquariello)
 [email protected] (Ed Lupin)
 [email protected] (Deborah Estrin)
 johndan johnson-eilola <JEILOLA%[email protected]>
 Richard Staehli <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Kent Paul Dolan)
 Scott Korcz <[email protected]>
 stuple%[email protected]
 Aki Fleshler <[email protected]>
 Art Nicolaysen <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Pei Y. Wei)
 Chris Klausmeier <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (William Daul)
 [email protected]
 Bill Wisner <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (Gregory G. Woodbury)
 Mark Schulz <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 SHARON IRVING <IRVING%[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Kathy Strong)
 [email protected] (Jacob Ellis)
 [email protected] (Bob Berger)
 [email protected]
 "B|rre Ludvigsen" <borrel%[email protected]>
 Stephan Richter <[email protected]>
 Klaus H. Ahlers <[email protected]>
 Philippe Marchal <[email protected]>
 Erik Lundevall <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (Ivar Engen)
 [email protected] (Aristides Grigoriou)
 Ed Feustel <efeustel%[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 "Carl J. Kuzmich (4-1885)" <[email protected]>
 Bob Ledger <bobl%[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Dan Atkins)
 [email protected] (Omar Patino-Siliceo)
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (Pradeep Deshpande)
 [email protected] (Andrew Patrick)
 Murray Sherk <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (David Rivas)
 Paul Dourish <[email protected]>
 Michele LeBrasseur <[email protected]>
 TECHNOLOGY SPONGE <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Jennitta Andrea)
 Stan Przybylinski <[email protected]>
 Michael Christel <[email protected]>
 Jodi Peterson <[email protected]>
 Olle Furberg  <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Brad E Lance)
 [email protected] (Kevin Laux)
 [email protected] (Michael Richardson)
 Katherine Fugitt <[email protected]>
 alfred%[email protected] (Alfred Hartmann)
 [email protected] (David Hoffman)
 [email protected] (Dick Smith)
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (Joe Keane)
 <TAYLORJ%[email protected]>
 Hans Eriksson  <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Krishna E. Bera)
 [email protected] (Per Andersson)
 [email protected] (Stan Osborne)
 Dave Lange <[email protected]>
 "Gerald Q. Maguire" <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 witschi%[email protected] (Peter Witschital)
 Klaus Meyer-Wegener (INF6)  <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Dale Dougherty)
 Courtney Long <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (Hiroshi Naito(24839))
 [email protected] (Linh TRAN)
 Phil Lloyd <[email protected]>
 David Walker <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (Alberto Lavelli)
 [email protected]
 Robertj Jaquiss (503)627-4444 DS 50-454 <robertj%[email protected]>
 cullum%[email protected]
 Solid02%[email protected]
 [email protected]
 Roland Hjerppe <[email protected]>
 Paul Van Dooren <[email protected]>
 Merryanna Swartz <[email protected]>
 Steve Hamley <[email protected]>
 Guanghua Zhang <[email protected]>
 Paul Zhu <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Paul Teich)
 [email protected] (Brad Perry)
 [email protected] (Brad May)
 [email protected] (Greg Kuperberg)
 [email protected] (Javier Arellano)
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (Edgardo Richards)
 [email protected] (David Michael Thau)
 Felsa Satlow <Felsa_Satlow%[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Wine)
 Mark Dobie <[email protected]>
 Gerard Hutchings <[email protected]>
 Richard Cole <[email protected]>
 Jacques Hagelstein <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (MSAINS RUBIS)
 [email protected] (Ossi Numminen)
 "Marilynne W. Stout (814) 863-2271" <[email protected]>
 Frank S. Taylor IV <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Michael Benedikt)
 [email protected]
 <HMANIKAT%[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (David Stuehler)
 [email protected] (Jim Beveridge)
 [email protected] (Hervey Stern)
 bene homann <[email protected]>
 Rex Clark <[email protected]>
 Paul-Andre Pays <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (Mark Seiden)
 [email protected] (Mark Levison)
 [email protected] (Alexander Dupuy)
 [email protected]
 cvelotta%[email protected] (Chris Velotta)
 Karl Held <karl%[email protected]>
 mlowery%[email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (Will Tait)
 roseman%[email protected]
 bhagat%[email protected]
 Michel Lacroix <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 Dick Dramstad <[email protected]>
 "LT. BILL NACE" <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (D'arc Angel)
 WMcBride%TSS%[email protected]
 Dong-Lok Kim <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Jim Hebert)
 [email protected] (Sarah Steinberg)
 pbc%[email protected] (Paul Cotton)
 [email protected] (Rod Holland)
 ken%[email protected] (Ken Kershner)
 [email protected] (Lynn Robinson)
 Kevin Long <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (VTT/TEL)
 [email protected] (David Vickers)
 [email protected] (Cris Kobryn)
 jkay%[email protected] (Jonathan Kay)
 [email protected] (Krishna Garimella)
 [email protected]
 Wenjing Zhu <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Gregory S. Baber)
 Mark Abel <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Mark Stout  @sys [email protected] hou rm9896)
 [email protected] (Oscar Sznajder)
 [email protected] (Steve McClellan)
 Ben Cox <[email protected]>
 [email protected]
 [email protected] (John R. Barr)
 [email protected] (John Keegan)
 [email protected] (Jeff Graber)
 [email protected] (Sam Hahn)
 [email protected]
 Karl Mutch <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Eivind Rinde)
 Guido van Rossum <[email protected]>
 herri%[email protected] (Herri Gunawan)
 "Lee  L.J. Chen" <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Harry SANTOSO)

Votes against comp.multimedia as proposed in the Call for Votes:

 [email protected] (David Robinson)
 Bill Sommerfeld <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Todd Cooper)
 Kurt Baumann <[email protected]>
 [email protected] (Pawan Misra)
 [email protected] (Carl Rigney)
 John Lacey <[email protected]>

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