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Coherent ( comp.os.coherent )
From [email protected] Mon Sep 27 10:36:37 1993
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Path: lear
Posted-Date: Thu, 24 Jan 91 17:18:23 CST
Date: Sun,  3 Feb 91 21:51:16 PST
From: [email protected] (Lar Kaufman)
Subject: Call for Discussion - creation of comp.os.coherent
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,comp.os.mach,comp.os.minix,comp.os.xinu,comp.os.misc,comp.sys.ibm.pc.misc,comp.unix.sysv286,comp.unix.misc,comp.unix.sysv386,comp.unix.msdos
Keywords: coherent, Version_7, ISA, posted
Followup: news.groups    
This is a call for discussion of the proposed formation of a 
newsgroup for the Coherent operating system.  This newsgroup 
logically fits in the newsgroup hierarchy under the name 
comp.os.coherent and that is the proposed name for the group
subject to discussion in news.groups.  I propose that the   
group should be unmoderated, in the fashion of similar groups 
such as comp.os.xinu and comp.os.minix. 
The reason for this proposal is that Coherent is a significant  
development in the UNIX(tm) community, as an inexpensive OS  
similar to Version 7 Unix that runs on ISA architecture (AT-bus) 
personal computers.  While Coherent shares many of the same 
features of XINU and Minix, it also has unique characteristics  
related particularly to its C compiler, its UUCP implementation,  
and its device driver toolkit that indicate a need for net 
discussion among users to their benefit.  Note: While Coherent 
is a commercial product, this proposal was initiated without 
consultation with any representative or employee of the company 
that developed and is marketing Coherent.  It is not intended  
that this newsgroup should be an organ of support for the  
developer, but that the needs and interests of the user of  
the Coherent product shall be furthered by this newsgroup. 
Followup-to: news.groups

Discussion of this proposal shall continue for 30 days on news.groups 
and on or about February 24, I will issue a Call for Votes to the 
groups that have received this announcement, along with instructions 
for casting votes and a schedule for the voting period.  

Thank you for your-alto.ca attention and interest.


From [email protected] Mon Sep 27 12:22:23 1993
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Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,comp.os.mach,comp.os.minix,comp.os.xinu,comp.os.misc,comp.sys.ibm.pc.misc,comp.unix.sysv286,comp.unix.sysv386,comp.unix.msdos,comp.unix.misc
Path: rpi!tale
From: [email protected] (Lar Kaufman)
Subject: CFV:  comp.os.coherent
Followup-To: news.groups
Sender: [email protected]
Nntp-Posting-Host: cs.rpi.edu
Date: 28 Feb 91 04:52:05 GMT
Approved: [email protected]
Lines: 38

The request for discussion period for comp.os.coherent has ended.
Only one item was in any way controversial - the name of the group.
It was suggested that the group should be named comp.unix.coherent.
This suggestion is not adopted because (1) Coherent is not Unix,
having been independently developed, and (2) the proposed group name,
comp.os.coherent, is consistent with the existing hierarchy of comp
newsgroups.  It is beyond the scope of the proposal to revise the

Accordingly, this call for votes is for an unmoderated newsgroup named
comp.os.coherent.  The purpose of the group is to discuss and support
the Coherent operating system and related topics.  Coherent currently
resembles Unix Version 7, and is ported to ISA-architecture 80286-
and 80386-based computers.

The voting period shall extend from the time of posting of this
article until 11 PM GMT of March 27, 1991.  Only votes received 
by me ([email protected]) before this deadline will be counted.


The reliable way to vote is to send email to me, Lar Kaufman,
at this address: [email protected]

Posted votes cannot be counted; you must send mail to me.  The vote
applies only to the specific proposal to form comp.os.coherent, and
will not apply to any other proposal.  The vote must be explicit and
unambiguous.  I favor the form "I vote for comp.os.coherent as
proposed" or "I vote against comp.os.coherent as proposed".  Please
keep any further comments to a minimum.  I will be pleased to hear
other remarks in a separate message.

Thank you for your interest.

Lar Kaufman            I would feel more optimistic about a bright future
(voice) 512-794-9070   for man if he spent less time proving that he can
(fax)   512-794-0623   outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness 
[email protected]        and respecting her seniority.  - E.B. White

From [email protected] Wed Apr  5 19:28:39 1995
Xref: rpi news.announce.newgroups:996 news.groups:23710
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups
Path: rpi!bounce-back
From: [email protected] (Lar Kaufman)
Subject: RESULT:  comp.os.coherent passes 339:20
Followup-To: news.groups
Sender: [email protected]
Nntp-Posting-Host: cs.rpi.edu
Date: 29 Mar 91 04:25:36 GMT
Approved: [email protected]
Lines: 388

comp.os.coherent vote results (unverified) indicate that 
comp.os.coherent PASSES.

The voting period for the CFV for an unmoderated newsgroup,
comp.os.coherent, is ended.  The tally of valid votes was 
339 for, 20 against (approximately 17/1).  I did not count 
multiple votes by individuals or votes by otherwise
unidentified "root" or "superuser" accounts; there were 
about a dozen of these.  I also did not count 4 votes that
were received by persons without accounts, as these votes 
would not be verifiable under the guideline.  I did not 
count the "abstain" vote I received.

You have 5 days to correct any errors in the voter list or 
voting procedure, following the posting of this announcement
in news.announce.newgroups.

I wish to thank those who voted and those who wanted to vote.
I would like to extend special thanks to Curt Sampson who 
put aside a considerable investment of his own time by 
withdrawing an RFD for alt.coherent in order to allow this 
discussion and vote to come to pass without confusion or 


Vote               Voter
---- ----------------------------------------------------

NO   "Nam c." <EENAMLOW%[email protected]>
NO   [email protected] (Brian Matthews)
NO   [email protected] (David D. Stretch)
NO   Ed McGuire <[email protected]>
NO   Jim Roche <[email protected]>
NO   Nathan James Loofbourrow <[email protected]>
NO   Robert Craig Harman <[email protected]>
NO   Scott R. Weis KB2EAR <[email protected]>
NO   [email protected] (Arthur David Olson)
NO   [email protected] (Bryan Cardoza)
NO   [email protected] (Carl Rigney)
NO   [email protected] (Charleen Bunjiovianna Stoner)
NO   [email protected] (David Robinson)
NO   [email protected]
NO   [email protected] (GarBear Irick)
NO   [email protected] (Randy Howard)
NO   [email protected] (Scott Coulter)
NO   [email protected] (Steve Blair)
NO   [email protected] (Roger Cornelius)
NO   [email protected] (Tin Le)
Yes  "A. Rahman Jamaluddin" <[email protected]>
Yes  "Brendan Murray, Otago University CSC" <[email protected]>
Yes  "CPT Douglas E. Nielsen" <[email protected]>
Yes  "Chris Webster" <[email protected]>
Yes  "Dave Fischer" <[email protected]>
Yes  "Donald A. MacLeod" <[email protected]>
Yes  "Ernest J. Obusek" <[email protected]>
Yes  "Fabian, Roderic" <[email protected]>
Yes  "JOHN A LEHMAN"  <FFJAL%[email protected]>
Yes  "Jay Leafey @MMO  25-Mar-1991 0849" <[email protected]>
Yes  "NANCY ANN QUINN" <[email protected]>
Yes  "Predrag S. Bundalo" <[email protected]>
Yes  "Richard L. Solomon" <[email protected]>
Yes  "Robert C. Lehr" <[email protected]>
Yes  "Stuart L Labovitz" <[email protected]>
Yes  ***************** <[email protected]>  "name" truncated by votetaker -lk*
Yes  <16448591%[email protected]> (Mark Schaffer)
Yes  <[email protected]> (Andy Lynn)
Yes  <cdp!jkitchin%[email protected]>
Yes  @cca.ucsf.EDU:[email protected] (Dave Abercrombie)
Yes  @cca.ucsf.EDU:[email protected] (Adam Tilghman)
Yes  @cca.ucsf.EDU:[email protected] (Wendy Monroe)
Yes  @cca.ucsf.EDU:[email protected] (William King)
Yes  [email protected]
Yes  [email protected]
Yes  ANDREW CHAMBERS <[email protected]>
Yes  Adrian Wontroba <[email protected]>
Yes  Alan B. Clegg <[email protected]>
Yes  Alan Barclay <[email protected]>
Yes  Alan Thew <[email protected]>
Yes  Amir Plivatsky <amir%[email protected]>
Yes  Andy Newcomb <[email protected]>
Yes  Bill Henning <[email protected]>
Yes  Birmingham Blair B <[email protected]>
Yes  Bjorn Engsig <[email protected]>
Yes  Bob Izenberg <[email protected]>
Yes  Bodo Rueskamp <[email protected]>
Yes  Borge Arntsen <[email protected]>
Yes  Brad Rudacille <[email protected]>
Yes  Brian Smithson <[email protected]>
Yes  Charles Bennett Smith <[email protected]>
Yes  Chet Creider <[email protected]>
Yes  Christer Olsson <[email protected]>
Yes  Court Demas <[email protected]>
Yes  Curtis Repen <[email protected]>
Yes  D. W. James <[email protected]>
Yes  Dan Poirier <[email protected]>
Yes  Daniel Cohen <[email protected]>
Yes  Daniel McKeel <[email protected]>
Yes  Darrell Swope <[email protected]>
Yes  David Bedno <[email protected]>
Yes  David Eugene Dwiggins <[email protected]>
Yes  David Fenyes <[email protected]>
Yes  David Peter Coster <[email protected]>
Yes  Doug Sewell <[email protected]>
Yes  Douglas Pokorny <[email protected]>
Yes  Ed Federmeyer <[email protected]>
Yes  Edward C Brunelle Jr. <[email protected]>
Yes  Enrico Renato Palmerini <[email protected]>
Yes  Eric Horst <[email protected]>
Yes  [email protected] (Gerald Skerbitz)
Yes  George Ng <[email protected]>
Yes  Hafeman Joseph CPT <[email protected]>
Yes  Harald Tveit Alvestrand <[email protected]>
Yes  Heinrich Zacher <zacher%[email protected]>
Yes  Hendrik Boom <hendrik%[email protected]>
Yes  Henk Dijkstra <[email protected]>
Yes  Howard Honig <[email protected]>
Yes  [email protected]
Yes  Jeff Bauer <[email protected]>
Yes  Jim Baumbach <[email protected]>
Yes  Jim Bevier - J B Systems <[email protected]>
Yes  Jim Lick <[email protected]>
Yes  Joachim Riedel <[email protected]>
Yes  Joel B Levin <[email protected]>
Yes  John B Harlan <[email protected]>
Yes  Jon Inouye <[email protected]>
Yes  Kevin Purcell <[email protected]>
Yes  Kurt Klingbeil <[email protected]>
Yes  [email protected] (MARK [email protected])
Yes  La Monte H Yarroll <[email protected]>
Yes  Laszlo C. Balint <[email protected]>
Yes  Linh Ngo <[email protected]>
Yes  Litow <[email protected]>
Yes  Lori Pape <[email protected]>
Yes  Mark Moraes <[email protected]>
Yes  Mark Spector <[email protected]>
Yes  Michael R. Roedel <[email protected]>
Yes  Mohamad Suwandi Sidik <[email protected]>
Yes  Mohd Yusri Abdol <[email protected]>
Yes  Muhammad Selamat <[email protected]>
Yes  Nitesh Patel <[email protected]>
Yes  Original-blink!rvk (Bob Kline)
Yes  Otto van Kranenburg <[email protected]>
Yes  PETER HENDRICKS <[email protected]>
Yes  Paul F Martino <[email protected]>
Yes  Pestilence <[email protected]>
Yes  Peter Hoffman <[email protected]>
Yes  Philippe Gagne <[email protected]>
Yes  Pond Scum <[email protected]>
Yes  RAWLIN BLAKE <[email protected]>
Yes  RLINDSAY <[email protected]>
Yes  Ralph Meyer <[email protected]>
Yes  Raymond Peck <[email protected]>
Yes  Rens Troost <[email protected]>
Yes  Richard H. Miller <[email protected]>
Yes  Richard Weaver <[email protected]>
Yes  Roland Stern <[email protected]>
Yes  Ronald BODKIN <[email protected]>
Yes  Ross Oliver <[email protected]>
Yes  Scott Rose <[email protected]>
Yes  Shea <[email protected]>
Yes  Sohail Malik <[email protected]>
Yes  Stanier A <[email protected]>
Yes  Stephen Trier <[email protected]>
Yes  Steve Watt <[email protected]>
Yes  Steven R. Newton <[email protected]>
Yes  Sunny Gulati <[email protected]>
Yes  Teri Rhan <[email protected]>
Yes  Timothy Newsham <[email protected]>
Yes  Tom Griffin <[email protected]>
Yes  [email protected], it'll be faster... <[email protected]>
Yes  Vernon K Lindsay <[email protected]>
Yes  Victor Leikehman <victor%[email protected]>
Yes  WATSONG%[email protected]
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Yes  [email protected] (Gregory D. Benson)
Yes  [email protected] (Bill O'Donnell)
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Yes  [email protected] (Bill Jones)
Yes  [email protected] (Robert Becker)
Yes  [email protected] (Robert Teeter)
Yes  [email protected] (Dayton Clark)
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Yes  chris werts <[email protected]>
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Yes  [email protected] (Kathy Strong)
Yes  [email protected] (Chris Morley)
Yes  [email protected] (Dmitry Gringauz)
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Yes  [email protected] (Cliff Tuel)
Yes  [email protected] (Curt Sampson)
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Yes  [email protected] (Dave Pederson)
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