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Programming, Turbovision ( comp.os.msdos.programmer.turbovision )
From [email protected] Mon Mar 29 20:32:27 1993
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From: [email protected] (Dave Sisson)
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Subject: RFD: comp.os.msdos.programmer.turbovision
Followup-To: news.groups
Date: 26 Mar 1993 10:46:53 -0500
Organization: Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
Lines: 20
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Approved: [email protected]
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Keywords: TurboVision, TV
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                        REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION

Proposed: comp.os.msdos.programmer.turbovision

Proposed for discussion, the creation of the news group 
comp.os.msdos.programmer.turbovision for the purpose of discussing programming
with the TurboVision libraries provided by Borland International with their
C++ and Pascal compilers.  There is a currently a mailing list serving over
a hundred TurboVision programmers with its own anonymous FTP site.

The name comp.os.msdos.programmer.tv has also been suggested for this group.

Please send all replies, positive and negative to me for tally at
[email protected]  I will post the tallies in the 2nd RFD.
    Dave Sisson                          Join the TurboVision mailing list!

    Send a message with the body    -->    SUBSCRIBE TURBVIS My Name
    to [email protected] today!

From [email protected] Thu Apr 22 11:39:29 1993
Path: uunet!bounce-back
From: [email protected] (Dave Sisson)
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,alt.msdos.programmer,comp.lang.pascal,comp.lang.c++,comp.os.msdos.programmer
Subject: CFV: comp.os.msdos.programmer.turbovision
Followup-To: poster
Date: 21 Apr 1993 22:34:05 -0400
Organization: Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia
Lines: 57
Sender: [email protected]
Approved: [email protected]
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CALL FOR VOTES: creation of comp.os.msdos.programmer.turbovision

A Request For Discussion was posted on 26 Mar 1993, and topics relating
to the creation of the group have been generally accepted. 


What is TurboVision?

TurboVision is a set of libraries that are currently provided with 
Borland C++ and Borland Pascal at no extra charge.  These libraries
have all the features necessary to make full-featured text-based
applications.  Since Borland C++ and Borland Pascal are only available
for MS-DOS machines, TurboVision is likewise restricted to DOS 

Details of the newsgroup

comp.os.msdos.programmer.turbovision (c.o.m.p.turbovision) will be an
unmoderated forum for both C++ and Pascal users.  This can be done because
the TurboVision environment is designed to be virtually identical in
both languages with only some slight syntax differences.


Voting will begin when this CFV is posted, and will end on May 21, 1993
at 23:59 EST. In order for the group to be created, there must be a 2/3
majority of yes votes to no votes, and there must be 100 more yes votes
than no votes.

To vote yes, send mail (no requirements on content) to:
	[email protected]

To vote no, send mail (also no requirements on content) to:
	[email protected]

All votes will receive an acknowledgement.  If there is a problem,
please DO NOT send mail to either of these addresses; send a message 
instead to the administrator of the vote (listed below).

All votes will receive an immediate acknowledgement.  No anonymous votes
will be accepted.  If you wish to change your vote, mail a new vote; only 
the most recent vote by a user will be counted.

If you have problems, questions, or comments, please mail them to:
	[email protected]
The vote administrator will attempt to respond as quickly as possible.

Over this period, two additional CFVs will be posted, along with
a secondary acknowledgement of valid votes.

From [email protected] Fri May 28 18:11:36 1993
Path: uunet!bounce-back
From: [email protected] (David Sisson)
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,alt.msdos.programmer,comp.lang.pascal,comp.lang.c++,comp.os.msdos.programmer
Subject: RESULT: comp.os.msdos.programmer.turbovision passes 222:31
Followup-To: news.groups
Date: 28 May 1993 16:11:13 -0400
Organization: Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia
Lines: 260
Sender: [email protected]
Approved: [email protected]
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
NNTP-Posting-Host: rodan.uu.net
Xref: uunet news.announce.newgroups:3639 news.groups:73002 alt.msdos.programmer:4590 comp.lang.pascal:20883 comp.lang.c++:44564 comp.os.msdos.programmer:25777

VOTE SUMMARY: creation of comp.os.msdos.programmer.turbovision

     222 yes   votes
      31 no    votes
     253 total votes

"A.A. Olowofoyeku" <laa12%[email protected]>              yes 
"Andre Strydom"  <[email protected]>                                yes
"Benjamin Beberness"  <[email protected]>                yes
"Chris J. Wein" <[email protected]>                         yes
"David Ludovici" <[email protected]>                                 yes
"Deviasse Robert N." <[email protected]>                        yes
"Geoffrey D. Bennett" <[email protected]>                      yes
"Gerrit Conradie"  <[email protected]>                        yes
"Howard Glynn (Jun Hons)" <[email protected]>                  yes
"Joi L. Ellis" <[email protected]>                               yes
"Juha Javanainen, atk-tsto, p. 4744 443" <[email protected]>       yes
"KIRK M. ODLE" <[email protected]>                                  yes
"Loren J. Miller" <[email protected]>                  yes
"M. Otto" <[email protected]>                                    no
"Mark A. Stinson" <[email protected]>                    yes
"Michael R. Henry" <[email protected]>                             yes
"Na'im Ru" <[email protected]>                                    yes
"Nguyen, Yung" <[email protected]>                              yes
"Pedro"  <[email protected]>                                yes
"Rex Cooper"  <[email protected]>                        yes
"Rick Wayne" <[email protected]>                                yes
"Robert C. Kohlbus"  <[email protected]>                       yes
"Roy Engehausen (8-457-2712)" <[email protected]>                 no
"Stan Howald" <[email protected]>                         yes
"Stern Marc - Philips I.T.S. S.A." <[email protected]>           yes
"pozn2v::swierzko"%[email protected]                   yes
(Bill McGonigle) <[email protected]>                       yes
[email protected] (Scott McCallum)                        yes
<[email protected]>                                           yes
[email protected]                                             yes
[email protected]                                       yes
Adam Goldberg <[email protected]>                                   yes
Ahmed Al-Ashabb <[email protected]>                               no
Al Lione <[email protected]>                        no
Alex van Gulik <[email protected]>                          yes
Andreas Stuebinger <[email protected]>                      yes
Andrew Maltsev <[email protected]>                                yes
Anthony C.T. Chan <[email protected]>                                    yes
BENNY SHOMER 9238 <[email protected]>                             yes
[email protected]                                                yes
[email protected] (CHIQPC)                                     yes
Charles Evans <[email protected]>                                  yes
[email protected] (Hatch, Charles)                            yes
Christopher Phillips <[email protected]>                            yes
Christopher Ward <[email protected]>                                   no
Chrons Otto <[email protected]>                                      yes
[email protected]                                         yes
David Marteinson <[email protected]>                       yes
David Reeve Sward <[email protected]>                                   yes
Dirk Herr-Hoyman <[email protected]>                              yes
Eran Davidov <[email protected]>                      yes
Erkki P|yh|nen <[email protected]>                              yes
[email protected]                                                yes
[email protected]                                               no
Feroz Khan <[email protected]>                                      yes
Frank Stajano <[email protected]>                                    yes
[email protected]                                                 no
GREAHAM DARIN DONA <[email protected]>                        yes
[email protected]                                         yes
Haluk Zontul <[email protected]>                              yes
Harry Miller <[email protected]>                           yes
[email protected]                                               yes
[email protected] (John Paul Fullerton)                         yes
Jac Kersing <[email protected]>                                 yes
Jacqueline Duquesne  <[email protected]>           yes
James Vincent Schultz <[email protected]>                         no
Jan Eivind Stillingen <[email protected]>                            yes
[email protected]                                        yes
Jesus Eugenio S nchez Pe~a <[email protected]>          yes
John Max Skaller <[email protected]>                           yes
Karl Gudmunds <KARLG%[email protected]>                     yes
Karpenko Yuriy Arnoldovich <[email protected]>                     yes
Kevin Gross <[email protected]>                                           no
Lee Crites <[email protected]>                                   yes
Leo "F." Rog <[email protected]>                            yes
Lutz Kotoll <[email protected]>                     yes
Marc Moorcroft <[email protected]>                              no
Mark Harrison <[email protected]>                                  yes
Michael Alan Corn <[email protected]>                        yes
Michael M. Terekhov <[email protected]>                             yes
Mircea Malarski <[email protected]>                                 yes
Morgan Stair <[email protected]>                            yes
[email protected]                                        yes
[email protected]                                             yes
Nick Waltham <[email protected]>                         yes
Nigel the Lemur <[email protected]>                              yes
Paul Prescod <[email protected]>                  yes
Per Erik Rolstad <[email protected]>                                  yes
[email protected]                                            yes
[email protected] (R.J. Streng)                      yes
[email protected]                                             yes
Randy Austin <[email protected]>                                  yes
Rob Knauerhase <[email protected]>                                  no
Rolf Waechter <[email protected]>                     yes
Roth <[email protected]>                                        no
[email protected] (Steven Klepzig)                          yes
STEVEN ADAMS <[email protected]>                            yes
[email protected] (Vera Noest)                                   yes
Sam Adams <[email protected]>                                       yes
Sanche Neal Andrew <[email protected]>                       yes
Schmidt Guido <[email protected]>                             yes
Scott Howard <[email protected]>                        yes
Shaun Abshere <[email protected]>                        yes
Steph <CT80%[email protected]>                         yes
Stephen Brown <[email protected]>                    yes
[email protected] (_[Pv~P]->?_)                                         yes
TUMU_SAI%[email protected]                               yes
Tod B Bussert <[email protected]>                yes
Tom Swingle <[email protected]>                          yes
Ulf Axelsson <[email protected]>                              yes
WISPLAN/608-262-4552 <[email protected]>                  yes
[email protected]                                   yes
Yaniv Golan <[email protected]>                       yes
Youren Guo <[email protected]>                                yes
[email protected]                                            yes
[email protected]                                          yes
[email protected] (Axel Dunkel)                                              yes
[email protected] (Jason Smith)                             yes
[email protected] (Cedric ADJIH)                                    yes
[email protected] (Andre van der Hoeven (I89))                      yes
[email protected] (Arne Knut R|v)                                        yes
[email protected] (Tim AuYeung 288-9212)                   yes
[email protected] (Bastaenier)                     yes
[email protected] (George Burgyan)                         yes
[email protected]                                             yes
[email protected] (William Ronald Bernat)                        yes
[email protected] (Bjarni Thorbjornsson)                             yes
[email protected]                                               yes
[email protected] (Brian T Fudge)                               yes
[email protected]                                           yes
[email protected] (Carl Chalek)                            yes
[email protected] (Chris McClellen)                               yes
[email protected] (Chris Hutchinson)                          yes
[email protected] (Brian Christman)                      yes
[email protected] (Pope Clifton)                                   yes
[email protected]                                       no
[email protected] (Chris Marble)                          no
[email protected] (COOPER R)                             yes
[email protected]                                                  yes
[email protected] (Daniel Austin)                                 yes
[email protected] (dack)                                             yes
[email protected] (David Conrad)                               yes
[email protected]                                                         yes
[email protected]                                                     yes
[email protected] (Duncan Murdoch)                            yes
[email protected] (dominic alston)                                 yes
[email protected]                                          yes
[email protected]                                                yes
[email protected] (Kevin Dunn)                              yes
[email protected] (B. Douglas Wake)                          yes
[email protected]                                                yes
[email protected] (/usr/spool/mail/e87fab)                           yes
[email protected] (Eigil Bj|rgum)                                     yes
[email protected] (David Emami)                             yes
[email protected] (Ed McGuire)                               no
[email protected] (David Gentry)                          yes
[email protected] (Eric Webster)                                yes
[email protected] (Eystein Dugstad)                           yes
[email protected]  (Fred Dibbel)                               yes
[email protected]                                                      yes
[email protected] (Gregory C Franklin )                   yes
[email protected] (Gabriel Beccar-Varela)                           yes
[email protected]( (Thomas Gawehns \(\) US/ESI)               yes
[email protected] (George Chisa)                                            yes
[email protected]                                              no
[email protected] (Johnathon Goldstein)                        yes
[email protected] (David Gomboc)                               yes
[email protected] (Grant Sayer)                               yes
[email protected] (George Grimes)                                    yes
[email protected] (Dr. W. Gross)                   yes
[email protected]                                                     no
[email protected] (christopher hall)                           yes
[email protected] (Curtis Hunter)                                         yes
[email protected]                                       yes
[email protected] (Hendrik Lipka)              yes
[email protected] (Herbert M Petro)                            no
[email protected] (Daniel May)                       yes
[email protected] (Jonathan Bradshaw)                    yes
[email protected] (John Douglas)                                yes
[email protected] (Janos Haide)                    yes
[email protected]                                            yes
[email protected]                                                        yes
[email protected]                                               yes
[email protected] (Jim Lynch 404-631-2254)                          yes
[email protected] (/usr/spool/mail/kameleon)             yes
[email protected]                                           yes
[email protected]                                           yes
[email protected] (Andre Koopal)                                     yes
[email protected] (Robert A. Lamerand)                              yes
[email protected] (Larry Jones)                                    yes
[email protected] (Lee Walton)          yes
[email protected]                                                no
[email protected]                                                  yes
[email protected] (Eddie Lotter)                                   yes
[email protected] (Christoph MALLOTH)                          yes
[email protected] (Manfred Marriott)                    yes
[email protected] (Marc Slemko)                       yes
[email protected] (Michael Vincze)                              no
[email protected] (michael a vincze)                          no
[email protected] (Michael Baker)                                yes
[email protected] (Miguel Farah F.)                              yes
[email protected] (Mark L. Holmes)                           yes
[email protected] (Mark Holtz)                                       yes
[email protected]                                               no
[email protected]                                               yes
[email protected] (Jeff Meyer)                                   no
[email protected] (Jan Nauta)                                            yes
[email protected]                                                         yes
[email protected] (paul camilleri U)                             yes
[email protected] (Leonard J. Peirce)                        no
[email protected]                                              yes
[email protected] (Hartmut Frommert)                        yes
[email protected] (Joel Plutchak)                        no
[email protected]                                            yes
[email protected]                                                      yes
[email protected] (Murray Nesbitt)                             no
[email protected]                                               yes
[email protected] (Glenn S Ramalho)                       yes
[email protected]                                                 yes
[email protected]                                                     yes
[email protected] (Richard H. Miller)                     no
[email protected] (Rob Duncan)                                     yes
[email protected] (Ronny Hanssen)                                    yes
[email protected] (Matthias Ruhl - Med. Inf.)           yes
[email protected] (RUNE HALFDAN HOLST HUSEBY)                       yes
s48153119%[email protected] (Alex Yu)                    yes
[email protected] (Rob Sartin)                                       yes
[email protected] (Stephen Baron)                                yes
[email protected] (Schafer Jeffrey)                                yes
[email protected]                                                        no
[email protected]                                                       yes
[email protected] (David Shores/Metrica)                       yes
[email protected] (Shin Chang)                        yes
[email protected] (Szymon Madej)                                   yes
[email protected]                                          no
[email protected] (Steve Rogers)                                   no
[email protected]                                               yes
[email protected] (David C Lawrence)                                 no
[email protected]                                                     yes
[email protected] (Tero Molander)                                   yes
[email protected] (Todd Perry)                               yes
[email protected] (Anthony H Galway)                             yes
[email protected] (Tim Pesce)                            yes
[email protected] (Tim Q Tran)                                     yes
[email protected]                                                        yes
[email protected] (Troy Morrison)                                     yes
[email protected] (Timo Salmi)                                             yes
[email protected]                                                   yes
[email protected] (VUONG Huu Nghia)                                  yes
[email protected] (Stephen Watson)                              yes
[email protected]                                            yes
yogi%[email protected] (Yossi Gil)             yes
[email protected] (Yuan Sylvia Tien)                      yes

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