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                       REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)
for the disposition of and

summary: what should be the future of{.bugs}?
current moderator: [email protected] (Bill Randle)

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=========== (nee, nee for those
that remember that far back) is a moderated group for the posting of games
source code. It is not a group for locating games.
is an unmoderated group for discussion of bugs in software that has been
posted to

What I would like to know is if this group can still perform a useful service
in today's environment. In the early days of news (OK, who's used A-news?)
when the links were slow uucp connections (fast was 9600 baud), the moderated
source groups performed a valuable function. They would weed out the junk
and the requests so that people only interested in source code wouldn't have
to download the other stuff over their slow link.

The moderated source groups also performed a valuable archiving function.
Some sites would automatically archive anything posted in the newsgroup
for users that either didn't get news or would rather download it via
ftp or uucp direct from the archive site.

Finally, in those days there were a *lot* of people who did not have
connections to the Internet and their only way to get this stuff was

Today, links are a lot faster (14.4K is considered slow today) and most
people are using SLIP or PPP to connect to their ISP or even have a direct
(or indirect) ethernet link to the net. This means they can use ftp to
get source code directly from any number of sites around the world. Getting
source code via a newsgroup doesn't seem as valuable as it once did.

Another thing that has changed over time is the nature of the games themselves.
In the "old" days, the typical game posted to was
character based or maybe used curses (e.g. dungeon, nethack, etc.) and was
targeted primarily at Unix systems (usually BSD, with sometimes support
for USS (System III, System VrN)). Some of these games were also portable
to PC's or other systems as well, but this was not the primary focus as
most of the PC games were supplied in pre-compiled binary format.

Today, there is a much larger variety of systems and OS's. Unix games are
often targeted at platforms running the X Window System with ports and
precompiled binaries for BSD, FreeBSD, Linux, etc. MS Windows has taken
over the PC world (with some notable exceptions). There are also many
specialized games newsgroups. My .newsrc shows 93 newsgroups with the
word "games" in them (although some of these are board or video games,
as opposed to computer games).

All of this makes we wonder if there is still any value in a general
moderated source newsgroup for games. Finally, it seems as though I
never have any time available to devote to this newsgroup anymore. There
a few games in the queue that people have sent, that I just haven't had
time to process and post.

As I see it, there are three main alternatives for the disposition of
this newsgroup:

	1) Keep it as is, but find a new moderator,
	2) Change it from a moderated newsgroup to an unmoderated newsgroup,
	3) Delete the newsgroup entirely. (If this were to happen, then should also be deleted.)

Whatever the disposition, I would suggest keeping the existing c.s.g.
archives for a period of time, as I occasionally see requests from people
looking for one of those old games.
	-Bill Randle
	Tektronix, Inc.
	[email protected]