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This is a formal Request For Discussion regarding the establishment of a 
newsgroup to deal with the sale and trade of video games consoles, video 
games cartridges, video game compact discs and various video game 

This announcement is cross posted to, news.groups and 
news.announce.newsgroups; the follow-up discussion will take place in 
"news.groups".  Suggestions, comments and problems may also be emailed 
to me at [email protected], [email protected].  After 
December 31, I would like all comments emailed to [email protected].




     A group where members of the USENET community may trade or sale 
video game related equipment (e.g. cartridges, consoles and cd-rom 


     Currently offers for the selling and trading are posted in  Because of the large amount of traffic in
pertaining to hints on how to play video games, reviews of different video 
games and discussions of the merits of different video game systems, it 
is often hard to find video game items that are being placed for sale or 


     This newsgroup will consist mainly of offers for video game equipment 
and requests for specific video game equipment.  Offers from dealers will 
not be allowed in this newsgroup and will be greatly discouraged.

UNMODERATED will not be moderated.  

     A Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) file will be maintained by 
"[email protected]" and will be posted monthly.  The FAQ will 
remind readers of the newsgroup of the purpose of the newsgroup and the 
policies regarding it.  The FAQ will also make suggestions on how sales 
between USENET members should be conducted and will tell people what 
to do if they feel that they have been "cheated" by another reader of the 
newsgroup.  Finally, anyone who has "cheated" anyone else will have their 
name posted in the FAQ until they have proven themselves to be 
trustworthy;  this will be done to discourage transactions with USENET 
members who have proven themselves to be untrustworthy.


     The discussion period will be begin when this notice is posted and will 
end roughly four weeks after the posting.

     PLEASE post all discussion of the proposed newsgroup to 

     If a consensus is reached by the end of the discussion period, a Call 
FOR VOTES (CFV) will be posted at that time.  The voting period will last 
for 30 days.

I am looking for a volunteer to handle the vote-taking (if a CFV occurs), 
because I am biased in favor of the creation of this newsgroup.

Emiliano (Tony) Dias