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Summary: This part of the FAQ includes general,
         resource (Bitnet and Internet), periodicals, mail order,
         and bookstore information. It is posted on a monthly basis.  
         Warning: LONG!

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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions 
(FAQ)/Informational posting!  If you are a newcomer to r.a.t,
you are strongly encouraged to at least scan the table of contents
of this and the two subsequent FAQ postings before asking a

If you have any comments or corrections, please let us know.  
A number of people have contributed to the FAQ; several of them 
have indicated an interest in fielding comments themselves.  These 
people have their email addresses indicated at the top of their
sections, like this: [, comments: ].  
Comments about all other sections should be addressed to me at
[email protected]
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FAQ Part I: General, resources, periodicals, mail order, bookstores

# = new or significantly revised

   1.1 About the* hierarchy         
#  1.2 What other theatre-related newsgroups exist?
   1.3 What is the correct spelling of theatre/theater?  [AW/ELN]
   1.4 What is a cast recording? 
   1.5 Where is the FAQ archived?
   1.6 Where Can I Find the Lyrics/Scripts to xxxxxxx?
       1.6.1 Musicals
       1.6.2 Gilbert & Sullivan
       1.6.3 Shakespeare Plays
       1.6.4 Other
   1.7 What should I wear to ?

   2.1 Bitnet 
   2.2 Internet
       2.2.1 Mailing lists  [ELN, AK]
   Gateway mailing lists for* 
#  Specialized performers/shows/composers
   Cast Recordings
#      2.2.2 World Wide Web (WWW) Pages  [AK]
       2.2.3 Archives on LES MIZ, PHANTOM, MISS SAIGON  [AK]
   2.3 Further information on Bitnet/Internet resources  [AK]


   4.1 Hard-to-find recordings
   4.2 Souvenirs and posters

   5.1 New York
   5.2 Ontario
   5.3 California
   5.4 Washington, D.C.
   5.5 Boston
   5.6 Chicago
   5.7 Providence, RI
   5.8 England
   5.9 Netherlands
   5.10 Spain
   5.11 France [PJS]

** 1. GENERAL                                 ***************************
**    [AK, comments: [email protected]  ***************************

1.1 About the* hierarchy

Welcome to* hierarchy, devoted to discussion of all
aspects of theatre.  On May 9, 1994, the existing
newsgroup was split into the following:        Miscellaneous topics and issues in theatre.    Musical theatre around the world.       Dramaturgy and discussion of plays.  Issues in stagecraft and production.

The newsgroup was removed August 9, 1994.  Thanks to
Elizabeth Lear Newman for creating and Mark Kupferman
for spearheading the newsgroup split.

#1.2 What other theatre-related newsgroups exist?      Life and Music of Stephen Sondheim Discussion about the composer and his works  Discussion about the actor/singer     Discussion about the actress/singer

alt.stagecraft          Technical theatre issues (this group was
                           never deleted when r.a.t.stagecraft
                           was created)

Sections 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 of the FAQ list a wide variety of
theatre-related mailing lists and Web pages.

1.3 What is the correct spelling of theatre/theater? [AW/ELN]

[AW]:  Francis Hodge published an article about this in THEATRE SURVEY
in the late 1960's.  "Theater" is a result of Noah Webster's efforts
in the 1830s to create an American language purified of English
spellings: that's when we lost "colour" "centre" and a lot of other
words that Noah deemed to be too British for the new American
democracy.  Since the American theatre/theater at the time was still
dominated by British actors and managers, along with American actors
and managers trying to suggest that theater/theatre was a high class
art, the practitioners rather stubbornly clung to the British
spelling.  There have been a lot of attempts to differentiate usage
ever since, but whatever the market or editor or style sheet will
accept will work.

About the naming of the newsgroup [ELN, comments: [email protected]]:
Back in 1990 or so when I [ELN] proposed creating the newsgroup, I
polled the members of the musicals mailing list as to a preferred
spelling.  The overwhelming support was for 'theatre' over 'theater'
for several reasons, among them a) that 'theater' represented the
building and 'theatre' represented the art and b) that Americans were
the only country that spelled the word 'theater', and it would be more
international in flavor to use 'theatre'.  It was also said that
'theatre' looked more elegant.  Thus the name was submitted for the
discussion as, and when the question came up again
during the pre-vote period it became obvious that the popular support
was still for 'theatre' over 'theater', and it was voted on that way.

1.4 What is a cast recording?  

This really isn't a FAQ, but misuse of the term "soundtrack" is 
so common on r.a.t and irksome to regular readers that this note
is included in FAQ document.  A "cast recording" is the audio 
recording of a *stage* musical (or play for that matter), while
a "soundtrack" refers to the recorded score of a *movie*.  Other 
definitions can be found, but this is the generally accepted
convention in r.a.t, and repeated use of "soundtrack" may 
provoke criticism - you've been warned!

1.5 Where is the FAQ archived?

This FAQ is available at the following locations by anonymous ftp:
           (all of the quartz archive is now available via gopher)

and on the Web:  (my homepage) (this replaces the Ohio State site)

and keep in mind - for future reference - that if you can't find a copy
of the FAQ in one of the the* groups, try checking
news.answers or rec.answers.  Both of these newsgroups contain
nothing but FAQs and the postings may stay around longer than 
in typical newsgroups.

1.6 Where Can I Find the Lyrics/Scripts to xxxxxxx?

1.6.1 Musicals

Lyrics to some popular musicals:

Shows currently archived: ROCKY HORROR, GREASE (the movie), LES

1.6.2 Gilbert & Sullivan


1.6.3 Shakespeare Plays

At Dartmouth:

At Imperial College:


1.6.4 Other 

CMU English Server: gopher://

1.7 What should I wear to ?

There are no dress codes at theaters - you can wear whatever you like.
If you've spent a lot of money on tickets and want to make your
theatergoing a special event, by all means dress up (suit and tie,
nice dress, etc.)  On weekend evening performances, audiences may be
dressier, but you will always encounter people in jeans, t-shirts,
shorts, etc. as well.  Wear what you will be comfortable in.  If you
want to show proper deference to the art form, it's far more important
that you not talk or make noise during the performance (unless it's
laughter or applause, of course.)

** 2. RESOURCES (BITNET, INTERNET)         ******************************
**    [ELN, comments: [email protected]]  ******************************

This is a list of theatre-related mailing lists available on bitnet:

Network ID  Full address         List title
----------  ------------         ----------
ASTR-L      [email protected]       Theatre History Discussion List - Amer. Soc.
COMEDIA     [email protected]      A discussion of Hispanic Classic Theater
THEATRE     [email protected]         The Theatre Discussion List
FILM-L      [email protected]      Film
PERFORM-L   [email protected]  Performance Studies
SCRNWRIT    [email protected]@TAMVM1     Screenwriting
SCREEN-L    [email protected]       Film and TV (research, teaching, ...)
SHAKSPER    [email protected]    Shakespearean Studies
TV-L        [email protected]          TV program discussions 
WTP-L       [email protected]  Women and Theatre

Subscribing is easy.  Let's say you want to subscribe to TV-L.  Just
send an e-mail message to [email protected]RN on BITNET and include in the
BODY of the message (NOT the subject) the line:
     SUBSCRIBE TV-L your full name
        SUBSCRIBE TV-L Adrian H. Aerts


2.2.1  Mailing lists [ELN/AK]  Gateway mailing lists for* newsgroups 

  If you do not have access to the Usenet newsgroups, you can
  subscribe to the mailing list instead.  People who are able to
  read the newsgroups do not need to subscribe to the mailing lists.


  musicals       (gateway of
  plays          (gateway of
  theatre-misc   (gateway of
  stagecraft     (gateway of

  To join a list, send mail to: [email protected]

  with the following message in the BODY of the mail, NOT the 
  subject header:

     subscribe listname your_email_address*  

  If your mailer adds a signature, add the word "end" to the
  next line of mail:

     subscribe listname your-email-address*

  And to unsubscribe, send mail to majordomo, with the following message:

     unsubscribe listname your_email_address*

  (* your email address is not required if your subscription request is 
     made from the account you want the mail feed to be sent to)

# Specialized performers/shows/composers


  alw            (discussion of the works of composer Andrew Lloyd Webber)
  lea-salonga    (discussion of the MISS SAIGON star)
  les-miserables (discussion of the musical)
  michael-ball   (discussion of the British performer)
  miss-saigon    (discussion of the musical)
  sunset-blvd    (discussion of the musical)
  sondheim       (discussion of the works of composer/lyricist 
                  Stephen Sondheim)

    - To join any of the mailing lists above, send mail to 
      [email protected] as instructed above.

#  mcrawford      (discussion of Michael Crawford, the PHANTOM star)

    - To join the mcrawford mailing list, send a message to 
      [email protected] ; leave the subject line blank and in the body
      write: subscribe mcrawford

#  anthony-warlow (discussion about the Australian actor/singer)
    - To join the anthony-warlow mailing list, send a message to
      [email protected] with the following in the body
      of the message: subscribe anthony-warlow
                      end Stagecraft

  Send a message to: [email protected] 
  The coordinator will sign you up or give you information about the 
  list.  Many of the participants in this list are theater professionals.

  Purpose: This list is for the discussion of all aspects of
  stage work, including (but not limited to) special effects,
  sound effects, sound reinforcement, stage management,
  set design and building, lighting design, company management,
  hall management, hall design, and show production.  This is
  not a forum for the discussion of various stage productions
  (unless the discussion pertains to the stagecraft of a
  production), acting or directing methods (unless you know of 
  ways to get actors to stand in the right spots), film or 
  video production (unless the techniques can be used on the 
  stage).  This is not affiliated with the
  Usenet group, and will not carry the same discussions. Cast Recordings

  For discussion of cast recordings, there is a mailing list
  on the Internet, [email protected]  To join, send a message
  to [email protected]

2.2.2 World Wide Web (WWW) Pages  [AK]

  Please note that due to space limitations, I am not accepting
  entries to individual theater companies.  Please register your
  site with one of the meta-sites listed directly below.  Thanks.


Theatre Central:
   - an invaluable resource, this page has links to most of the
     WWW pages listed below (On Broadway, Rutgers Theatre Gopher, 
     Screenwriters' and Playwrights' homepage, etc.), and to 
     the Listing of Theatre Resources on the Net (see FAQ section 2.3).
   - includes the Directory of Theater Professionals on the Net,
     run by Andrew Quixote Kraft ([email protected]).  It is a directory 
     of theater professionals who communicate via computer.  To have your 
     information put on the list, or if you have questions, please
     contact Mr. Kraft.
   - updated at least once a week
   - page maintained by Andrew Quixote Kraft ([email protected])
   - site with comprehensive links to many other theater pages,
     including all of the theater preformers and shows listed below.

Fleethouse Gateway to Theater-Related Resources:


Playbill Online (formerly Broadway World-Wide):
   - up to the minute news of current and upcoming plays and
     musicals around the country (emphasis on Broadway) and London
     the Playbill magazine; additional Playbill Online news and 
     services will be added in the future.
   - also includes info for theatre professionals who are interested 
     in staying in tune with the New York theatre world (BWW)
   - contact Andrew McGibbon ([email protected]) for more info

   - gopher site (part of the Electronic Newsstand Web Site) contains
     Ken Mandelbaum's weekly news column, and one complete article
     from each issue


On Broadway: 
   - lists all the shows currently playing on Broadway with prices, schedules, 
     and theatre locations; updated very regularly
   - links to Rutger's Theatre Gopher (NYC info, Tony Awards, etc.),
     playwright info, Theatre in USA, Theatre Central
   - listing of all Tony Award nominees and winners
   - page maintained by Joseph Geigel ([email protected])

The London Stage Gazette:
   - monthly listing of what's playing in London (West End, 
     RSC and RNT
   - rumors and upcoming London shows
   - page maintained by David Fristrom ([email protected])

UK Theatre Web
   - UK theatre information
   - includes London (West End and other) and regional theatre 

Time Out Magazine:
   - entertainment listings to major world cities, including London
   - London listings include ticket-buying info, but actual show
     listings only cover the major West End and Fringe shows and

Playbill Online (see above)
   - Broadway, London, and tour listings


Charles Deemer's Homepage:
   - some new plays, links to Shakespeare plays and poetry, 
     Screenwriters' and Playwrights' Homepage, etc.

Schrvdinger's Cat New Play Depository
   - depository for new plays by new and unpublished playwrights.
Tower Lyrics Archive
   - links to various lyric archives



Lea Salonga:

Anthony Warlow (the original Australian Phantom):

#Stephen Sondheim (composer and lyricist):








Theatre in USA:
   - future site of CATS, BIG RIVER, and JOSEPH... homepages
   - page maintained by Randy McClellan ([email protected])


The Noteables
   - parodies of LES MIZ and other Brit musicals, concocted by
     the Harvard troupe, The Noteables    

Playbill Online:
   This service (Broadway, London, Tour listings, news, chat sessions 
   with theatre stars, etc.) is available on several commercial networks:

   Prodigy    -  JUMP PLAYBILL
   CompuServe -  GO: PLAYBI
   AOL        -  keyword: Playbill


A representative of the management company handling these shows for
Cameron Mackintosh has provided a variety of files about LES
MISERABLES, PHANTOM, and MISS SAIGON.  The information includes cast
lists and biographies of current US productions, tour schedules, and
assorted trivia.  These files are available at:

There are plans to make available pictures from these shows available
in the future.


Deborah Torres ([email protected]) and Martha Vander Kolk ([email protected]),
with an assist from Ken McCoy ([email protected]), have prepared 
a very thorough guide to theatre-related resources.  Among other
items, it includes more detailed descriptions of the discussion 
groups listed above (plus others) as well as instructions on 
accessing them.  Entitled "Guide to Theater Resources on the INTERNET", 
this document is available by 

anonymous FTP at:
and Gopher via U. Minnesota list of gophers

gopher://North America/USA/Michigan/Clearinghouse of
         Subject-Oriented Resource Guides/All Guides or Guides
         on the Humanities/Theater;
         D.Torres, M. Vander Kolk

Those who find to be overly centered on Broadway
musicals are encouraged to explore the more academic-minded discussion
groups that exist on Bitnet and the Internet.

** 3. PERIODICALS                                       *****************
**    [SB, comments: [email protected]]  *****************

 AMERICAN THEATRE. New York: Theatre Communications Group, 1984- .
 Theatre Communications Group, 355 Lexington Ave., NY NY 10017
 Reviews and essays on modern Am. theatre.

 ARTS CALENDAR QUARTERLY. New York: The Arts Calendar, 1985-     .
 Arts Calendar, Inc., 600 W. 58th St., suite 9217 NY NY 10019
 Guide to major events in theatre, music & dance -- note: Quarterly.

 ARTS MANAGEMENT. New York: Radius Group, 1962-
 Radius Group, 408 W. 57th st., NY NY 10019
   5 x year.
 Contemporary aspects of management in performing arts.
 CALIFORNIA THEATRE ANNUAL. Beverly Hills, Ca.: Performing Arts Network, 1981-
 9025 Wilshire Blvd., suite 210, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
 Theatre, theatre history & companies in Calif.

 CANADIAN THEATRE REVIEW.  Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1974-
 University of Toronto Press, 5201 Dufferin St. Downsview, Ontario,
 Canada, M3H 5T8    
 This is an academic/in-depth journal that provides essays on contemporary
 Canadian Theatre, and reviews of published plays, and a playtext.
 CANPLAY.  Toronto: Playwrights Union of Canada, 1984-
 54 Wolseley St,  2nd Floor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada   M5T 1A5
 Provides news about what PUC (Playwrights Union of Canada) members are
 up to, listings of upcoming productions, job & contest postings.

 COMPARATIVE DRAMA.  Kalamazoo MI: W. Michigan University, 1967-
 English Dept., Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo MI 49008
 Intended for researchers & students; incl. book reviews.

 CRITICAL DIGEST.  New York: Critical Digest, 1984-
 225 W. 34th st., rm.918 NY NY 10001
 Newsletter of NY & London Theatre news; digest of reviews.

 DAILY VARIETY.  Hollywood, CA: Daily Variety, 1933-
 Daily Variety, 1400 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028
   5 x week.
 note: Daily comes out of LA, so coverage is a little different from Weekly.

 DRAMA REVIEW.  Cambridge MA: MIT Press, 1988-
 MIT Press, 55 Hayward St., Cambridge MA 02142
   Quarterly.  continues: The Drama Review, 1968-1987.
 Scholarly pieces, essays, interviews, letters, editorials

 DRAMATISTS GUILD QUARTERLY. New York: Dramatists Guild, 1964-
 234 W 44th st., NY NY  10036
 Professional playwriting, music and lyric writing, & Guild business.

 Dept. of Theatre & Media Arts, Univ of Kansas, Lawrence KN 66045
 As it sound; history and criticism of drama/theatre 

 LONDON THEATRE NEWS. New Jersey: London Theatre News, 1988- 
 30 Broad St., Denville NJ 07834
 Reviews, bios, what's on in England -- publ. in NJ so not overseas mail...

 MODERN DRAMA. Downsview, Canada: Univ. of Toronto Press, 1958-
 Journals Dept., 5201 Dufferin St., Downsview Ont. M3H 5T8
 Am., British & Canadian drama as literature.

 THE MUSICALS COLLECTION. Orbis Publishing, 1993 or 1994- 
 Kings Cliffe, Peterborough PE8 6Yp England. 
 (Each 'issue' consists of a cassette or cd of the music and a magazine
 of facts and figures, a listener's guide, a whos who for the show and
 hints for further listening.  The recordings are taken from That's
 Entertainment and Musical Heritage recordings. Available through
 Dress Circle.)

 NEW YORK THEATRE CRITICS REVIEW.  New York: Critic's Theatre reviews, 1943-
 Four Park Ave.,Suite 21D, NY NY 10016 
 NY (and some nat'l) reviews of NY theatre collated by show; annual index.

 NTQ -- New Theatre Quarterly. New York: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1985-
 32 East 57th St., NY NY 10022
 Continues: Theatre Quarterly.
 Bibliographies, documentation and histor. research on all aspects of theatre.

 700 Caledonia Rd., Toronto, Ont. M6B 4H9 
 Continues: Performing arts in Canada, 1961-1990.
 [no description available]

 PERFORMING ARTS JOURNAL. New York: PAJ Publications, 1976-
 PAJ Publications, 325 Spring St., Rm. 318 NY NY 10013
 Drama, dance, video, etc.; book reviews, interviews, + a new play

 PLAYBILL MAGAZINE. New York: Playbill, inc., 1964-
 Playbill Inc., 71 Vanderbilt Ave., NY NY 10169
 Mo. mailing of the programs handed out at NY theatres; cast & prod. info
 Playbill is going online at Prodigy in 11/94 and at other 
 commercial services in 1995.  

 PLAYS INTERNATIONAL.  London: Chancery Publ., 1985-
 F6 Greenwood Ct, Harlescott, Shrewsbury, Shropshire ST1 3TB England
 Reviews, bios, interviews, what's on in England + play or play excerpt.

 PLAYS AND PLAYERS.  London: Brevet Publ., 1953-
 18 Friern Park, North Finchley, London N12 9DA England
 Absorbed: Theatre World in 1966.
 Reviews, bios, interviews, what's on in England

 SHOW BUSINESS.  New York: Leo Shull Publications, 1941-
 1501 Broadway, NY NY 10036
 "the entertainment weekly" -- show business is his life

 SHOW MUSIC.  Conn.: Goodspeed Opera House Foundation, 1982-
 P. O. Box 466, East Haddam, CT 06423-0466
 All aspects - book & record reviews, interviews, historical research

 STAGES.  Norwood, NJ: Curtains inc., 1984-
 8 Frasco Lane, Norwood NJ 07648
   10 x yr.
 Reviews (theatre, book, film) of B'way, Off & Off Off B'way.

 TDR -- The Drama Review.  Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1955-
 55 Hayward St., Cambridge MA 02142.
 Performance studies; often deals with gender conflicts, feminist views

 THEATERWEEK.  New York: TheaterWeek, 1987-
 28 W. 25th Street, 4th Floor, NY NY 10010
 Reviews, interviews, production pieces, gossip, restaurants...

 THEATRE.  New Haven, CT: Yale University, 1977-
 Yale University School of Drama, 222 York St, New Haven CT 06520
   3 x yr.
 Essays on theory & practice; companies & individuals; US & Europe.

 THEATRE CRAFTS.  New York: Theatre Crafts Assn, 1967-
 135 Fifth Ave., NY NY 10010
   9 x yr.
 Tech. aspects (scenic design, costume, lighting etc.) for thea.,film,video.

 THEATRE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY. New York: US Inst. of Theatre Tech., 1965-
 330 W. 42 St., suite 1702 NY NY 10036
 Tech & production articles (theory & practice)

 THEATRE JOURNAL. Maryland: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1979-
 701 W. 40th st, suite 275, Baltimore MD, 21211
 Continues: Educational Theatre Journal (v.1, 1949-v.31, 1979)
 publ. for the University and College Theatre Association.

 THEATRE NEWS. Washington DC: American Theatre Assn., 1968-
 1010 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Washington DC 20007
 Different aspects of Am. theatre, by Am. Theatre Assn.

 THEATRE RECORD. Middlesex, Eng.: Ian Herbert, 1981-
 4 Cross Deep Gardens, Twickenham TW1 4QU Middlesex Eng. 
 Formerly: London Theatre Record.
 English reviews of English theatre collated by show; annual index.

 THEATRE SURVEY. Albany, NY: Am. Soc. for Theatre Research, 1960-
 SUNY at Albany, PAC 266 Albany NY 12222
 Scholarly articles on theatre history.

 THEATRUM.  Toronto: Theatrum Publishing Inc. 1985-
 PO Box 55119,  Fairview Mall PO, 1800 Sheppard Ave. E.
 Willowdale, Ontario, Canada   M2J 5B9
   5 x year.
 Trade magazine for theatre professionals and those-interested-in-theatre.
 It publishes articles, interviews, a production calendar, a "Theatre
 Inform" column reviews of productions and books.

 VARIETY. New York: Variety, 1905-
 154 W. 46th St., NY NY 10036
 The 'real' Variety; reviews, casting, $, tours; book & film reviews; obits

** 4. MAIL ORDER (RECORDINGS, SOUVENIRS, POSTERS)  **********************
**    [AK, DK comments: [email protected]]   **********************

I have no affiliation with the companies listed below.  I have dealt
with most but not all of these businesses and have not had major
complaints. Additions to this list are welcome.

*Footlight Records
 113 E. 12th St.
 New York, NY 10003
 (212) 533-1572
 (212) 673-1496 FAX
 Monday-Friday 11am-7pm
 Saturday 10am-6pm
 Sunday noon-5pm
 Phone and mail orders accepted

 Many people on the net have praised Footlight Records for their
 helpfulness, speed, and fair pricing.

*Dress Circle
 57/59 Monmouth Street
 Upper St. Martin's Lane
 London WC2H 9DG
 Tel: 0171-240-2227
 Fax: 0171-379-8540
 10am-7pm Mon-Sat

 note that when dialing from outside the UK
    1) drop the first "0" 
    2) add at the beginning the international direct dialling access
       code for your particular country (011 for the US)  
    3) *plus* the country code for the UK (44) 
 eg. from the US to Dress Circle: 011-44-171-240-2227

 Dress Circle also carries souvenirs and memoriabilia.  Due to their
 London location, they are undoubtedly an excellent source for
 Brit musical items not available domestically

*Original Cast Records
 Box 496 
 Georgetown, CT 06829
 (203) 544-8288

 This operation is a small gem.  OCR specializes in 
 hard-to-find recordings, some which have never made it to
 CD release.  Among their items (on vinyl and/or CD): William 
 Finn's IN TROUSERS (no, it doesn't contain "I'm Breaking Down";
 this song has never been commercially recorded), LATE NIGHT 
 carry/release recordings by cabaret performers including Jeff 
 Harnar (1959 BROADWAY SONGBOOK), Jana Robins (FACE TO FACE), 
 IN THE HALL).  The store has reasonable prices: widely available 
 recordings are priced competitively with, say, Tower Records 
 (before S&H costs are addedd in), with rarer items accordingly 
 more expensive, but competitive with other places like Footlight.

*DRG Records, Inc.
 130 W. 57th St.
 New York, NY 10019

 DRG is a small record company that releases 1) cabaret performers
 (Andrea Marcovicci, Dixie Carter, Sally Mayes, Julie Wilson, Margaret
 Whiting, Billy Stritch, Karen Akers, etc.) 2) cast albums (most
 FORBIDDEN BROADWAYs) 3) the "An Evening with..." series including
 Lerner, Harnick, Cahn, Hermann, etc. and 4) soundtracks (often to
 foreign movies like CINEMA PARADISO and A ROOM WITH A VIEW).
 Their prices are quite impressive: as of the summer of 1992, single
 CDs were $11.99, and double CDs were $16.99.  With a shipping charge
 of $5-$7 for a typical order, it's a good deal.  You can request
 to be placed on their mailing list.

*Colony Records
 1619 Broadway Corner 49th St.
 New York, NY 10019

 I suggest that you try Colony after you have exhausted all other 
 possibilities.  They charge outrageously high prices; by virtue
 of their central location (a block or two from Times Square) the
 tourists let them get away with it.  They often sell imports
 (for example, CHILDREN OF EDEN) for up to $50 when the price
 at Foolight is less than half that amount.

*Painted Smiles Records, Inc
 74-09 37th Avenue, Suite 420
 Jackson Heights, NY 11372
 (718) 898-6964

 This is the company run by Ben Bagley of the famous "Revisited" series.
 Recordings from the Painted Smiles Label and sometimes other labels are
 available by mail order.  There is a (snail-mail) mailing list describing
 some new releases.  I've always received very good service.  -DK

*SoundTrack Album Retailers (STAR)
 Box 487
 New Holland, PA 17557

 This is a mail-order only outfit that specializes in cast albums, film
 soundtracks, and related recordings.  There is a monthly catalog that
 includes most domestic issues and some imports.  Prices are not really
 bargain-rate but if you order something, you get a clearance catalog
 with discounts on close-out titles.

 [Personally, I've dealt with this company on-and-off for about 20 years
 and have found their service to be excellent.  If you don't order anything
 for six months, you will be dropped from the mailing list.  This has now
 happened to me because I find it easier to buy new recordings in Boston.
 But for someone who does not have easy access to retail outlets, I'd
 suggest giving them a try.] -DK


*One Shubert Alley
 346 W. 44th St.
 New York, NY 10036
 (800) 223-1320
 (212) 586-7610
 9am-11pm EST
 FAX (212) 586-7614

 Theatre-related souvenirs and posters.  Basically only current
 cast recordings.  Catalog available.

*Actors' Heritage                Actors Too
 262 W. 44th St.                 210 W. 45th St.
 New York, NY                    New York, NY
 (212) 944-7490                  (212) 382-0577
               (800) 446-6905  

 Basically the same sort of merchandise that One Shubert Alley
 carries.  Catalog available.  The store on 44th St. carries
 a wide selection of books and plays.  Warning: Management may 
 not be receptive to customer complaints.

*Triton Gallery, Inc.
 323 West 45th St.
 New York, NY 10036
 (800) 626-6674

 Sells theatrical posters.  Their selection is unmatched in New York,
 and prices are very reasonable: usually $12 or $15 for current shows.  
 Besides posters to Broadway shows, they carry off-Broadway shows, and
 sell photographic reproductions of vintage posters (these are pricey).
 Color brochure available on request.

*Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS 

  Sells autographed posters to selected shows.  Call (212) 840-0770.

*The Nash Company
 2179 Fourth Street, Suite 2-H
 White Bear Lake, MN USA 55110
 [email protected] (discounts on internet orders!) 

 Invents and produces products related to the performing arts, and more 
 specifically, classical music and Broadway.  They have done some 
 generic Broadway designs and work with the estates of Noel Coward, 
 Cole Porter, and Frank Loesser, and are working with Stephen
 Sondheim.  Shirts and mugs and such.  Catalog available.

** 5. DRAMA-RELATED BOOKSTORES [DS/TDK]  ********************************

Arranged geographically:
     5.1 NEW YORK
     5.2 ONTARIO
     5.4 WASHINGTON, D.C.
     5.5 BOSTON
     5.6 CHICAGO
     5.8 ENGLAND
     5.10 SPAIN
     5.11 FRANCE [PJS]

[NETB] = [Not Exclusively Theater Books, but has above-average theater


The Drama Book Shop, 723 7th Ave (@ 48th St.), NYC, NY, 10019
(212) 944-0595
FAX: 212-921-2013
M-F 9:30am to 7pm
Sa 10:30am to 5:30pm
Su noon to 5pm

Applause Theatre Books, 211 W. 71st St., NYC, NY, 10023
(212) 595-4735
FAX: 212-721-2856
Mon-Sat 10-8, Sun 12-6

Samuel French, Inc/Ltd
45 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10010
(212) 206-8990  (FAX 212-206-1429)
9:00-5:00 Monday-Friday

Richard Stoddard Books
18 E. 16th Street, Room 305
NYC, NY 10003 
phone: (212) 645-9576
Open 11-6 daily, except Wed & Sun
(also does mail order and searches for out-of-print performing arts books)

Strand Book Store [NETB]
828 Broadway (corner 12th Street)
New York, NY  10003
(212) 473-1452
Mon-Sat 9:30-9:30, Sun 11-9:30

Barnes and Noble Sale Annex [NETB]
128 Fifth Ave.(corner 18th Street)
(Across 5th Ave. from main B&N retail store)
(212) 633-3500
Mon-Fri 9:30-7:45, Sat 10:30-6:15, Sun 11-5:45

Skyline Books and Records [NETB]
13 West 18th Street
759-5463 (SKY-LINE)
Mon-Sat 9:30-8, Sun 11-7

Academy Books [NETB]
10 West 18th Street
(212) 242-4848
Mon-Sat 9:30-9, Sun 11-7

Mercer Street Books [NETB]
206 Mercer Street (just N. of Houston)
(212) 505-8615
Mon-Thu 10-10, Fri&Sat 10-12, Sun 11-10

Gryphon Bookshop [NETB]
2246 Broadway (80 & 81 St.)
(212) 362-0706
Daily 10am-Midnight

Retail stores, besides B&N, with impressive theater stock

Coliseum Books
1771 Broadway (at 57th St.)
(212) 757-8381
Mon-Fri 8-11, Sat 10-11:30, Sun 12-8

Gotham Book Mart
41 W. 47th Street
(212) 719-4448
Mon-Fri 9:30-6:30, Sat 9:30-6

Papyrus Books
2915 Broadway
(212) 222-3350
Daily 9:30am-11:30pm
Serving the Columbia U. community

Shakespeare and Co.
2259 Broadway (81st St.)
(212) 580-7800
716 Broadway (at Washington Place)
(212) 529-1330
Daily 10am-Midnight

St. Marks Bookshop
31 3rd Avenue
(212) 260-7853
Daily 11am-11:30pm
East Village literary landmark.
Good on recent plays and performance theory.


Theatrebooks  (NEW LOCATION!)
11 St. Thomas St. (1 block W of Bay, 1 bl S of Bloor -- v nice space)
Toronto, ON,
M5S 2B7
(416) 922-7175
FAX: (416) 922-0739
(They do ship to the U.S.)

Samuel French, Inc/Ltd
80 Richmond Street East
Toronto M5C 1P1
(416) 363-3536
9:00-5:00 Monday-Friday


Drama Books,
134 9th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 255-0604

Limelight Film & Theatre Bookstore
1803 Market,
San Francisco, CA  94103
(415) 864-2265

Samuel French, Inc/Ltd
7623 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90045
(213) 876-0570 (FAX 213-876-6822)
Call for hours

Samuel French, Inc/Ltd
11963 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 762-0535
Call for hours


Backstage Books
21st & P Streets N.W.
Washington, DC


Bakers Plays
100 Chauncey St.
Boston,MA 02111


Act I Bookstore - 312-348-6757
2632 North Lincoln
Chicago, IL 60614

Aspidistra Bookshop - 312-549-3129
2630 North Clark
Chicago, IL 60614

Aspidistra Annex - 312-549-7867
3250 North Lincoln
Chicago, IL 60657

Barbara's Bookstore (5 Locations)
1) 312-642-5044
1350 North Wells
Chicago, IL 60610

2) 312-477-0411
3130 North Broadway
Chicago, IL 60657

3) 312-664-1113
1800 North Clybourn
Chicago, IL 60614

4) 708-848-9140
1100 Lake Street
Oak Park, IL 60301

5) 312-258-8007
2 North Riverside Plaza
Chicago, IL 60606

Scenes Coffee House & Dramatists Bookstore
3168 North Clark
Chicago, IL 60657

Source: Act One Reports - published by Act One Bookstore tri-annually

Powell's Bookstore [NETB]
1501 E. 57th St.
(312) 955-7780
Daily 9am-11pm

O'Gara and Wilson Booksellers [NETB]
1311 E. 57th St.
(312) 752-2555
Mon-Sat 9am-10pm, Sun Noon-10pm                   


128 North Main Street, Providence RI 02903

Bookstore specializing in the Fine Arts, including Theatre, Film, and
Performance Art.


Samuel French, Inc/Ltd
52 Fitzroy Street
London W1P 6JR
071-387-9373 (FAX 071-387-2161)
f9:30-5:30 Monday-Friday
Samuel French play scripts and other theater books. 

37 Chalk Farm Road
Camden Town
London NW1 8AJ
(Camden Town or Chalk Farm tube stops)

Skoob Books [NETB]
15 Sicilian Ave (Holburn stop)

Most of the following London shops are also NETB:

The Coliseum Shop
English National Opera
St. Martin's Lane
London WC2N 4ES   
Opera books

Stage Door Prints 
1 Cecil Court 
London WC2N 4EZ
071-240-1683, M-F 11-6, Sat 11:30-6
Largely prints, but also books, ephemera and memorabilia on opera,
music, ballet, theater, and film  

Dance Books
4 Cecil Court
London WC2N 4EZ
071-836-2314, M-Sat 11-7

Pleasures of Past Times
11 Cecil Court  
London WC2N 4EZ   
071-836-1142, M-F 11-2:30, 3:30-5:45
Performing arts books and ephemera, including postcards, playbills, 
illustrated Victorian books

Dress Circle
57 Monmouth Street
London WC2H 9DG
071-240-2227, M-Sat 10-6.  
Books, records and CD's of musicals and film soundtracks.  Also a ticket 
agent for West End theaters.

BBC World Shop
Bush House, Strand
London WC2 4PH 
Large range of BBC World Service publications including videos and
tapes of TV and radio shows.

Vintage Magazine Shop
39 Brewer Street
London W1R 7HF
071-439-8525, M-Sat 10-7   
Stage and film magazines and some cinema and theater books.

Museum of the Moving Image Bookshop
National Film Theatre
South Bank
London SE1 8XT
071-928-3535, M-Sun  10-6  
Check out the museum as well.

Royal National Theatre Bookshop
Ground Floor Foyer
South Bank
London, SE1 9PX
071-928-2033, M-Sat  10am-11pm

Royal Festival Hall
South Bank Centre
London SE1 8XX
071-620-0403, M-Sun 11-10.  
A branch of the popular chain specializing in performing arts 
books and located in the South Bank complex.

The Royal Shakespeare Company Shops
Barbican Centre 
London EC2Y 8DS
071-628-3351, usually 5:45-9:15 on performance days, 12:30-9:15 on matinee days

Offstage Theatre and Film Bookshop
37 Chalk Farm Road
London NW1 8AJ
071-485-4996, M-Sun 10-6

Upper Street Bookshop
182 Upper Street
London N1 1RQ
071-359-3785, Tu-Sat 9:30-6  
General Second hand with bias towards performing arts.

Unsworth, Rice & Coe
12 Bloomsbury Street
London WC1B 3QB
071-436-9836, M-Sat 10-7, Sun 12-6
New second hand store in Bloomsbury


International Theatre Bookshop
Leidseplein 26a
Amsterdam 1017 PT
Phone +31 20 6226489
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm.

Netherlands Theater Bookshop
Instituut (Museum)
Herengracht 168-170
tel: 623-5104
Tue-Sun 11am-5pm.  

5.10 SPAIN

F.A.E., Llibres i utils de l'espectacle, 
C. de Ramon i Cajal, 87
Barcelona, Spain
Telefono: 213 40 98
Metro stop: Joanic
closed from 2-5 in the afternoon.


Librairie Bonaparte des Arts du Spectacle
31 rue Bonaparte
PARIS  75006

Librairie du Spectacle Garnier Arnoul
5, rue de Montfacon
PARIS  75006

Le Coupe-Papier
19 rue de l'Odeon
PARIS  75006

Coup de Theatre
7 rue des Moulins
PARIS  75001

Librairie Theatrale
3 rue Marivaux,
PARIS  75002

and an art gallery devoted to the traces of theatrical design:

35 rue de Seine
PARIS  75006
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