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Newsgroups: rec.arts.animation From: [email protected] (Will Bell) Subject: [rec.arts.animation] Frequently Asked Questions v. 29 Message-ID: <[email protected]> Summary: Contains Q&A for new users of this newsgroup. Pls read before posting. Keywords: animation faq Reply-To: [email protected] Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 08:22:36 GMT Sender: [email protected]  Archive-name: animation-faq Version: 29  1996/03/05    *** REC.ARTS.ANIMATION Frequently asked questions ***  + A "+" in column 1 indicates new information updated between + 1995/12/15 and 1996/03/05.  Also, the 1.x numbering scheme + has been dropped, since I can't ever foresee changing the + document substantially enough to get to version 2.    *** CONTENTS    1.  Introduction   2.  Questions:       Q1.  Where can I get a copy of the movie *Heavy Metal* on VHS?       Q2.  But I just went to a ComicCon and a vendor had copies with ...       Q3.  I will surely die if I don't get (MyFaveCartoon) on VHS!  Where ...       Q3a. I heard about this place called the Whole Toon Catalog....       Q4.  Any other mail order vendors I need to know about?       Q5.  I'm into anime (Japanese Animation).  Why no anime posts?       Q6.  Any other toon newsgroups I need to know about?       Q7.  Where can I get the soundtrack from *The Last Unicorn*?       Q8.  What are the lyrics to (MyFaveCartoon'sThemeSong)?       Q9.  What cartoons are on *The Golden Age of Looney Tunes*?       Q10  Does anyone have a gif of (MyFaveAnimatedScene?)       Q11. What about those of us who are really interested in the actual            creating of animation?  Drawing, etc?       Q12. Are there any magazines, etc. dealing with Animation?       Q13. What's the deal with editing on Tex Avery video collections?       Q14. Any good books on Animation / Cartoons?   3.  Misc. information sources       S1.  FTP site for Local 839 IATSE (Animators' Union)   4.  Frequently Discussed Topics that tend to go nowhere   5.  Acknowledgements & Distribution rights    *** INTRODUCTION    Rec.arts.animation is a relatively high-volume newsgroup which is intended   to discuss animation of any kind.  No subjects are taboo, but discussion   tends to focus on cartoons of all sorts -- how they are made, how good they   are, how BAD they are :-), and any other toon-related issues.    As with any other newsgroup, there are several questions that come up   repeatedly.  This document attempts to provide authoritative answers   to some of these FAQ's.    If you have a suggestion, complaint, or any other comment, please MAIL   it to me at [email protected]  This file is posted automatically by   machine, and I sometimes fall behind in my newsreading.  There is a   good chance I will not see your comments if you post them.  So please   email me instead.  It may take me some time to incorporate your comments   into this file.  All comments are saved and WILL be included at some point   in the future as my time allows.    This FAQ, as well as many other FAQ's appearing on the net, is posted to   news.answers.  You can ftp FAQ's mentioned in this document from  If you do not have ftp, send a message to   "[email protected]" with the word "help" in the body.  The server   will send you instructions on retrieving the files via email.    This FAQ is posted about every 15 days.  You may also request it via   email (give me several days to respond).    *** QUESTIONS    Q1.  Where can I get a copy of the movie *Heavy Metal* on VHS?    A1.  Heavy Metal (the movie) is not licensed on video cassette in the US.        From the horse's mouth:            "We are constantly asked where one can buy the video of *Heavy           Metal: The Film.*  You can't.  It's not available.  At the time           the movie was made the film company, Columbia Pictures, didn't           obtain the rights to the music.  It's been a long, arduous endeavor,           but we are working on it, and hopefully we'll have some good news           about a possible video in the future."                                            Julie Simmons-Lynch                                           Editor-in-Chief                                           Heavy Metal magazine                                           Summer 1988 issue         The US Pay Cable channel Cinemax shows Heavy Metal approximately every        8 months.  The most recent reported showing was in November 1992.        (It may have aired since then, but has not been reported to the        newsgroup.)  Ted Turner has acquired rights to it;  a butchered        version of it is shown occasionally on TNT and/or TBS.  +      A correspondent reports that the video of Heavy Metal can be rented +      from Le Video, 1231 and 1239 9th Avenue, San Francisco, Ca 94122, +      tel.  (415) 566-3606.    Q2.  But I just went to a ComicCon and a vendor had copies with color covers        and everything!    A2.  The movie is widely bootlegged.  Some vendors dress them up to make        look official, but the fact remains that they are bootlegs.    Q3.  I will surely die if I don't get (MyFaveCartoon) on VHS!  Where can I        buy it?         If it's a Warners or MGM cartoon, there's a very large chance it's        been released on VHS.  Check mass merchandisers such as K-Mart and        Wal-Mart, and also check places like Suncoast Motion Pictures (a        store that sells only videos).  Suncoast usually has a very good        selection of toons.    Q3a. I heard about this place called the Whole Toon Catalog that was        supposed to have the world's best selection of toons on video?    A3a. Sadly, as of December 1995, the Whole Toon Catalog is out of business.    Q4.  Any other mail order vendors I need to know about?    A4.  Warner Bros Catalog -- sells Looney Tunes material as well as        promotional materials for their current movies and TV shows.        The merchandise is usually overpriced and unexceptional.  (IMHO)                   Warner Bros. Catalog                   PO Box 60048                   Tampa FL  33660-0048                   (800) 223-6524        Most of the merchandise available in the catalog is also available at        the Warner Bros.  Studio Stores.  These are not nearly as widespread        as the Disney stores, though their numbers are growing rapidly.  The        800 number above should be able to tell you the WBSS nearest to your        town.         Disney Catalog --                   The Disney Catalog                   PO Box 28144                   Shawnee Mission KS  66201-9144                   (800) 237-5751        (any others?)    Q5.  I'm into anime (Japanese Animation).  Why don't I ever see any anime        posts here?    A5.  They are all in rec.arts.anime, which has its own FAQ.  The        maintainer of that FAQ has volunteered to answer queries, etc.,        outside of r.a.anime.  Email to [email protected]    Q6.  Any other toon newsgroups I need to know about?    A6.  Here are a few and what they focus on :         alt.animation.warner-bros -- Warner Bros. cartoons (old and new) -- Fox-TV Cartoon "Animaniacs" (*) + -- Fox-TV Cartoon "Eek the cat" + -- the 100% CGI Saturday morning cartoon. -- Fox-TV Cartoon "Tiny Toon Adventures" (*) -- Looser discussion of toons. --  Syndicated cartoons in           "The Disney Afternoon" (Goof Troop, Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck,           Tale Spin) and DuckTales (and others?) -- Nickelodeon cartoon "The Ren & Stimpy Show" (*) -- a lesser-distributed newsgroup.        rec.arts.disney.animation -- Any and all things Disney, tends to focus           more on the animated feature films (*) -- Fox-TV Cartoon "The Simpsons" (*) -- technical details of computer animation -- MTV show "Liquid Television" +      rec.arts.comics.other-media -- animated versions of comic books         (*) Indicates the group has its own FAQ which you can ftp from (/pub/usenet)         Discussion about the Disney Afternoon also takes place on a mailing        list as well as the newsgroup listed above.  All of the "true fans"        are on the mailing list. :-)  The most ground-breaking news from the        list is posted to the newsgroup.  Send mail to        [email protected] to be placed on this mailing list.    Q7.  Where can I get the soundtrack from *The Last Unicorn*?    A7.  The soundtrack exists, but is not released in the US.  Here's the        pertinent info.           "Das Letzte Einhorn"           released by Virgin Records (in then West Germany, I believe)           copyright 1982,  CD # 610 388-222           running time: 38 min.  +       A correspondent has suggested German Music Express as a possible +       source. 'telnet' and follow the prompts.    Q8.  What are the lyrics to (MyFaveCartoon'sThemeSong)?    A8.  I have lyrics for Disney Afternoon and some Jay Ward cartoons.  Mail me        requests.  I am trying to build up a repository of lyrics and then        stash them at some ftp site.  Contributions gratefully accepted!    Q9.  What cartoons are on *The Golden Age of Looney Tunes*?  How about the        other tapes?  Any other laserdiscs?    A9.  I have a list which includes all the data for the current MGM/UA and        Warner VHS tapes and laser discs.  Due to space considerations, it is        not included here.  To obtain this list by email, send mail to        [email protected] with a subject of "SENDME lt.lis".    Q10. Does anyone have a gif of (MyFaveAnimatedScene?)  + A10. Most sites that used to offer images, now no longer do so due +      to copyright issues.  Check  In +      the interest of keeping myself totally free from legal burden, +      I no longer maintain a list of sites.    Q11. What about those of us who are really interested in the actual        creating of animation?  Drawing, etc?    A11. The address for the animator's mailing list is        [email protected]; sending e-mail with a subject of        "subscribe" will automatically join you to it.    Q12. Are there any magazines, etc. dealing with animation?    A12. A list follows, which is surely not all-inclusive.  Thanks to        Emru Townsend for the info.         A-Ni-Me, Neo-Tokyo Enterprises/Mike Tatsugawa        2425 B Channing Way, Suite 310, Berkeley, CA 74704        $15.00 (includes tax, shipping & handling), published annually        Anime Magazine         Animaster, The Goodwill Network/Massimo Iorillo        P.O. Box 3244, 1499 Yverdon, Switzerland, Europe        Anime magazine  +      Animation Magazine,        5889 Kanan Road, #317, Agoura Hills, CA 91301; tel: (800) 996-TOONS         Animato, the Animation Fan's Magazine        17 Spruce St. Springfield, MA 01105        Quarterly animation magazine; $12/four issues; tel: (413) 731-7928         Animator        13 Ringway Road Part Street, St. Albans, Herts, AL2 2RE, England        Animation magazine         Anime UK        70 Mortimer Street, London, England W1N 7DF, tel: +44 (0)71 637 2588        Japanese animation magazine         Big Reel, P.O. Box 1050, Dubuque, IA 52004        Subscription: $25 for 12 monthly issues; tel: (800) 334-7165        Magazine for film collectors         fps, PO Box 355, Station H, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G 2L1        Small-press animation magazine, contact [email protected]         In Toon!, PO Box 217, Gracie Station, New York, NY 10028        A magazine for collectors of original animation art; $18/year         Toon Magazine, Black Bear Press, 2828 Cochran St. Suite #152,             Simi Valley, CA  93065        Contains episode descriptions and summaries for current and older        cartoon series (American and anime).  Also contains articles on        selected series as well as pictures of some of the individual voice        actors.  Individual issues are available for $7.95 newsstand; the        magazine is published quarterly.    Q13. What's the deal with editing on Tex Avery video collections?  + A13. Michael W. Denney provides the following info:         The first pressing of the Complete Tex Avery set contains two edited        cartoons.  This was a mistake by MGM/Turner and the second pressing        is supposed to be correct.  I wouldn't recommend buying a copy        without first verifying it is the unedited version.  In "Droopy's        Good Deed" look for the exploding hat, if the man continues counting        out the money in black-face with a southern accent you have the        unedited version.  +      Further information from MGM/UA home video: + +      "Unfortunately, it doesn't look as if the uncensored versions will +      see the light of day.  There are no plans from Turner, despite +      several consumer petitions, to re-release these cartoons in their +      full length.  The rumor [ that a second unedited pressing of the box +      set was or will be made ] is untrue." + +      So, the edits are there but there is nothing anyone can do about +      them.  Incidentally, the letter I received from MGM/UA makes it sound +      as if they don't *quite* know what they are talking about and I +      wonder whether they are getting these edits confused with the new ban +      on "Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips".  Regardless their answer is a pretty +      definite negative.    Q14. Any good books on Animation / Cartoons?    A14. For Disney books, I refer you to part 03 of Tom Tanida's excellent        FAQ for rec.arts.disney (see above for instructions on how to get        this list).         Whole Toon has a large list of animation books available, including        many Disney books and several non-Disney books.  Some suggestions        from the net:         Adamson, Joe; "Tex Avery: King of Cartoons"; printed in 1975;           A biography of Tex Avery. It has a filmography listing credits           with a short description and rating of each cartoon. There is           an interview with Tex Avery and a fair number  of black and           white stills for films, character sheets.         Beck, Jerry and Will Friedwald; "Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies" 1988;           Ultimate reference of Warner Brothers cartoons.  Chronological           filmography of releases with synopsis and full credits.         Giannalberto Bendazzi; CARTOONS , One hundred years of cinema           animation; Publisher:  JOHN LIBBEY & CO.  LTD 13 Smiths Yard,           Summerly Street, London SW18 4HR, England, Orders:  +44 279 417134.         Blanc, Mel; "That's not All, Folks";           Mel Blanc's biography (I guess, I've not read it.)         Brion, Patrick; "Tom & Jerry: The Definitive Guide to their Animated           Adventures"; New York, Harmony Books, 1990.  A translation of the           1987 French edition.  An extremely thorough and beautiful           treatment of the Tom and Jerry series from 1940 to 1967.  Includes           complete production information on each film, including music           used, animators, etc.  Very large and gorgeous--lots of color           pictures.  [Ed.  Note:  If you are a Tom & Jerry fan, you must own           this book.  It is a very well-done production.  I found it at a           used bookstore for $10 -- lists for $40!  Or, PSB suggests this           source:  Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller, Falls Village, CT           06031-5000--he doesn't do phone orders, so write for a catalog.]         John Canemaker, Felix: "The Twisted Tale of the World's Most Famous Cat"           Chronicles the rise of Felix during the silent era, his fall and           rise again as a television star.  Lots of great art, a           bibliography and short filmography.  New York, Pantheon Books,           1991.         Carbarga, Leslie; "The Fleischer Story" 1988;           A chronicle of the rise and fall of the Fleischer brothers, the           pioneering animators responsible for Betty Boop, Koko the Clown,           Popeye among others.  Contains a complete filmography.         Donald Crafton; "Before Mickey: The Animated Film 1898-1928";           Cambridge, Mass., MIT Press, 1982.  The definitive scholarly work           on the early animated film.  Lots of illustrations and a           bibliography.  The book ends where most begins--with Walt Disney's           work.  Great of pre-film entertainments, Emile Cohl, Winsor McCay,           Bray's invention of the cel technique, Paul Terry's Aesop's           Fables, Fleischer's Out of the Ink-well series, Felix the Cat.           Crafton's writing is extremely readable considering his amazing           scholarship.        Freberg, Stan; "It Only Hurts When I Laugh"; 1994; Times Books.           Deals mainly with his involvement with cartoons but does have           stuff about his work in radio and advertising.         Jones, Chuck; "Chuck Amuck --- The Life and Times of an Animated           Cartoonist"; 1990; An autobiography of Chuck Jones.  It has a fair           number of sketches, stories etc about the Warner Brother studios.           Includes a filmography.         Lenburg, Jeff; "Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons" 1991; The most           comprehensive reference for theatrical cartoons and feature films,           and television, listing individual episode titles.  Entries           include creators, directors, studios, voices, plot summaries and           other trivia.         Maltin, Leonard; "Of Mice and Magic:  A History of American           Animated Cartoons"; 1987; A history of the major american           animation studios, focusing up until the 1960's studios.  Detailed           filmography.  Good overall history of the US animation houses.           Considered THE history of American Animation         Schneider, Steve; "That's All Folks" 1988; Detailed history of the           Warner Brothers cartooning.  Chapters focus on individual           characters and a complete chronological filmography is included.           Lavishly illustrated.         Sennett, Ted; "The Art of Hanna-Barbara" 1989;           Coffee Table book thoroughly chronicles characters and series           created by Hanna Barbara.  Lavishly illustrated with publicity           stills and production art.  No filmography or episode titles.         Solomon, Charles; "Enchanted Drawings: The HiStory of Animation" 1989;           Huge art book, looks at the field chronologically as opposed to           focusing on certain studios.  Incredible assortment of drawings           and cels.  Expensive.         Thomas, Frank and Ollie Johnston; "Disney Animation: The Illusion of           Life";  "Good for the animator and non-animator alike."  575pp.    *** MISCELLANEOUS SOURCES OF INFORMATION    S1.  Local 839 IATSE FTP site  (following info provided by them)         The Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists and Affiliated Optical Electronic        and Graphic Arts, Local 839 IATSE is pleased to announce the availability        by anonymous FTP of information files about our organization.         Ftp to and check out the directory /pub/mpsc839.        Information available includes the collective bargaining agreement        between Local 839 and most animation concerns in SoCal;  the        complete schedule of the American Animation Institute, an educational        program administered by Local 839; excerpts of recent back issues of        THE PEG-BOARD, Local 839's monthly newsletter;  and more.         For further information, email [email protected]  Jeff Massie        is the human behind this alias.    *** FREQUENTLY DISCUSSED TOPICS THAT TEND TO GO NOWHERE    "Below are a list of topics that when brought up frequently start heated   flame wars.  When discussing them, please remember that they are a matter   of personal opinion and not some absolute set of value judgements that   everyone should subscribe to -- after all it is the diversity that makes   Usenet the interesting place it is.  When flame wars get out of hand, the   moderate parties often drop out or unsubcribe to the group as a result."    *  US Animation vs. Japanese Animation (anime)   *  Tiny Toons are/aren't ripoffs of Looney Tunes   *  "(MyFaveCartoon) is the best cartoon in existence.  Flame me."   *  "(YourFaveCartoon) is a piece of .  Flame me."    (others?)    *** ACKS    The following people contributed to this document:           Roger P. Ang ([email protected])           Priscilla Stearns Barlow <[email protected]>           Enrique Conty ([email protected]) +         Michael W. Denney ([email protected]) +         Bob Edwards <[email protected]>           J. J. Kwashnak ([email protected])           Tad Morgan ([email protected]) +         Cliff Nesteroff <[email protected]>           Tony Palombella ([email protected])           Vince Taluskie ([email protected])           Emru Townsend <[email protected]>           Dana Uehara ([email protected])     *** REDISTRIBUTION RIGHTS    This document may be distributed freely throughout the net so long   as all identifying information and this disclaimer appears intact.    This document, or any derivative works thereof, may not be sold or   redistributed for profit in any way without express permission of the   editor.   If you are compiling a CD-ROM and desire to include this FAQ,   please consult the editor to negotiate appropriate permissions and   releases.  Normally I will require stipulations on header formats and a   free copy of the end product if appropriate.    This document represents the collective effort of many USENET animation   fans.  We appreciate your honoring of this policy.    *** NOTICE    If you are reading this off of a CD-ROM, you should be aware that the   vendor of your CD-ROM has not asked for permission to use this FAQ;  if   they had I would have supplied them with a version missing this   paragraph.  I strongly encourage you to avoid vendors who shamelessly   milk the net without even asking first.
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