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From: [email protected] (David Putzolu) Newsgroups: rec.guns, rec.hunting, talk.politics.guns Subject: [FAQ] rec.guns FAQ Pointer Date: 1 Sep 1996 05:52:10 GMT Message-ID: <[email protected]> Reply-To: [email protected] (FAQ Maintainer) Summary: This posting contains a pointer to the anonymous FTP          site that contains the rec.guns FAQ, the WWW server for          the rec.guns FAQ, and a list of the topics covered in          the files/documents at those sites.  Instructions are          included that describe how those without FTP access          can use email to get to the files at the rec.guns FTP server          site.  Archive-name: rec-guns-FAQ-pointer Posting-Frequency: Bi-Monthly Last-Modified: 1996/08/31 URL:     Lots of new links to commercial pages, good updates to some very    interesting articles, and new version of the rec.guns phonebook have    been added to the FAQ.        Summary: The rec.guns FAQ is at:    (an easier URL to remember is:        Detailed Info:        What follows is the pointer to the rec.guns FAQ. Due to its near    encyclopedic proportions, it was decided that the FAQ not be posted in    its entirety, but instead just this pointer to the FAQ would be posted    periodically.        The rec.guns FAQ is now primarily available via the WWW. Graphical    browsers are available for most major platforms. Also available are    text-based browsers for those only having text based access. Check in    news.answers for the World Wide Web FAQ for more information about    this excellent hypertext system.        The rec.guns FAQ is also available via anonymous FTP. For those of you    that do not have FTP access, instructions as to how to use email to    have parts of the FAQ automatically sent to you are included at the    end of this posting.     ****************************************************************** *       The rec.guns FAQ is available via WWW at the URL:        * *                    * * #### If you have access to the WWW, please use this site! #### * * ####    It is *much* easier to use than the FTP site!     #### * * Also found here are firearm image, sound, and target archives. * ****************************************************************** * The rec.guns FAQ can also be found on the rec.guns FTP server, * * ( in the directory /rec/FAQ   * *   If you wish to retrieve all of the documents of the FAQ in   * *      one fell swoop, get rgFAQ.tar.Z from this directory.      * *            Note that this file is 2 MB in length!              * ******************************************************************     In order to allow people to download parts of the FAQ at the    granularity of single articles, each article appears in a separate    file on the FTP server mentioned above. The filename of each article    is made up of the section in the FAQ where it is found, followed by a    period and the suffix ".txt" Thus, the article in the section     III. Firearm Information by Type    C. Semi-Automatic Pistols        2. Models and Manufacturers            a. 1911A1                2. Where to get Information on Gunsmithing             would be found in the file /rec/FAQ/IIIC2a2.txt Hopefully this will    please the MS-DOS people, as well as make filenames faster to type.    Note that the outline of all of the subjects covered can be found in    the file FAQ1 in the same directory.        _Note:_ I've started to find firearms resources which are only    available via WWW. As such, I _cannot_ provide text-only copies at the    FTP site. Each article that is only available via the WWW will have    the phrase "Available via WWW Only!" appended to it in my table of    contents.        There is still a ton of stuff missing from this FAQ. If you feel    comfortable writing about one of the missing topics, please email me!             David M. Putzolu - [email protected] - My opinions           _________________________________________________________________                         What's New in the rec.guns FAQ                                                                      August 29, 1996                                           _New for August 29, 1996_      * III.C.2.b.2. Beretta Model 86 has been added to section III.C.        Self-Loading Pistols.      * Pachmayr has been added to the list of XI.B.4.b. Firearm Related        Manufacturers' Web Sites.      * Demolition Man has had a correction added to its entry in the list        of Movie Gun Mishaps.      * Escape from Los Angeles has been added to the list of Movie Gun        Mishaps.            _New for August 27, 1996_      * IV.F.1. The Facklerite's Case has been revised in section IV.        Comparative Firearm and Calibre Information.      * Uhrwerke Komet has been added to the list of XI.B.4.b. Firearm        Related Manufacturers' Web Sites.      * The Client has been added to the list of Movie Gun Mishaps.      * Courage Under Fire has had a correction added to it in the list of        Movie Gun Mishaps.      * Rumble in the Bronx has been added to the list of Movie Gun        Mishaps.            _New for August 20, 1996_      * III.D.2.a.12.0. Martini Rifles Web page has been added to section        III.D.2.a. Non-Self-Loading Rifles.      * VII.6.c. Lyman Bullet Mould Reference and Research has been added        to section VII.C. Reloading Manufacturer Information.      * La Femme Nikita has had another mishap added to its entry in the        list of Movie Gun Mishaps.      * The Longest Day has been added to the list of Movie Gun Mishaps.            _New for August 16, 1996_      * VII.D.5. CZ-52 7.62x25 Czech Brass Manufacturing has been added to        section VII.D. Reloading Information by Calibre.      * XII.B.4. Scopes & Boresight Tricks has been added to section        XII.B. Rifle Accuracy.      * Ruger Firearms has been added to the list of Firearms        Manufacturers' Web Sites.      * Bad Boys has had another mishap added to its entry in the list of        Movie Gun Mishaps.      * Dances with Wolves has been added to the list of Movie Gun        Mishaps.      * Sudden Death has been added to the list of Movie Gun Mishaps.            _New for August 15, 1996_      * XII.C.5. Group Size Analysis Methods has been added to section        XII.C. Miscellaneous Accuracy Topics.      * Northwest Security Products has been added to the list of        XI.B.4.b. Firearm Related Manufacturers' Web Sites.      * Platoon has had another mishap added to its entry in the list of        Movie Gun Mishaps.      * Quigley Down Under has been added to the list of Movie Gun        Mishaps.            _New for August 12, 1996_      * VII.E.11. Load Density and Accuracy has been added to section        VII.E. Miscellaneous Reloading Information.      * Century Arms has had it's URL updated in section XI.B.4.c. Gun        Shops, Gun Ranges, Gunsmiths, & Mail Order Web Sites.      * La Femme Nikita has had another mishap added to its entry in the        list of Movie Gun Mishaps.      * The Land that Time Forgot has been added to the list of Movie Gun        Mishaps.            _New for August 10, 1996_      * X.D.5. Why Ballistic Coefficients are Important has been added to        section X.D. Miscellaneous Ballistics Information.      * A picture of two Mauser pistols has been added to the rec.guns        Image Archives.      * Amsec has been added to the list of XI.B.4.b. Firearm Related        Manufacturers' Web Sites.      * Hellweg Ltd. has been added to the list of XI.B.4.b. Firearm        Related Manufacturers' Web Sites.      * Internation Handgun Leather has been added to the list of        XI.B.4.b. Firearm Related Manufacturers' Web Sites.      * Smith & Wesson has been added to the list of Firearms        Manufacturers' Web Sites.      * Tasco has been added to the list of XI.B.4.b. Firearm Related        Manufacturers' Web Sites.      * The Quick and the Dead has been added to the list of Movie Gun        Mishaps.            _New for August 9, 1996_      * Eraser has been added to the list of Movie Gun Mishaps.      * Species has been added to the list of Movie Gun Mishaps.      * Under Siege has had another mishap added to its entry in the list        of Movie Gun Mishaps.            _New for August 4, 1996_      * XI.D.6.b. LFI-I The Judicious Use of Lethal Force has been updated        to contain its previously missing beginning.      * STI International has been added to section XI.B.4.b. Firearm        Related Manufacturers' Web Sites.      * Blown Away has had another mishap added to its entry in the list        of Movie Gun Mishaps.      * Courage Under Fire has been added to the list of Movie Gun        Mishaps.      * Friday has been added to the list of Movie Gun Mishaps.            _New for August 1, 1996_      * III.C.2.f. CZ-52, part of section III.C. Self Loading Pistols, has        been updated with some new source info.      * III.G.5.a. American Airguns Web Page has been relinked to the        correct URL.      * X.G.6. Recreational Software, Inc. has had a promotional article        about its software added to section X.G. Firearms Related Computer        Software.      * Heat has had another mishap added to its entry in the list of        Movie Gun Mishaps.      * King Solomon's Mines has been added to the list of Movie Gun        Mishaps.            _Previous What's New Entries:_      * July 1996      * June 1996      * May 1996      * April 1996      * March 1996      * February 1996      * January 1996      * December 1995      * November 1995                                       Back to the FAQ        * I. Introduction           + A. Changes since last posting           + B. FAQ Organization, etc.           + C. Legal Disclaimer           + D. Basic Gun Safety           + E. Terminology & Acronyms           + F. The most common FAQ on rec.guns: I am thinking of buying a             gun...           + G. Why Should I Join the NRA?           + H. I Don't Have FTP capability - can I use Email to get FAQ             Articles?           + I. A Handgun Primer For Novices            [Right]        * II. Firearms Laws           + A. Contact info for ILA & other services           + B. International Information           + C. State Laws           + D. Relevant Literature           + E. Firearms and Air Travel           + F. Class 3 (Machineguns, etc.) Firearm Information           + G. Federal Firearms Laws           + H. Modifying Your Gun and the Law           + I. FFL Information           + J. World Wide Wilderness Regulatory Info [INLINE]             (WWW Only!)           + L. Miscellaneous ATF Rules and Regulations            [Left] [Right]        * II. Firearms Laws           + B. International Information                o 1. Country Laws                o 2. The European Firearms Pass                o 3. Japan                     # a. How to Own Guns in Japan                     # b. Related Laws and Regulations, including Hunting                       Licenses                o 4. Canada                     # a. Firearms Training Laws                       WWW Only!                o 5. The Hague Convention IV - Convention Respecting the                  Laws and Customs of War on Land [INLINE]            [Left] [Right]        * II. Firearms Laws           + C. State Firearms Laws                o 1. Concealed Carry Laws                     # a. Concealed Carry Laws by State                     # b. Acquiring a Non-Resident CCW [INLINE]                     # c. Alaska                          @ 1. Obtaining a CCW Permit (WWW Only!)                          @ 2. Top Ten Lame Features of a CCW Permit (WWW                            Only!)                     # d. Arkansas CCW Law                     # e. Colorado CCW Law [INLINE]                     # f. Oklahoma Proposed CCW Law                     # g. Oregon CCW Information                          @ 1. General Requirements                          @ 2. Checklist                          @ 3. Statutes                          @ 4. Non-Resident (Washington) Application                o 2. Interstate Transportation of Personally-Owner                  Firearms                     # a. Interstate Transportation of Personally-Owned                       Firearms                     #                o 3. New York City Gun Clubs/Laws                o 4. New York State/City Laws                o 5. Pennsylvania State Laws                o 6. Washington State Laws                o 7. NRA Guide to State Laws - Available via WWW Only!            [Left] [Right]        * II. Firearms Laws           + D. Relevant Literature                o 1. Judicious Use of Deadly Force - Video Review                o 2. The Samurai, the Mountie, and the Cowboy            [Left] [Right]        * II. Firearms Laws           + H. Modifying Your Gun and the Law                o 1. Basic Information                o 2. Modifying Semi-Automatic Firearms            [Left] [Right]        * II. Firearms Laws           + I. FFL Information                o 1. Rob's Quick Guide to Getting a Federal Firearm's                  License                o 2. Curious and Relics FFL Information                     # a. Introduction                     # b. Detailed Guide            [Left] [Right]        * III. Firearm Information by Type           + A. Literature            + B. Revolvers           + C. Semi-Automatic Pistols           + D. Rifles           + E. Shotguns           + F. Black Powder Firearms           + G. Airguns           + H. Single Shot Firearms           + I. Other Kinds of Firearms            [Left] [Right]        * III. Firearm Information by Type           + A. Literature                o 1. With Compliments of Colonel Colt - Video Review            [Right]        * III. Firearm Information by Type           + B. Revolvers                o 1. Commonly Available Cartridges                o 2. Models and Manufacturers                     # a. Charter Arms Bulldog                     # b. Dan Wesson                     # c. Manurhin MR-93                     # d. Ruger GP-100                     # e. Smith & Wesson                          @ 1. Names and Numbers                          @ 2. 586/686                          @ 3. J-Frame                          @ 4. K-Frame                          @ 5. N-Frame                          @ 6. The Unofficial Smith & Wesson Home Page                            (WWW Only!)                          @ 7. Models 29 & 629                o 3. "What to Look for in Buying a Revolver"                o 4. .38 and .357 Interchangeability            [Left] [Right]        * III. Firearm Information by Type           + C. Self-Loading Pistols                o 1. Commonly Available Cartridges                o 2. Models and Manufacturers                     # a. 1911A1                          @ 1. .22 Conversion Kits                          @ 2. Where to Get Information on Gunsmithing                          @ 3. The Unofficial Colt 1911 Gold Cup Page                            (Available via WWW Only!)                          @ 4. Help to ID M1911A1 Govt 45 Auto Pistols                          @ 5. Field Stripping a 1911 Type Pistol (with                            pictures!)                     # b. Beretta                          @ 1. Beretta 85F                          @ 2. Beretta 86 [INLINE]                          @ 4. Beretta 92FS Stainless                          @ 5. The Unofficial Beretta 92FS Page                          @ 6. Military Use of the Beretta 92F                     # c. Bergmann Bayard Model 1910 Pistol                     # d. Browning                          @ 1. Buck Mark 22                          @ 2. High Power                     # e. Colt                          @ 1. Woodsman                            (Available via WWW Only!)                          @ 2. The Unofficial M1911 Pistol Home Page                            (Available via WWW Only!)                     # f. CZ-52                     # g. Glock                          @ 1. Accessories - Aro-Tek extended slide                            release review                          @ 2. Pistols                          @ 3. Help! The finish on my Glock is wearing                            off!                          @ 4. Trigger Options                          @ 5. Reloader's Warning                          @ 6. Complete Parts List and Prices                          @ 7. The Unofficial Glock Page                            (Available via WWW Only!)                          @ 8. The Glock Model 26 and 27                          @ 9. Glock 27 Test Fire Report                          @ 10. Glock 26: A Lady's Point of View                          @ 11. Field Stripping a Glock Pistol (With                            Pictures!)                          @ 12. Glock 27 .357Sig Test Results                     # h. Haemmerli                     # i. Heckler and Koch                          @ 1. HK 4                          @ 2. HK P7M13                          @ 3. HK USP                          @ 4. The Unoffical HK USP Page                     # j. Intratec                          @ 1. DC-9                     # k. Kel-Tec P11                     # l. Makarov                          @ 1. Makarov FAQ (Available via WWW only!)                          @ 2. Pistolet Makarova                     # m. Manurhin Made Walther P-1                     # n. Norinco                          @ Norinco Model of the 1911                     # o. Omega                          @ 1. Omega 10mm                     # p. Ruger                          @ 1. Ruger 22/45 [INLINE]                          @ 2. Ruger MkII - Cleaning & Reassembling                     # q. Sig Sauer                          @ 1. Changing Triggers                          @ 2. Model Information                          @ 3. Safety Warning from SIGARMS                          @ 4. Complete Parts List and Prices                          @ 5. Unofficial Sig Sauer Home Page                            (Available via WWW only!)                          @ 6. .357 Sig Information                          @ 7. Are Sig Aluminum Frames Weak?                          @ 8. FBI Tests the .357SIG                     # r. Smith & Wesson                          @ 1. (Article Not Present)                          @ 2. Model 3913                          @ 3. Model 3953                          @ 4. Model 41                          @ 5. Model 69XX Series                          @ 6. The Unofficial Smith & Wesson Home Page                            (Available via WWW only!)                     # s. Sphinx                          @ AT-380M                     # t. Steyr                          @ 1. Steyr-Hahn M1911/M1912                          @ 2. TMP/SPP                     # u. Taurus                          @ 1. Taurus PT-22                          @ 2. Taurus PT-945                          @ 3. Taurus 99AF                     # v. Tokarev Pistols                          @ 1. Russian and Chinese Tokarev Pistols                          @ 2. Tokarev Pistols                     # w. Unique                          @ 1. Model DES/69-U                     # x. Walther                          @ 1. Walther TPH                          @ 2. Model Information                          @ 3. Walther PPK            [Left] [Right]        * III. Firearm Information by Type           + D. Rifles                o 1. Ammunition Information                     # a. An Examination of Norinco 7.62*39 Corrosiveness                     # b. A Comprehensive List of Available 7.62x53 R                       Factory Loads                     # c. 8mm Mauser                          @ 1. Loadings                          @ 2. More Loadings                     # d. 6.5 x 55 Loadings                o 2. Rifle Reviews                     # a. Non-Self-Loading Rifles                     # b. Self-Loading Rifles                o 3. Miscellaneous                     # a. What is Jeff Cooper's Scout Rifle?                     # b. Poem: My Rifle [INLINE]            [Left] [Right]        * III. Firearm Information by Type           + E. Shotguns                o 1. Shotshells and Loads                     # a. Shot Sizes                     # b. Load weights, shotsize, and Dram equivalents                     # c. High Brass, Low Brass, and Shell Length                     # d. Buffered Loads                     # e. What's a "gauge," anyway?                     # f. Different shotgun shell lengths - what's the                       deal?                     # g. Shot Storage                o 2. Barrels and Chokes                     # a. Vent Rib (VR) Barrels                     # b. Rifled vs. Smooth Bore                     # c. Chokes                     # d. Barrel length (Article Not Present)                     # e. O/U vs. S/S                o 3. Models & Manufacturers                     # a. Benelli                     # b. Ithaca                o 4. Miscellaneous                     # a. Shotgun Fit Parameters                     # b. The Difference between Trap, Skeet, and Sporting                       Clays                     # c. Reducing Recoil                     # d. Ghost Ring Sights            [Left] [Right]      [Back to the FAQ]          * III. Firearm Information by Type           + G. Airguns                o 1. Airgun Pellets for Training and Competition                o 2. Ten Reasons You Should Own an Airgun                o 3. Introduction to Modern Air Gun Technology                o 4. Models and Manufacturers                     # a. Beeman                          @ 1. Nemesis                          @ 2. Beeman R1                          @ 3. Beeman R7                          @ 4. Beeman R9                     # b. Chinese Air Rifles                     # c. (placeholder)                     # d. Daisy                          @ 1. Daisy 717 (and Close Relatives)                     # e. Webley                          @ 1. Tempest                o 5. Other Airgun Web Sits                     # a. American Airgun Web Page (WWW Only!)                     # b. The Airgun Letter (WWW Only!)                o 6. The Evolution of the Air Pistol            [Left] [Right]        * III. Firearm Information by Type           + H. Single Shot Firearms                o 1. Thompson Contender Information - Available via WWW                  only!            [Left] [Right]        * IV. Comparative Firearm and Calibre Information           + A. Literature (Article Not Present)           + B. Double Action v. Single Action v. Safe Action v. Squeeze             Cocker           + C. Glock v. Sig Sauer                o 1. The Glock's Case                o 2. Glock Rebuttal (Article Not Present)                o 3. The Sig Sauer's Case                o 4. Sig Sauer Rebuttal (Article Not Present)           + D. Reliability: Semi-Automatic Pistols v. Revolvers           + E. Accuracy: Bolt Action Rifles v. Semi-Automatic Rifles             (Article Not Present)           + F. Bullet Velocity & Weight as related to effectiveness                o 1. The Facklerite's Case [INLINE]                o 2. Fackler Rebuttal (Article Not Present)                o 3. The Marshall-Sanow Case (Article Not Present)                o 4. Marshall-Sanow Rebuttal (Article Not Present)           + G. Calibre Issues                o 1. The .45 ACP's case (Article Not Present)                o 2. .45 ACP Rebuttal (Article Not Present)                o 3. The 9mm Parabellum's case                o 4. 9mm Parabellum Rebuttal (Article Not Present)                o 5. .357 SIG vs. .40 S & W                o 6. Calibre Interchangeability                o 7. 9mm V. 10mm High Performance Ammunition Tests                o 8. .44 Magnum Loadings                o 9. .357Sig Benefits                o 10. .380 Ammmunition & Barrel Lengths           + H. Survey - What Rec.Gunners use for Home Defense           + I. Comparison of 9mm Diameter Calibres            [Left] [Right]        * V. Defensive Use of Firearms           + A. Legal Disclaimer           + B. Reviews of Literature           + C. Home Defense - An analysis of this topic with a focus on             home defense.           + D. Out-of-Home Defense - Coverage of this topic with a focus             on carry out of the home.           + E. Picking A Self Defense Firearm/Ammunition           + F. (null article)           + G. Ammunition Information           + H. Twenty One First Hand Accounts           + I. Self-Defense - Armed and Unarmed (2nd Edition) (long!)           + J. Self Defense Courses [INLINE]            [Left] [Right]       * V. Defensive Use of Firearms           + B. Reviews of Literature and Other Relevant Information                o 1. John Farnam's Shotgun Course                     # a. Review of the Actual Course                     # b. Video Review                o 2. Shoot To Live - Video Review                o 3. In the Gravest Extreme - A Review                o 4. Some Reviews by Seth Eliott                o 5. Post-Violent Event Trauma                o 6. Physio-Psychological Aspects of Violent Encounters       * V. Defensive Use of Firearms           + G. Ammunition Information                o 1. Ammunition for the Self-Defense Firearm                o 2. KTW Ammunition                o 3. Cor-Bon Ammunition                o 4. Testing Ammunition for Reliable Feeding                o 5. The Unofficial .40 S & W Page (WWW Only!)                o 6. Dale Towert's Handgun Stopping Power Page (WWW Only!)                  [INLINE]            [Left] [Right]        * VI. Hunting Issues           + A. Calibre Issues                o 1. Is .223 ok for hunting?                     # a. First Article                     # b. Second Article                o 2. Is 9mm/7.62*39/.357/.45ACP/etc. good for bears?           + B. Choosing a Gun or Calibre           + C. The NRA Youth Hunter Education Challenge           + D. The Rec.hunting Web Site [INLINE]            [Left] [Right]        * VII. Reloading Information           + A. Introduction to Handloading [INLINE]           + B. Bullet & Shot Information           + C. Manufacturer Information           + D. Reloading Information by Calibre           + E. Miscellaneous Information           + F. Terminology           + G. Brass Information            [Left] [Right]        * VII. Reloading Information           + A. Introduction to Handloading                o 1. Pistol and Rifle Handloading: "My Adventures in                  Reloading"                o 2. Introduction to Reloading Components                o 3. A FAQ for Reloading [INLINE]            [Right]        * VII. Reloading Information           + B. Bullet & Shot Information                o 1. Shot Storage                o 2. Shot Sizes                o 3. On Bullet and Throat Diameters                o 4. Some Bullet Seating Tips                o 5. A Few Notes Regarding Cast Bullet Alloys      * VII. Reloading Information           + C. Manufacturer Information                o 1. Dedicated Systems                     # a. "A Report on the Dedicated Systems Electronic                       Scale and and Powder Dribbler System"                     # b. Dedicated Systems Goes Bankrupt                o 2. Dillon                     # a. Dillon Priming Tray (also about RCBS tray)                     # b. Reloading 9x18M on the Dillon 550                o 3. Hodgdon                     # a. Hodgdon Data Manual No. 25                o 4. Hornady                     # a. Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading, 3rd Ed.                o 5. Lee                     # a. Lee Load All II                o 6. Lyman                     # a. Lyman Reloading Handbook, 46th Edition                     # b. Lyman Pistol Bullet Mold Information                       (Available via WWW only!)                     # c. Lyman Rifle Bullet Mold Information                       (Available via WWW only!)                     # d. Lyman Bullet Mould Reference and Research                       [INLINE]                       (Available via WWW only!)                o 7. Nosler                     # a. Nosler Reloading Manual, Number Three                o 8. Pact                     # a. Pact Model BBK Electronic Powder Scale                o 9. RCBS                     # a. Rock Chucker Master Reloading Kit Review                o 10. Shooting Chrony                     # a. Shooting Chrony Beta Model Chronograph                o 11. Sierra                     # a. Sierra Handgun Reloading Manual                o 12. Speer                     # a. Speer Reloading Manual, Number 11                o 13. Miscellaneous Manufacturer Information                     # a. Hornady, MEC, and Posness Warren                     # b. Oehler, Pact, and Shooting Chrony (Chronograph                       FAQ)                   VII. Reloading Information      * D. Reloading Information by Calibre           + 1. Reloading the 7.62x39 Cartridge           + 2. Reloading with Berdan Primed 7.62 x 39 Russian           + 3. 9x21 and .38 Super Reloading Information             (WWW Only!)           + 4. Makarov Reloading Manual             (WWW Only!)           + 5. CZ-52 7.62x25 Czech Brass Manufacturing [INLINE]            [Left] [Right]        * VII. Reloading Information           + E. Miscellaneous Information                o 1. Cartridge Identification Bibliography                o 2. Reloading Software                o 3. "Some Words on Adjusting Dies"                o 4. Chamber Ringing                o 5. Alternative Methods of Cleaning Brass                o 6. Safe Storage of Powder and Primers                o 7. Developing Ultra-Lite Loads                o 8. Projectile Weight, Muzzle Velocity, and Energy                o 9. Wax Loads                o 10. The Reloading Bench                  WWW only!                o 11. Load Density and Accuracy [INLINE]            [Left] [Right]       * VII. Reloading Information           + F. Terminology                o 1. What is Headspace?       * VIII. Techniques           + A. Handgun Techniques           + B. Rifle Techniques            [Left] [Right]        * VIII. Techniques           + A. Handgun Techniques                o 1. Carry Techniques                o 2. Cleaning                     # a. Self-Loaders                     # b. Revolvers                o 3. Basic Pistol Marksmanship            [Right]        * VIII. Techniques           + B. Rifle Techniques                o 1. Carry Techniques (Article Not Present)                o 2. Cleaning                     # a. How to Break in a Rifle                o 3. Presentation (Article Not Present)                o 4. How to Refinish a Rifle Stock                o 5. Sniper Information (Available via WWW Only!)                o 6. How to Choose the Proper Rifling Twist Rate                o 7. Cheap Coated Cleaning Rods            [Left]        * IX. Competitive Information           + A. List of Olympic Shooting Events           + B. IPSC Information           + C. Air Rifle Field Target Competition           + D. DCM Information           + E. Cowboy Action Shooting [INLINE]           + F. Postal Matches [INLINE]           + G. A Brief Guide to the Sport of Pinshooting           + H. Bullseye FAQ           + I. Highpower Rifle Competition [INLINE]           + J. Police Pistol Combat (PPC)           + K. Skeet Shooter's Homepage (WWW Only!)            [Left] [Right]        * IX. Competitive Information           + B. IPSC Information                o 1. Basic Introduction to IPSC                o 2. The IPSC FAQ (85 KB)            [Left] [Right]        * X. Miscellaneous           + A. Can Leaving a Magazine Loaded be Harmful?           + B. The Hell-Fire Trigger System           + C. Lubricants & Solvents           + D. Miscellaneous Ballistics Information [INLINE]           + E. Female-Specific Issues Relating to Firearms           + F. The Points System of GCA'68           + G. Firearms Related Computer Software           + H. How to Become a NRA Certified Firearms Instructor           + I. Literature List           + J. Body Armor Information           + K. Gunsmithing Information [INLINE]           + L. Book Reviews            [Left] [Right]       * X. Miscellaneous           + C. Lubricants & Solvents                o 1. Homebrew Recipies                     # a. Ed's Red                o 2. Information about commercially available lubricants                  and solvents                     # a. Prolix                     # b. TW-25B                o 3. The Case Against Petroleum Based Lubricants       * X. Miscellaneous           + G. Firearms Related Computer Software                o 1. Ballistic Master for Windows                o 2. The CURT Shooting Simulator                o 3. Coppock's Advanced Internal Ballistics Model (demo                  version)                o 4. Microsoft Access Load Database                o 5. On Target! for Windows                  (WWW Only!)                o 6. Recreational Software Inc. [INLINE]                   * X. Miscellaneous           + I. Literature List                o 1. Book Reviews by Henry Schaffer                o 2. About Massad Ayoob, popular Firearms Author                o 3. Police Survival Shooting - Video Review            [Right]        * X. Miscellaneous           + J. Body Armor Information                o 1. Body Armor Reference Information                o 2. Bullet Proof Vest Companies                o 3. Summary of Technical Aspects                o 4. Kevlar: Processing, Structure, Properties, Vest                  Selection, and Care [INLINE]            [Left] [Right]        * X. Miscellaneous           + K. Gunsmithing Information                o 1. How is a Barrel Fitted to a Centerfire Rifle?                o 2. Feed Ramp Polish: Instructions and Results [INLINE]            [Left] [Right]        * XI. Contact Information           + A. Gun Rights Organizations           + B. Merchandise           + C. Internet Gun Resources (Non-Commercial)           + D. Firearms Schools           + E. Literature Reviews Available at           + F. People To Contact if You are Curious About Firearms           + G. The Net FFL List - People Who Offer FFL Services           + H. The Police Bookshelf           + I. The rec.guns Phone Book            [Left] [Right]        * XI. Contact Information           + A. Gun Rights Organizations                o 1. NRA                o 2. ILA                o 3. 2nd Amendment Foundation - WWW Only!                o 4. Other Gun Rights Organizations                o 5. State Rifle Associations [INLINE]            [Right]        * XI. Contact Information           + B. Merchandise                o 1. Bullet Proof Vest Companies                o 2. Mail Order Gun Supplies                o 3. Firearms Periodicals                o 4. Commercial Gun Sites on the Net                     # a. Firearms Manufacturers                     # b. Firearm Related Manufacturers                     # c. Gun Shops, Gunsmiths, & Mail Order                     # d. Other Firearms Sites            [Left] [Right]        * XI. Contact Information           + D. Firearms Schools                o 1. Listing of Schools                o 2. 1995 Gunsite Calendar                o 3. 1995 Thunder Ranch Course Schedule                o 4. 1996 Insights Training Center Schedule (WWW Only!)                o 5. Thunder Ranch Course Report                o 6. Lethal Force Institute (LFI)                     # a. Classes Available through the Lethal Force                       Institute (LFI) [INLINE]                     # b. LFI-I The Judicious Use of Lethal Force [INLINE]            [Left] [Right]        * XII. Accuracy           + A. Pistol           + B. Rifle           + C. Miscellaneous            [Left] [Right]       * XII. Accuracy           + A. Pistol                o 1. General Accuracy Tips       * XII. Accuracy           + B. Rifle                o 1. Why Should I Bed My Rifle?                o 2. How do I Epoxy Bed a Rifle?                o 3. Why is Belted Brass Less Accurate?                o 4. Scopes & Boresight Tricks [INLINE]            [Left] [Right]        * XII. Accuracy           + C. Miscellaneous                o 1. Scope Ring Lapping                     # a. What is Scope Ring Lapping?                     # b. How do I Lap Scope Rings?                o 2. Two Shooters, Same Rifle, Different Point of Impact                o 3. Quick Detachable Rings and Mounts                o 4. What is a Minute of Angle (MOA)                o 5. Group Size Analysis Methods [INLINE]            [Left]        * XIII. Safe and Secure Use of Firearms           + A. Safe Use of Firearms           + B. Security and Firearms            [Left]        * XIII. Safe and Secure Use of Firearms           + A. Safe Use of Firearms                o 0. Gun Safety                     # a. Basic Gun Safety (section I.D.)                     # b. Revised Rules of Gun Safety [INLINE]                     # c. Common Causes of Accidental Discharge and                       Failure to Fire [INLINE]                     # d. Introduction to Range Commands [INLINE]                o 1. What About Children and Guns?                     # a. Introduction                     # b. Child Gun Safety FAQ                     # c. Kids and Guns at Home                o 2. Taking Responsibility                o 3. Armed and Groggy                o 4. Jeff Cooper's Rules of Gun Safety                o 5. Hazards of Lead Exposure                     # a. Introductory Article                     # b. ASLET Lead Article                o 6. Hearing Issues                     # a. Hearing Protector Comparisons                     # b. Review - Peltor Tactical 7-S Stereo Hearing                       Proctector            [Right]        * XIII. Safe and Secure Use of Firearms           + B. Security and Firearms                o 1. Gunsafes                     # a. General Information                     # b. High End Gun Safes                     # c. Safe Manufacturers and Models                o 2. Trigger Locks                o 3. Keeping the Piece                o 4. The Handgun Box                                  I. Introduction                                         B. FAQ Organization, etc.          by David Putzolu ([email protected]         This is the FAQ for rec.guns. It is organized in a hierarchical    outline form with a list of the topics at the beginning. This FAQ is a    compilation of the writings by various of the people in the rec.guns    forum. If you have any questions that the FAQ does not answer, please    post a message to rec.guns and you will find lots of helpful, friendly    people willing to reply. If you feel that the FAQ contains incorrect    FACTUAL information, (example: the number of cartridges a Beretta 92FS    standard magazine contains) please contact the maintainer, David    Putzolu, at [email protected] Include the section that the error    is in as well as the context of the error. If you disagree with some    of the arguments in regards to areas that are a matter of opinion    (example: is a 9mm or .45 better for defensive use?) or find the    arguments to be incomplete, you must provide a complete re-write of    the area in question, which, in any case, may or may not be included,    depending on the judgement of the maintainer and possibly other    individuals. Your other option, of course, is to post an article on    rec.guns on the subject, and if you find sufficient support to change    the FAQ then it will be changed.                                  I. Introduction                                         C. Legal Disclaimer          by David Putzolu ([email protected])         The contents of this FAQ and the entire FAQ is simply a compendium of    the writings of many of the knowledgable people on the rec.guns forum.    No part of this FAQ should be viewed as legal advice. The reader must    take full and complete responsibility for the laws regarding firearms    in his jurisdiction as well as proper safety precautions involving    every facet of firearms and related components. Any and all of this    FAQ may contain errors, and it is the responsibility of the reader to    check with his local law enforcement authorities as to the laws which    dictate how, when, why, and where he may use firearms in any    situation.        Note that each article in this FAQ is the intellectual property of its    author, who retains the copyright to it. Permission is explicitly    given to distribute this FAQ in its entirety via the Internet and    other computer networks. Permission is explicitly denied to publish    this FAQ in any other medium, including but not limited to CD-ROM,    books, and magazines. In order to gain permission to reproduce any    part of this FAQ in such a medium the person/organization wishing to    publish said part of it must get the individual permission of each and    every author whose writings he wishes to publish.          _________________________________________________________________                                           _Note for those who are potential authors:_ I am perfectly happy to    grant anonymity to authors of FAQ articles. Furthermore, I am willing    to accept articles from anonymous remailers or any other anonymizing    method. I do _not_ keep any record of original authors when they    request anonymity.                                  I. Introduction                                         D. Basic Gun Safety     by Christian J. van den Branden Lambrecht ([email protected])        Well I guess everybody knows all this perfectly but it is always good    to review these things even if it looks like the first pages of every    gun instruction manual. Please remember that nothing here should be    seen as legal advice. Everything is disclaimed.        Before buying or even handling a gun, one has to realize that it is    something different than any other object in the sense that a gun can    cause serious injury or death. Handling a gun makes you responsible    for what happens with it at that time. If you own a gun, you are    undertaking full responsibility for safety and security at all times.    This means that you have to ensure that you or other people using your    gun with your consent handle it properly. You have to make sure that    nobody can steal or use your firearm without your consent.        _The actual rules are:_        Always treat a gun as if it were loaded until you visually check it    out.        Never point your firearm in any direction you do not intend to shoot.    In particular, never point your gun in the direction of other people.        Always have your gun pointed in a safe direction.        Before handling a firearm, understand how it works.        Do not assume that a gun is secure, i.e. some guns have excellent    security systems to prevent accidental firing (e.g. when dropped),    others don't.        Do not put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot.        Keep your firearm unloaded when you are not using it.        Never pass your firearm to anybody until you have checked that it is    unloaded.        If you have to carry your gun loaded, always point it in a safe    direction (e.g. the ground). Never carry your gun with the hammer    cocked.        You should store your firearm and ammunition in separate locked    places. Pay particular attention that no child has access to the gun.        Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.        If you own a gun for home defense, most of these safety rules will be    violated. However in some countries, home defense can be important.    You will then probably store your gun loaded in a place that you can    quickly reach if you feel you are threatened. In this case, be really    sure that it is unaccessible to children. Buy then the safest possible    gun for this purpose.        When choosing a handgun for home defense, revolvers are a good choice    because they are much safer than semi auto pistols. If you are not    very familiar with handguns or do not practice a lot, you should go    for a revolver. Their drawback is lower capacity. Among semi autos,    Glock are good defense guns due to their safety mechanism, making them    much safer than any other semi auto, and their high capacity.        [_Maintainer_: Note that there is a more comprehensive section in V.    Defensive uses of firearms that can be found later in the rec.guns    FAQ. Furthermore, a good overview of purchasing a handgun can be found    in the article 'I.I. A Handgun Primer for Novices' as well as in    section 'V.E. Picking a Self-Defense Firearm/Ammunition. Finally,    there is an entire section of this FAQ just devoted to Gun Safety and    Security - see section 'XIII. Safety and Security']                                  I. Introduction                                         F. The most common FAQ on rec.guns:    I am thinking of buying a gun... what should I buy/do?       by the Moderator of Rec.Guns ([email protected])        You will get much advice from others on the net who read your post.    But what seems to be the best advice we can give you, in my opinion,    is to get enough info so you can make an informed choice yourself.    This is not only a consumer issue, but also a safety issue. Before you    buy, I strongly encourage you to take a basic firearms safety class,    such as the NRA Personal Protection course. I suggest the NRA class in    particular because it is generally of very high quality, at    comparatively low cost (e.g., my wife and I, who are both certified    NRA instructors, offer this at our cost of materials); many classes    offered commercially, on the other hand, offer far less comprehensive    a syllabus, and charge much more. The NRA class not only covers the    basics of operation in a firearm, but safety issues in use, storage,    transportation and cleaning. We also bring in both a lawyer and an    officer to discuss both legal and practical issues related to use of a    firearm in self defense. Its a great way to get a lot of questions    answered!        In general, we encourage people to take this course *before*    purchasing a firearm, since it can help you make up your mind about    even *whether* to purchase. But also, by being more informed about use    and operation, you can't help but be a better consumer when you go    shop. Many people find that some firearms felt comfortable in their    hand while they were absolute novices; but once they learned the    proper way to handle the firearm, other models or configurations    become preferred. Finally, by getting hooked up with other    knowledgeable shooters (who take or teach the class) you can often try    out many different types of firearms, to help you decide which you    like. You wouldn't invest in a car without a test drive; don't invest    in a firearm you've never driven either. These same people can help    you find safe and economical places to shoot, that is important to    help you stay safe and proficient with the firearm if you choose to    buy.        Please feel free to ask all the followup questions you like; safety is    that important to us here. Also let us know of your experiences, and    give us feedback on how to best help the next novice who inquires.    Welcome aboard -- stay safe --        _MODERATOR, rec.guns_                                  I. Introduction                                         G. Why should I join the NRA?     by Don Baldwin ([email protected])        Dear fellow shooter,        I asked to write this part of the FAQ because I thought that having a    liberal Democrat advocate joining the NRA would make a point regarding    our firearms rights and the preservation thereof: that we're all in    this together and that we had all better do as much as we can do    protect those rights, NOW!        The NRA is a very controversial organization in some circles and has    taken a lot of heat from both sides of the gun debate. Some    pro-gunners are contemptuous of its compromises, while gun control    advocates call it inflexible for NOT compromising. Whatever your view,    it is a sure thing that if the NRA did not exist today, we would now    be living under gun laws as bad as those in Great Britain and similar    countries. "Needs-based" licensing, registration, arbitrary bans on    whatever is called the criminals' "weapon of choice" by those seeking    to make easy political points at the expense of law-abiding citizens,    storage requirements that make defense use practically    impossible...these are the laws we would almost certainly be living    under today, if the NRA did not exist.        Since becoming active in the area of gun rights, I have read a bit    about some of the charges made against the "inflexible" NRA...that    they oppose all gun control laws, that they specifically opposed laws    banning "cop killer" cartridges. The fact is that the NRA proposed an    Instant Background check as a better alternative to the Brady Bill's    waiting period but that proposal was turned down by the gun control    advocates, despite the fact that a background check could block some    sales of guns to criminals and waiting periods could not. I have also    found out that the NRA _supported_ the law banning "cop killer"    bullets, once that law was refined to the point where it would not ban    ordinary hunting cartridges.        Aside from their political advocacy of gun rights, the NRA also    provides a number of valuable community services: gun safety materials    and classes, shooting competitions and criminal justice reform policy    suggestions that would punish violent criminals HARD.        Today, the media and opportunistic politicians are attacking gun    rights and the NRA as never before. Please join the NRA today and help    make sure that they do not get their way!        _Don Baldwin_          _________________________________________________________________                                               _[Maintainer: Go directly to the NRA Web Page, or call the NRA                 Membership Division at (800) 672-3888.] _                                  I. Introduction                                         H. 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