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Message-ID: [email protected]> X-Last-Updated: 2000/12/04 Newsgroups:, rec.pets.dogs.activities, rec.pets.dogs.behaviors,  rec.pets.dogs.breeds,, rec.pets.dogs.misc,  rec.pets.dogs.rescue Sender: tittle From: Cindy Tittle Moore <[email protected]> Subject: rec.pets.dogs:  Complete List of Dog-Related Email Lists X-No-Archive: Yes Date: 11 May 2004 10:50:14 GMT  Archive-name: dogs-faq/email-lists URL: Last-modified: 04 Dec 2000  ======= There are many FAQ's available for this group.  For a complete listing of these, get the "Complete List of RPD FAQs".  This article is posted bimonthly in rec.pets.dogs, and is available via anonymous ftp to under pub/usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/faq-list, via the Web at, or  via email by sending your message to [email protected] with send usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/faq-list in the body of the message.  This article is Copyright 1997 by the Author(s) listed below.  It may be freely distributed on the Internet in its entirety without alteration provided that this copyright notice is not removed.   It may NOT reside at another website (use links, please) other than the URL listed above without the permission of the Author(s).   This article may not be sold for profit nor incorporated in other  documents without he Author(s)'s permission and is provided "as is"  without express or implied warranty. ==========                     Complete List of Dog-Related Email Lists                                           This compilation is Copyright 1995-1999 by Cindy Tittle Moore.        The posted version may be found on under    pub/usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/email-lists; to get a copy by email,    send a message to [email protected] with          send usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/email-lists          in the the body of the email message.      _________________________________________________________________     Introduction     This file is posted every two weeks to The subject    line will never change (although the contents may), so if you don't    want to see this, you can put it in a kill file. This article    describes all the publicly available dog-related email lists that I    know about.        If you know of any corrections or additions that should be made to    this list, please let me know as soon as possible!      _________________________________________________________________     Table of Contents       * About these Mailing Lists      * General Mailing Lists         Canine-L/ Critter Chat/ Cyberdogs/ Eclectic World/ EuroDogs/             PureBred Canines/ UK Dog Lists/ Woof Chat/      * Topical Lists         Association of Pet Dog Trainers/ Aggressive Behaviors/ Allergic             Dogs/ Breeders/ Blind Dogs/ Deaf Dogs/ Diabetic Dogs/ Dog             Tales/ Canine Collectibles/ Canine Genetics/ Canine             Listowners/ Cushings in Pets/ Epilepsy in Canines/ Good Dog!             E-Zine/ Groomers/ Holistic Veterinary Care/ Kennel             Management/ Legislative Information/ Pet Dogs/ Pet Prayer/             Puppies/ Senior Dogs/ Single Dog Owners/ Shy Dogs/ Tick             Mailing List/ Veterinary List      * Activity Specific Lists         Agility/ Animal Welfare/ Carting/ Conformation/ Earth Dogs and             Squirrel Dogs/ Field Trials/ Flyball/ Frisbee Dogs/ Gun Dogs/             Herding/ Hiking/ Judges/ Junior Showmanship/ K9 Events             Announcements/ Novice Line (obed)/ NADOI Members/ Obedience             Competition/ Obedience Instructors/ Obedience Judges/ Pet Dog             Training/ Pro Handlers/ Pro Trainers/ Protection Work/ Ring             Stewards/ Search and Rescue/ Service Dogs/ Sledding Dogs/             Superdogs/ Therapy Dogs/ Tracking/ Training Clubs/ Training             with Clicker or Target/ Versatile Hunting Dogs/ Water             Work/Rescue Training/ Working Dogs      * Multiple Breed Lists         Anubis, Pharaoh/Ibizan Hounds/ Bulldogs, Bull breeds, Bull             Terriers, Pit Bulls, etc./ Collies Rough & Smooth/ Fox             Terriers/ Hounds Hunting Hounds/ Livestock Guard Dogs,             Anatolians, Kuvaszok, Great Pyrenees, etc./ Rare Breeds/             Scent Hounds, Beagles, Bassets, Bloodhounds, Coonhounds,             Harriers, etc./ Setters, Irish, English, Red & White, Gordon/             Sighthounds/ Small Dogs/ Spaniels/ Terriers/ Tibetan Breeds/             Toy Dogs/ Welsh Corgis Cardigan and Pembroke)      * Breed Specific Lists         Affenpinscher/ Afghans/ Airedales/ Akitas/ Alaskan Malamutes/             American Bulldogs/ American Cocker Spaniels/ American Eskimo             Dogs/ American Hairless Terrier/ American Pit Bull Terriers/             American Staffordshire Terriers/ Anatolians/ Australian             Cattle Dogs/ Australian Kelpie/ Australian Shepherds/             Basenjis/ Bassets/ Beagles/ Bearded Collies/ Bedlington             Terriers/ Belgian Shepherd Dogs/ Belgian Tervuerens/ Bernese             Mountain Dogs/ Bichon Frise/ Bloodhounds/ Border Collies/             Border Terriers/ Borzoi/ Boston Terriers/ Bouvier Des             Flandres/ Boxers/ Briards/ Brittanys/ Brussels Griffon/             Bullmastiffs/ Bull Terriers/ Cairn Terriers/ Canaan Dogs/             Caucasian Ovcharka (Mountain Dog)/ Cavalier King Charles             Spaniels/ Chesapeake Bay Retrievers/ Chihuahuas/ Chinese             Crested/ Chinese Foo Dog/ Chinese Shar-Pei/ Chinooks/ Chow             Chows/ Clumber Spaniels/ Curly Coated Retrievers/ Dachshunds/             Dalmatians/ Doberman Pinschers/ Drahthaars/ English Cocker             Spaniels/ English Shepherds/ English Springer Spaniels/ Field             Spaniels/ Flat Coat Retrievers/ French Bulldog/ German             Pinschers/ German Shepherd Dogs/ German Shorthaired Pointers/             German Wirehaired Pointers/ Giant Schnauzers/ Golden             Retrievers/ Gordon Setters/ Great Danes/ Greater Swiss             Mountain Dogs/ Great Pyrenees/ Greyhounds/ Irish Terriers/             Irish Water Spaniels/ Irish Wolfhounds/ Italian Greyhounds/             Jack Russell Terriers/ Japanese Chin/ Keeshonden/ Kerry Blue             Terriers/ Komondorok/ Kuvaszok/ Labrador Retrievers/             Leonbergers/ Maltese/ Manchester Terriers/ Mastiffs/             Miniature Australian Shepherds/ Miniature Pinscher/ Miniature             Schnauzers/ Newfoundlands/ Norfolk and Norwich Terriers/             Norwegian Elkhound/ Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers/ Old             English Sheepdogs/ Otterhounds/ Papillons/ Pekingese/ Petite             Basset Griffon Vendeens/ Portuguese Water Dogs/ Poodles/             Pointers/ Pugs/ Pyrenean Shepherds/ Rhodesian Ridgebacks/             Rottweilers/ Saint Bernards/ Salukis/ Samoyeds/ Schipperkes/             Scottish Deerhounds/ Scottish Terrier/ Shetland Sheepdogs/             Shiba Inus/ Shih Tzus/ Siberian Huskies/ Silky Terriers/ Soft             Coated Wheaten Terriers/ Staffordshire Bull Terriers/ Thai             Ridgebacks/ Tibetan Mastiffs/ Tibetan Spaniels/ Toy Fox             Terriers/ Vizslas/ Welsh Springer Spaniels/ Welsh Terriers/             West Highland White Terriers/ Whippets/ White German             Shepherds/ Wire Haired Fox Terrier/ Wire Haired Pointing             Griffons/ Xoloitzcuintli Yorkshire Terriers      _________________________________________________________________     About these Mailing Lists     There are many email lists on canines and related topics. They are all    implemented in different ways. Some are handled by automated software    (of which there are several varieties!) and others are manually    controlled. Some lists are open to all, others have requirements for    membership, or even ceilings on the total number of subscribers. Some    are high volume and others much lower. Some of these lists offer both    interactive (where you get each message as it is sent out) and digest    (where messages are collected up to some point, either by size or    time, and then sent out) versions.        The actual manner in which you subscribe to each list can differ. I've    tried to make it very clear how to do so for each list below. When I    state that "your-name" is desired, that's your real name. For example,    I would substitute "your-name" with Cindy Tittle Moore if I subscribed    to a list with that in the instructions. If "your-email-address" is    requested, that would be your email address. Again, for example, I    would use [email protected] for "your-address". A few do not require    either your name or your email address: in these cases, don't add this    information, it is extracted from your email directly.        Other lists are NOT automated, and are contacted by request addresses    that are maintained by real live people, so a short request like    "Please add me to the herding list." is appropriate for these lists.        Please do not send mail directly to the list asking to be added or    deleted from the list. It's poor form because your request gets spit    out to all the subscribers on the list; creating unnecessary bandwidth    and putting useless email into mailboxes around the world. Moreover,    many list administrators simply ignore these messages. So use the    contact addresses provided! And when you get welcoming information    from the list after subscribing SAVE THIS INFORMATION. It will provide    you with information on how to unsubscribe from the list when you wish    to do so.        Since not all automated lists are run with the same software, please    don't expect the same functionality across all of them. For example,    on some lists you might "postpone" your email while you are on    vacation. On others you simply unsubscribe and then resubscribe when    you return. So read through any information you get from the    subscription carefully.        Watch out for the common error of substituting the numeral 1 for the    letter l. I've tried to make this clear by capitalizing wherever it    seemed appropriate below.        Finally note that subscription may be arbitrated by the list owner or    administrator at any time. Should a list owner decide that a    particular individual should not be subscribed or remain subscribed,    that is their prerogative. Inflammatory posts, baiting, flaming other    individuals, spamming, or conducting commercial activities on the list    are typical grounds for removal. Most lists make their preferences    known in the welcome file.        If you are interested in starting up a dog-related mailing list, first    consult with the providers of your account. Many are willing to let    you run a list under their Listserv or Majordomo software already    installed. Most will do it for free (as part of your account "perks").    Some may charge you for setting it up. If you look around you may also    be able to find some free or for-charge options.        Please note that there are a number of dog oriented mailing lists run    at I did not originally list them because they    initially required a web browser to subscribe. They have since added    email subscription requests, so go ahead and ask me to add them. You    can also go directly there and search on the dog lists they have to    see if you can find what you're looking for.      _________________________________________________________________     General Mailing Lists    CANINE-L         Canine-L is a general purpose mailing list for dog owners. Owned by      Bill Gorman . This is a high volume list.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            sub CANINE-L your-name         CRITTER CHAT         General animal companion/pet discussion, also discussion of topics      in the CC Newsletter. Owned by Kate Long .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CRITTERCHAT         CYBERDOGS         Cyberdogs has been around since the summer of 1998. It's currently      a low-volume list with a comfortable, chatty feel. Owned by Polly      Mumma .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe cyberdog         ECLECTIC WORLD         his new list is a moderated list for discussion of anything and      everything canine. The list is part of An Eclectic World ( and is moderated to keep      spam out. Owned by Summer S. Wilson .            To: [email protected]      Subject: subscribe         EURODOGS         This is a list where European dog-people can discuss all dog      related topics. Are you a dog-owner? A dog-breeder? Or simply      interested in dogs? - then join the list! People outside Europe are      welcome too. Owned/run by Sally Nielsen .            To: [email protected]      Subject:         PUREBRED CANINES         PUREBRED_CANINES is for high level discussions on breeding and all      forms of competition. Owned by Carolyn Hensley .            To: [email protected]      Subject:         UK DOG LISTS         UK DOG FORUM is a moderated email list owned by Robert Webb where      people can discuss anything of interest to people and dogs in the      UK. The UK Dog Forum can also been viewed on the web at            To: [email protected]      Subject: subscribe            UKDOGS List was run by Karen McGowan, and commenced in 1995, but      sadly closed earlier this year. We are now pleased to inform you      that this list has been revived by "David The Dogman" and Sue      James. UKDOGS is intended for the discussion of all dog related      topics with regard to activities, events and members in the UK.      Members from overseas are most welcomed. Confrontational      discussions about PETA or Animal Rights Groups are not permitted on      UKDOGS-L.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe UKDOGS-L         WOOF CHAT      _________________________________________________________________     Topical Lists    ASSOCIATION OF PET DOG TRAINERS         This is a closed list for APDT members, owned by Joel Walton.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe APDT         AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIORS         The Aggressive Behavior List is hosted by Joel Walton and is for      pet dog trainers and pet dog owners to talk to one another about      aggressive behavior in dogs. The list will be limited to unwanted      aggressive behavior directed towards humans or dogs by canines.            To: [email protected]      Subject:         ALLERGIC DOGS         In June of 2000, anne Penfield started a list for owners of dogs      with allergies.            To: [email protected]      Subject:         BREEDERS         This is a discussion forum for responsible breeding.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe K9BREEDR your-name         BLIND DOGS         This list is for owners of blind dogs or those who have questions      about blind dogs.            To: [email protected]      Subject:         DEAF DOGS         Lindsay Patten owns a mailing list for owners of deaf dogs. Started      November 1995.            To: [email protected]      Subject: subscribe deaf-dogs         DIABETIC DOGS         Muffin is an unmoderated, open list for anyone who has a diabetic      pet, veterinarians and others with an interest in the topic. Owned      by Susan Flewelling .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe muffin            Petdiabetes is a mailing list for owners with pets who have      diabetes. Support and information are both available.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe PETDIABETES         DOG TALES         The TALK-ABOUTDOGS mailing list is for discussions and telling      stories about "my companion dog", stories about war dogs, working      dogs, adopted/foster/orphan dogs. A place to tell unusual stories      about lost or found dogs and a place where one can look for their      lost/found dog when a natural calamity strikes. Also a list where      animal rescue centers can tell their stories about their needs or      request for help. Especially welcome are stories when your dog's      life ends and you need a place to share your feelings. Owner:      Albert Buys .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe TALK-ABOUTDOGS your-name         CANINE COLLECTIBLES         This list is for those who are interested in various collectible      items such as statues, figurines, jewelry. No advertising is      allowed; this is intended for fellow collectors to get together and      share tips. List is owned by Renee McCartin .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe K9CURIOS-L your-name            This list is for those obsessed with collecting canine antiques.      It's open to those who collect, sell, or trade antiques of any      breed. The aim is for collectors and sellers to network, sell, buy      or trade items, to share info on pieces and look for provenance,      and to gain info on collector's clubs, magazines, and conferences.            To: [email protected]      Subject:         CANINE GENETICS         Discussion group for those interested in canine genetics: modes of      inheritance, basic genetics, etc.            To: [email protected]      Subject            subscribe K9GENES your-name         CANINE LISTOWNERS         This is a mailing list for those who own or administrate dog      related mailing lists. Membership is limited to only these folks.      Topics discussed include information on mailing list software, spam      alerts, how to deal with common (or not so common) administrative      problems. Owned/run by Mary Siegel . Be prepared to verify that      your list exists to be admitted to this list.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe K9-LSTOWN your-name (your list's name)         CUSHINGS IN PETS         CUSHINGS-PETS is an unmoderated electronic forum open to anyone      with an interest in Cushing's Syndrome and Cushing's Disease in      animals, including owners and former owners of Cushinoid pets, as      well as veterinary students and professionals. The topics covered      focus on the collaborating of information about Cushing's disease, its      symptoms, side effects, treatment and long-term management.      CUSHINGS-PETS is intended to be an addition or accompaniment to-not      a substitute for-professionally provided veterinary care.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CUSHINGS-PETS your-name (your pet's name/breed/date of      diagnosis)            For example: Subscribe CUSHINGS-PETS Leslie Lawson (Melissa,      Spitz/Terrier, 7/97)         EPILEPSY IN CANINES         This is a mailing list for those who own dogs with seizure problems      (or who wish to know more about epilepsy in dogs). Started by      Alicia Wiersma-Aylward in April of 1996, it is currently owned by      Marion Mitchell who runs it along with Kathi Dvorak and Paula      Dowling. See also the associated web site            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe EPIL-K9 your-name         GOOD DOG! E-ZINE         In every issue of the "Good Dog! E-zine", you'll find an article of      interest from the pages of the Good Dog! magazine. owner is Ross      Becker .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe GOODDOG         GROOMERS         Cathy Maynard owns this list for groomers, started 4-24-96.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe GROOMERS-L         HOLISTIC VETERINARY CARE         Natural Pets is for discussing holistic alternatives in veterinary      medicine for the care of companion animals. This is in addition to,      or accompanying, orthodox veterinary care; it is not intended to      replace same. Nor is it a forum for animal rights discussion. This      list is owned by Gail Brookhart . This list's operation is      currently suspended pending its move to a new site and to Listserv      rather than Majordomo. Further details as they become available      will be noted here.            Another such list is WELLPET, kept by Katrina Ritchie . WELLPET IS      an unmoderated list, specifically for the discussion of Holistic or      Natural Pet care and is open to all those with a sincere interest      in alternative methods of animal care. Topics could include the use      and application natural diets and nutrition, homeopathic remedies,      the use of vitamin and food supplements, herbal medicine, flower      remedies, massage therapies and accupuncture. Anti Holistic posts      are not welcome.            To: [email protected] Subject:            subscribe WELLPET         KENNEL MANAGEMENT         Kennel management discussion group, moderated by Pati Hatfield and      Don Hanson .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe KENNEL-L your-name         LEGISLATIVE INFORMATION         This is a breed-specific legislation mailing list to keep      subscibers informed of legislation affecting dog breeds. Owned by      Helen Park .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe DOGWATCH your-name         PET DOGS         PETDOGS-L is for experienced and unexperienced dog owners to share      information about owning and caring for dogs of all kinds and ages.      Puppy buyers, rescue adopters, veteran dog owners, and prospective      owners find good answers to questions and offer their own ideas and      tips. Breeders, trainers, vets, behaviorists, etc who are patient      and enjoy helping pet owners are also welcome. Petdogs-L is      friendly--no rudeness, no lectures, no condescension, no flames, no      question too "dumb." Personal chit-chat (condolences, congrats,      etc) is kept at an absolute minimum to hold list traffic at a      manageable level. To join visit the website at or send an email to            To: [email protected]      Subject:         PET PRAYER         Prayer Requests for pets. Run by Donna Ayala .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe PETPRAY         PUPPIES         The Start Puppy Training list is hosted by Joel Walton and is for      breeders, puppy trainers, veterinarians and puppy owners to talk to      one another about puppy training.            Topics include: early puppy training by breeders, early puppy      training by owners, puppy classes, normal puppy behavior including      house training, puppy/play biting, chewing, jumping up, won't      listen.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SPT            The Pre-Puppy Primer List is the list to join BEFORE you get a      puppy or a dog. The Pre-Puppy Primer list is hosted by Joel Walton      and is for breeders, puppy trainers, veterinarians and potential      puppy owners to discuss the training required BEFORE you acquire a      puppy/dog. Topics include: choosing a compatible type or breed,      recognizing whether the puppy has been socialized, early puppy      training by breeders, puppy parties, early puppy training by      owners, puppy classes, normal puppy behavior including house      training, puppy/play biting, chewing, jumping up, won't listen.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe PPP         SENIOR DOGS         This list is devoted to the care and well being of our senior dog      buddies. It is open to all breeds and anyone with an interest in      the older dog. Owned by Ellen .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SENIOR-L your-name         SINGLE DOG OWNERS         This list is owned by Mary Alderman and is for those in the "dog      show scene" who are single.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe K9SINGLES your-name         SHY DOGS         Some dogs are shy or fearful, from circumstance or temperament.      Living with these dogs, training them, and helping them to modify      their behavior are all discussed on this list, which is intended to      help provide resources for anyone interested, from dog owners to      shelter workers to breed rescue organizations. The list is owned by      Dawn Speer .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SHY-K9S         TICK MAILING LIST         For owners of dogs with various tick diseases, primarily Babesia      and Ehrlichia. This list is intended to be both informational and a      source of support. Owned by Lynda Adame .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe TICK-L your-name         VETERINARY LISTS         The VETMED list is a moderated forum for the discussion of issues      related to veterinary medicine. You do not have to be a      veterinarian to participate - in fact, most subscribers to this      list are not veterinarians. Discussions of a technical nature -      such as among veterinarians are welcome, as well as discussions of      veterinary-related topics among animal owners and other interested      people. Moderated by Stacy Pober and others.            To: [email protected] Subject:            subscribe VETMED your-name            VETPLUS-L is limited to clinicians involved in veterinary and human      medical practice or professionals working in medical research and      teaching. To join this list, send email to [email protected] or      [email protected] asking for VETPLUS-L's charter. You will be asked      to fill out a questionnaire before being allowed to join.      _________________________________________________________________     Activity Specific Lists    AGILITY         Kathy Kral is the list administrator for AGILITY, a mailing list      for discussing the sport of agility, formed in mid April 1994. The      list has a 600 subscriber limit; if the list is full when you      subscribe, your application will be held until a space opens up.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe AGILITY your-name            Another Agility mailing list, based in Australia, is hosted by Reg      Dwyer .            To: [email protected]      Subject: subscribe            AGILEDOGS is owned by Sue Fregien, Sara Grachek , and Alice      Simpson.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe AGILEDOGS-L your-name         ANIMAL WELFARE         Dog-Rescue is a mailing list (created Sept. 1994) for rescue people      to network together. Pam Bishop and Pauline Marshall administer      this list.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe DOG-RESCUE your-name            The primary purpose of the HUMANE-SOCIETIES list is to provide a      discussion area to those people involved in the organizational      aspects of animal welfare and allied groups.            To: [email protected] Subject:            subscribe            The CUR mailing list is an organization point for members of CUR      (Canine Underground Railroad), dedicated to transporting rescued      dogs to their new homes across the country (US/Canada). Owned by      Bill Gorman, subscriptions are all cleared with the owner first.      Contact Peg Banks ([email protected]) who coordinates CUR and      the mailing list. You can sign up to be a runner, a safehouse, or a      phone contact person, or all three, although no one has to take on      any particular duty for any particular run. However, you must come      recommended by a current CUR member. This is for the safety of the      dogs and people involved. Please don't volunteer unless you have      such a person to vouch for you, CUR is working under quite a      backlog of requests.            The NoKill list is for people interested in animal welfare and      developing a community system that lowers euthanasia rates. Owned      and run by Bob Christiansen .            To: [email protected]      Subject:         CARTING         This list is for all carting and potential carting enthusiatists to      gather and discuss this, conditioning, equipment,      parades etc just anything that relates to the art of carting with      your dog. The list is owned by Jan Cooper and Susan Jenulis .            To: [email protected]      Subject:         CONFORMATION         BREED-RING is a discussion list for and about canine conformation      shows and dog breeding. The list is intended as a discussion group      that you can post to for help, information, and support regarding      canine showing and breeding issues. The list is run by Stacy Pober      and Sue Graham.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BREED-RING your-name            There is a new list for conformation folks. This is ShowDogs-L,      kept by Melissa Paul and Mary Siegel .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SHOWDOGS-L your-name         EARTH DOGS AND SQUIRREL DOGS         The Earth Dog Squirrel Dog mailing list is adminstered by Dennis      Reay and Sheila Allen <>.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe EARTHDOG-SQUIRREL_DOG-L your-name         FIELD TRIALS         This is a list for those interested in Retriever Field Trials.      Owner/admin is Douglas Spink .            To: [email protected]      Subject: trials-l            subscribe your-email-address TRIALS-L         FLYBALL         Kathryn J. Hogg owns the Flyball list.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe FLYBALL your-email-address         FRISBEE DOGS         This list is dedicated to discussions concerning all aspects of      canine frisbee. Owned by Nicholas Carter . Note that the case of      the listname is important: in this particular case you must spell      "FrisbeeDog" exactly as shown.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe FrisbeeDog your-name         GUN DOGS         In January 1995, Chris Barnes started the gundog mailing list      GUNDOG-L, devoted to those who hunt with their dogs. The list is      moderated and explicitly pro-hunting -- debating moral issues of      using dogs for hunting or hunting in general are not permitted.      Please be aware that this list is gatewayed to rec.hunting.dogs, a      public Usenet newsgroup.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe GUNDOG-L your-name            Another list, this one for people interested in hunting retrievers      and the associated hunting retriever tests in NAHRA, AKC and UKC,      is administered by Ken Whelan .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe HUNTING-RETRIEVER your-name            A new list has been established for all who are interested in      hunting/shooting over dogs on foot and horseback. The purpose of      the list will be to provide an international platform for the      discussion of all aspects of the working gundog including breeding,      training,breeds, hunting and general welfare. Coordinated by A J      Grimshaw .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe WORKING-GUNDOG         HERDING         This list is owned by Janene McCrillis . All topics related to      herding are welcomed. This is a high volume list.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe HERDERS-L your-name         HIKING         Terri Watson owns a list for for discussion about hiking and      backpacking with dogs. Messages about hiking experiences, tips,      problems etc. are all welcome. Postings asking about, or providing      information on, trails in specific areas are also welcome.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe DOG-HIKE         JUDGES         This is a private list for those who are provisional and approved      judges for obedience. Judges from kennel clubs around the world are      accepted. List administrator is Richard Strong. To apply for a      subscription to OBED-JUDGES, you must fill out completely an      application available by requesting a copy from      [email protected]          This list, for licensed conformation judges, is administered by?          To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe JUDGES-L your-name          Another list for licensed dog judges (any country) kept by ?          To: [email protected]      Subject:         JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP         The new list for Jr. Showmanship participants, their parents, and      Jr's judges is now open. Owned by Gayle Nastasi.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe JRSHOW-L your-name         K9 EVENTS ANNOUNCEMENTS         K9EVENTS is a moderated list for the announcement of canine events      such as dog shows, obedience trials, matches, hunting trials, lure      coursing events, instructional seminars on canine topics, health      screening clinics and the like. It is intended as a low-noise,      focused source of information about events of interest to people      who participate in dog sports and to dog lovers in general. The      list is administered by Stacy Pober and Sue Graham.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe K9EVENTS your-name         OBEDIENCE COMPETITION         Mike Richman maintains the OBED-COMP mailing list, which discusses      issues relating to competitive obedience. This is open to anyone      who has completed an AKC CD or the equivalent, or higher. You will      be notified (generally within two weeks) if you are accepted or not      to OBED-COMP. You must request an application form as described      below that and return it for consideration. The list has a 600      subscriber limit; if the list is full when you subscribe, your      application will be held until a space opens up.         NOVICE-COMP (OBEDIENCE)         Nora Osborne maintains the NOVICE-COMP mailing list, which      discusses issues relating to beginning competitive obedience.      NOVICE-COMP is for those who are interested in competing in Novice      A or B. You will be notified (generally within a week) if you are      accepted to NOVICE-COMP. You must request an application form as      described below and return it to the list owner for consideration.      The list has a 600 subscriber limit; if the list is full when you      subscribe, your application will be held until a space opens up.            To: [email protected]      Subject: Please send me the application form for NOVICE-COMP         NADOI MEMBERS         This is a closed list for NADOI members. Administrator is Anita      Fahrenwald . Your subscription request will be forwarded to the      list administrator to be verified with the NADOI membership list.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe NADOI your-name NADOInumber            To: [email protected]      Subject: OBED-COMP application Please send me the application form      for OBED-COMP.         OBEDIENCE INSTRUCTORS         This obedience list is restricted to obedience instructors and is      owned by Mike Richman ; administered by Anita Fahrenwald . The list      has a 250 subscriber limit; if the list is full when you subscribe,      your application will be held until a space opens up.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe OBED-TEACH your-name            The list of ALL-K9 is an e-mail discussion list for canine      obedience instructors at all levels, canine behaviourists,      veterinary surgeons, from those that instruct household manners      classes, to those that teach puppy socialization classes, to those      that instruct competition classes and private lessons, to those who      offer nationally and internationally recognized seminars and camps.      The purpose of this discussion forum is to help us all become      better instructors and teachers through communication and idea      exchange with others. Owned by "David the Dogman" and Ken Maling .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ALL-K9         OBEDIENCE JUDGES         This is a closed list for Obedience Judges. Administered by      [email protected] Please contact the administrator for      details on how to join.         PET DOG TRAINING         The Pettable-L list is hosted by Joel Walton and is for pet dog      trainers and pet dog owners to talk to one another about dog      training, behavior and temperament problems. Topics include:      housetraining, puppy/play biting, chewing, jumping up, won't      listen, biting, fearfulness, and attacking other dogs. When you      subscribe, you will receive a reply explaining how you can      participate on the Pettable list as a pet dog owner or a pet dog      trainer.            To: [email protected]      Subject            subscribe PETTABLE         PRO HANDLERS         PRO-HANDLER is a list for professional show dog handlers only. Upon      subscribing one will receive a form to fill out and send to list      owner before being accepted to the list. Owned by Cindy Heavilin .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe PRO-HANDLER your-name         PRO TRAINERS         Pro-Trainers is a list for professional dog trainers. We discuss      everything regarding dogs, training, and the profession. Those      wishing to join must be professional dog trainers and will have to      submit a short bio to the list owner in order to join.            To: [email protected]      Subject: joining pro-trainers            This is a request to join Pro-Trainers.      (Include a bio of your background in professional training.)         PROTECTION WORK         Dianne SanLorenzo and Clarissa Rivispata maintain a mailing list      called Protection-Dogs for topics of protection training. Topics      covered include the training of sport dogs or personal protection.      The group is for the hobbyist or professional and is moderated.      When you subscribe, you will be asked to describe yourself and why      you want to join the list before your request for subscription is      approved. Reply as instructed.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe PROTECTION-DOGS-L your-name            A mailing list for those interested in Schutzhund. Owned by Jill      Rose .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SCHUTZHUND-L your-name            A mailing list for those interested in Schutzhund. Owned by Bob      Armstead and Bill Stephens .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SCHUTZHUND your-name         RING STEWARDS         Owned by Karl Stearns , this is for those interested in ring      stewarding -- breed or performance, AKC or other kennel clubs.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe STEWARDING-L your-name         SEARCH AND RESCUE         Liz Marr owns SAR-DOGS, a mailing list for people using dogs for      Search and Rescue.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SAR-DOGS your-name         SERVICE DOGS         Miriam Clifford maintains a mailing list for those who own, train,      or raise assistance dogs (guide dogs, service dogs, hearing ear      dogs, etc), or for those who are just interested.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe service-dogs            Owned by Robert Carter : These two lists are for those interested      in guide dogs. The first is focused on guide dogs and issues      involving them. The second is a more social and chatty list for      people interested in guide dogs.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            Describe why you wish to participate in this list.            Also            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BS-L            HT-AideDogs is a discussion list for people who are training a      service dog for their own use or a family member. The topic is      limited to training and the issues specific to the handler trained      service dog.            This list is owned by Training Aide Dogs Advocacy: Louise Hotovy,      Melanie Horne and Chris Ramko. We do not accept anonymous      subscriptions, and list members names and archives are concealed      from public view. Additional services and a discussion group in      real time are available by application at            To: [email protected] Subject: HT-AideDogs            Tell us your involvement with service dogs, why you wish to be on      our list and what you will do with the information you receive.      Please give your full name.         SLEDDING DOGS         Margaret Bonham, AKA Sky Warrior started up a list in November 1993      for those interested in sled dogs. This mailing list is dedicated      to the Northern Breeds and sled dog sports including backpacking,      skijouring, mushing, weightpulling, carting, pulka, and any other      related working activity. Note that anti-mushing activity is not      welcome on the list and will be removed by the moderator.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SLEDDOG-L your-name         SUPERDOGS         The mailing list for the International Superdogs, a team of      high-performance canines touring throughout North American and the      Carribean. Owned by Andrew Mouser .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SDOGS-L         THERAPY DOGS         A new discussion list has been created for those who are interested      in or involved with Animal Assisted Therapy or Animal Assisted      Activites. List owner is .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe DOGTALES your-name         TRACKING         Mike Richman owns this tracking mailing list, for issues related to      tracking dogs, both in competition and as working dogs. It's      administered by Deborah Coats, . The list has a 600 subscriber      limit; if the list is full when you subscribe, your application      will be held until a space opens up.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe TRACKING your-name         TRAINING CLUBS       The following clubs are listed alphabetically:          DogGoneFast Flyball Club. Owned by Janyne Kizer. Subscriptions are      approved by owner.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe DGF-L            Greater Raleigh Dog Training Club. Owned by Janyne Kizer .      Subscriptions are approved by owner.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe GRDTC-L         TRAINING WITH CLICKER/TARGET         Isabel M. Gordon owns a list for clicker trainers.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CLICKTRAIN         VERSATILE HUNTING DOGS         For those interested in versatile hunting dogs. Kept by J.P. Siedel      .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe VHD-L         WATER WORK/RESCUE TRAINING         Janene McCrillis owns this mailing list for people doing water      trial/rescue/etc work with their dogs.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe MUDPUPS-L your-name         WORKING DOGS         Isabel Gordon administers this list for working dogs. (The list may      be down?)            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe WORKING-K9 your-email-address      _________________________________________________________________     Multiple Breed Lists    ANUBIS         Frankie Stoffer runs Anubis-L, for fanciers of Pharaoh or Ibizan      Hounds, along with Stu Fried.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ANUBIS-L your-name         BULLDOGS         Another mailing list, for fanciers of the French and English      Bulldog breeds will be available June 16th. Posts will be in      Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish only. Owned by Solvejg Thorup .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BULLDOG         COLLIES (ROUGH & SMOOTH)         The Collie List focuses on all aspects of rough and smooth collies      and their relationship to those who love them. Current and      potential pet/companion owners, "show people," breeders, handlers,      rescue organizations and vets are all specifically welcome here as      well as anyone else with an interest in collies.            This list is owned and moderated by Dwayne Bailey . Co-moderator is      Sandi Dremel .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe COLLIE your-name      end            For the digest version,            To: [email protected]      Subject: subscribe            Further help can be obtained by substituting the word "help" for      "subscribe."            COLLIE-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Nancy Anstruther and Claire      Picken .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe COLLIE-H            FARMCOLLIE is a mailing list to discuss collie history and      conservation with other interested persons.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe FARMCOLLIE your-name            LASSIENET is for Lassie fans and collie owners/admirers. A small      group of collie owners, for the most part, interested in details      about the movie/tv Lassie, reminiscing about the same, and      discussing anecdotes, health & care tips about their own collies.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            COLLIEBLOODLINES for those interested in pedigree info and genetics      and how different lines have contributed to the collie breed.            To: [email protected]      Subject:         FOX TERRIERS (SMOOTH AND WIRE)         Sheila Allen owns a mailing list for those interested in Fox      Terriers, both smooth and wirehaired, opened April 1996.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe FOXY-K9 your-name         HOUNDS         This is a mailing list for hunting hounds, owned by Larry Stephens      . It is intended for coonhounds, curs, other coondogs, tree dogs,      baying dogs, beagles, and foxhounds, etc.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            SUB HUNTDOG-L your-name         LIVESTOCK GUARD DOGS         LGD-L is a mailing list owned by Janice Frasche for owners and      fanciers of a variety of livestock guard dog breeds, including but      not limited to: Anatolians, Great Pyrenees, Caucasian Ovcharka,      Kuvaszok, etc.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe LGD-L your-name            Another LGD list is FLOCKGUARD, owned by Stacey Kubyn for owners      and fanciers of livestock guard dog breeds. Breeds include Aidi,      Akbash Dog, Anatolian Shepherd, Anatolian Karabash, Caucasian      Ovcharka, Central Asian Ovcharka, Estrela Mountain Dog, Great      Pyrenees, Himalayan Mountain Dog, Kangal Dog, Komondor, Kuvac,      Kuvasz, KyiApso, Maremma-Abruzzi, Sharplaninac, South Russian      Ovcharka, Spanish Mastiff, Tatra, and Tibetan Mastiff.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe FLOCKGUARD your-name            Another list about livestock guardians is LGD_HORIZONS, an      information exchange for owners and fanciers interested in      nontraditional activities with dogs historically used as livestock      guardians. Kept by Stacey Kubyn .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe LGD_HORIZONS your-name         RARE BREEDS         This is a new mailing list for rare breed enthusiasts, owned by ?.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe RARE-K-NINE         SCENT HOUNDS         A mailing list for scent hounds of all kinds, currently      administered by Nancy Bass .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe NOSES-L your-name         SETTERS         Open to all setter enthusiasts: English, Gordon, Irish, or Irish      Red & White. The list is administered by Holly Kruse .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SETTERS-L your-name         SIGHTHOUNDS         A list for all sighthounds, kept by Mary Siegel , and Lynda Adame .      Started August 1995.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SIGHTHOUND-L your-name            This list is kept by Steve Copold . GAZEHOUND-L is for the      discussion of all aspects of gazehounds. A simple cautionary note,      however, is in order: GAZEHOUND-L has been dubbed the "Biker Bar"      of dog related e-mail lists. The list is for adults. Topics and      language often appear in messages generated by this list which are      not appropriate for children. Posts sent to GAZEHOUND-L are      considered to be in the public domain. No serious attempt is made      to force discussions to stay on-topic and sighthound related      threads often drift into other areas such as politics, ethics, and      religion.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe GAZEHOUND-L your-name         SMALL DOGS         This is a list devoted to small breeds, including all "toy" breeds      as classified by AKC, the small breeds in the non-sporting group,      small terriers and crosses. List is owned by Pauline Marshall .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SMALLDOGS your-name         SPANIELS         Spanie-L welcomes discussions of all flushing spaniel breeds      currently recognized by the American Spaniel Club (American Cocker,      English Cocker, English Springer, Welsh Springer, Clumber, Sussex,      Field) and those currently seeking such recognition (American Water      Spaniels) plus the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and the Boykin      Spaniel. International subscribers welcome; while many subscribers      are from the USA there are a considerable number of International      subscribers as well from every continent except Antarctica.      Language of discussion is English. Digest option available.      Listowner: Ruth Ginzberg .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SPANIE-L your-name         TERRIERS         Daryl Enstone started up a list for all terrier breeds early      October 1994. Kathryn Van Stone and John Van den Bergh co-own the      list with Daryl. Terrier-l is intended to be a friendly, casual      forum to exchange all kinds of information about terriers and life      with terriers. This is a high volume list.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe TERRIER-L your-name         TIBETAN BREEDS         A mailing list for discussion of topics pertaining to breeds      originating from Tibet, specifically Kyi-Apso, Lhasa Apso, Sha-Kyi,      Shih-tzu, Tibetan Mastiff, Tibetan Spaniel, and Tibetan Terrier.      This list is owned by Liz Bartlett .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe TIBETAN-BREEDS      or      subscribe TIBETAN-BREEDS-DIGEST         TOY DOGS         Scott Armstrong owns this mailing list for those interested in the      breeding, care and showing in conformation, obedience, and agility      of the AKC toy group breeds (created 2/1/96).            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe TOYDOGS-L your-name            This list is an open list for people who show or plan to show toy      breed dog(s) in breed conformation shows. List owners are Bobbie      Linden and Lisa Farmer . Note that "subsingle" (below) will get you      single email messages, "subscribe" the digest.            To: [email protected]      Subject: request            subsingle            or subscribe         WELSH CORGIS (CARDIGAN AND PEMBROKE)         CORGI-L, owned Perrine Crampton and Kathleen Bruce was started in      September 1994. It is a moderated discussion list for Pembroke and      Cardigan Welsh Corgi dog owners. There are currently 8 co      administrators who can be contacted at      [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CORGI-L your-name            SHOWCARDI-L, owned by Kathy Steele for folks interested in showing      the Cardigan Welsh Corgis.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SHOWCARDI-L your-name            SHOWPEM-L is a mailing list for those interested in showing      Pembrokes.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SHOWPEM-L            CORGIRESCUE is for dog rescue folks with corgis. It is an "open"      list, you do not have to be subscribed to send information to it.      Run by Ken and Lauren Lassesen .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CORGIRESCUE your-name            CARDI-L is for Cardigan enthusiasts. Run by Ken and Lauren      Lassesen.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CARDI-L your-name        ______________________________________________________________       Breed Specific Lists    AFFENPINSCHERS         Kim Andresen and Susi Gleffe own the Affenpinschers mailing list,      created November of 1995. This mailing list is devoted to      discussion of the Affenpinscher. We welcome all Affenpinscher      owners, prospective owners, breeders, exhibitors or anyone else      with an interest in the breed.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe AFFEN-L your-name         AFGHANS         Scott Armstrong owns this mailing list for those interesting in the      breeding, showing, and care of Afghan hounds. Started 3/1/96.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe AFGHAN-L         AIREDALES         AIREDALE-L is owned by Gena Ferrari .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe AIREDALE-L your-name            WorkingADT-L is owned by Karen Clouston .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe WORKINGADT-L your-name         AKITAS         For owners and devotees of the Akita Inu. The list owner is      currently Melissa Harville .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe AKITA-L your-name            This Akita list is owned by Barbara Cicognani . Natural_Akita      offers Akita owners a forum to learn of the benefits of a natural      diet and holistic health for their dogs.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe Natural_Akita         ALASKAN MALAMUTES         There is now a discussion list for Alaskan Malamutes, too. It's      administrated by Sandi Shrager , George Collier, and Lynda      Birmantes.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe MALAMUTE-L your-name            ALASKANMALAMUTE-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Ronda Allen .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ALASKANMALAMUTE-H         AMERICAN BULLDOGS         Adam owns a list for American Bulldog owners.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BULLDOGS your-name         AMERICAN COCKER SPANIELS         COCKERSPANIEL-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Rhonda Gillette .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe COCKERSPANIEL-H            ACSHE (American Cocker Spaniel Hunting Enthusiasts) is an email      list for those who breed, train, or use American Cocker Spaniels as      personal gundogs (or who would like to), and for those who      participate in organized Field Trials and Hunt tests with Amercian      Cocker Spaniels (or who would like to). Owned and administered by      Ruth Ginzberg . Subscriptions are approved by the list owner; you      must also send a personal email message to [email protected]      outlining why you are interested in the mailing list If the      personal message and the subscription message do not arrive within      24 hours of each other, you'll have to start over again.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ACSHE your-name         AMERICAN ESKIMO DOGS         There is now an Eskie Owners mailing list. If you have any      questions about Eskies, or announcements about upcoming Eskie      events, please post them to the mailing list as you will be much      more likely to find someone who knows the answer. Owner .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ESKIE_OWNERS         AMERICAN HAIRLESS TERRIERS         The American Hairless Terrier discussion list is unmoderated and      open to all AHT enthusiasts. (It has been running since sprint      1997.)            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe AHTERRIERS         AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIERS         The Pit Bull mailing list is owned by Robert Chesser      [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:            AMPITBULLTERRIER-H is a Hoflin list is moderated by Lindy Martin ,            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe AMPITBULLTERRIER-H         AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIERS         AMSTAFFTERRIER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Lynne J. Clements .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe AMSTAFFTERRIER-H         ANATOLIANS         A mailing list for devotees of the Anatolian, owned by Janice      Frasche .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ANATOLIAN-L your-name         AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOGS         Kathy Buetow just opened a list for Australian Cattle Dogs, for all      who fancy the breed. Created October 1995.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ACD-L your-name         AUSTRALIAN KELPIES         Deb Schneider and Sue Honig own the Kelpie mailing list.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe KELPIE-L your-name         AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS         Jimm Burk maintains a mailing list for and about Australian      Shepherds.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe AUSSIE-L your-name            Another list for serious Aussie topics only, such as club politics,      breeding, genetics, and herding.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ASDISC-L your-name            AUSTRALIANSHEPHERD-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Brandy Ewert .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe AUSTRALIANSHEPHERD-H         BASENJIS         Mark Winters and Elizabeth Adams maintain a mailing list for      Basenji owners.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BASENJI-L your-name         BASSETS         Nancy Gallagher has a small human-maintained list relating to      Basset Hounds.            To: [email protected]      Subject: subscribe            An introduction of you and your hound(s).            In addition, Dave Hendrickson and David Derf have opened a Basset      mailing list:            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BASSET-L your-name         BEAGLES         This mailing list is maintained for the use of the Internet Beagle      Afficionado Recreation club, its members and interested parties.      i-BARC is an internet community based on the appreciation and      discussion of the Beagle dog breed. The owner is Pauline Marshall .            To: [email protected] Subject:            subscribe I-BARC your-name            Arooooo! is a small (maximum of 55), supportive, unmoderated      gathering of friends who have at least one thing in common, their      love of beagles. Arooooo! is owned by its subscribers and      administered by Mimi Kahn . To subscribe, send an e-mail message to      Mimi Kahn ([email protected]), including two or three      paragraphs about yourself and your beagle(s).         BEARDED COLLIES         This list for and about Bearded Collies started March 1995. List      originally owned by Gail Price and is now owned by Madeleine and      Bill Gray. Also at            To: [email protected] Subject:            Joel Levinson has just started a new list for bearded collie      herding enthusiasts.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BEARDIEHERD-L         BEDLINGTON TERRIERS         A mailing list for Bedlington Terrier fanciers. Kept by Jeannie      Breslin .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            Subscribe            BEDLINGTONTERRIER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Tina Westphal .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BEDLINGTONTERRIER-H         BELGIAN SHEPHERD DOGS         Started by Alicia Wiersma-Aylward, this is a mailing list for All      Belgian Shepherd Dogs. This includes the Belgian Groenendael (AKC      Belgian Sheepdog), Belgian Tervueren, Belgian Malinois, and Belgian      Laekenois. UKC, AKC, and European owners are all welcome. Please      contact Libbye or Ed at [email protected] for      information about the list or to join         BELGIAN TERVURENS         BELGIANTERVUREN-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Dana B. Mackonis .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BELGIANTERVUREN-H         BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOGS         The Bernese Mountain Dog Mailing List is devoted to discussions of      the Bernese Mountain Dog and related topics of interest. The list      administrator is Matthew N. Kleiman .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BERNER-L your-name            Another list is owned by Barbara Grasso .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BMDBREEDER-L your-name         BICHON FRISE         This list is for those interested in the Bichon Frise. It is own      and administered by Janice Sheehy .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BICHONFRISE-L your-name         BLOODHOUNDS         The bloodhound community maintains several Bloodhound lists. The      "Bloodhound Bunch" lists include BHB (generally about Bloodhounds);      BHBscent (working Bloodhounds); and BHBfriends (more personal and      goes off topic). Subscribe to each list separately.            To: [email protected]      Subject: subscribe            To: [email protected]      Subject: subscribe            To: [email protected]      Subject: subscribe         BORDER COLLIES         Members of the General Border Collie Discussions list, BC-L,      discuss all information and issues related to the Border Collie.      The management team can be reached at [email protected]      Owned by Chuck Goelzer Lyons and Hunter Hampton .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BC-L your-name            Another list about border collies is the Herding With Border      Collies list, "dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the      Border Collie as the premier herding dog in the world." Co-owned      and co-moderated by Mellissa DeMille , Denise Wall and Chuck      Goezler-Lyons. The management team can be reached at      [email protected]            To: [email protected] Subject:            subscribe SHEEPDOG-L your-name            Another list for Border Collie fanciers is BC-Forum. BC-Forum is a      mailing list for those interested in preserving the traditional      (non-AKC) working border collie. Administrator is Heather Nadel .            To: [email protected]      Subject: BC-Forum         BORDER TERRIERS         Dale Cook owns this list, which is now at egroups, for all who are      interested in the Border Terrier.            To: [email protected]      Subject:         BORZOI         Renee McCartin owns the mailing list for Borzoi owners and      fanciers. This list started October of 1995.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BORZOI-L your-name            BORZOI-H is a Hoflin list moderated by [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BORZOI-H         BOSTON TERRIERS         BOSTONTERRIER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Judy Zahas .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BOSTONTERRIER-H         BOUVIER DES FLANDRES         The original Bouvier mailing list was created by Len Gaska in March      of 1995. In the fall of 1999, Len passed the list to Sue Matthews.      Len Gaska's web site is at            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe bouvier            The Pet Bouvier mailing list is run by George Grippo and Sandy      Brock and is oriented towards the person who has Bouvier(s) as pets      only. This list is "closed" - meaning that no one can subscribe      themselves - all subscription requests, including your real name,      should be sent to: [email protected]         BOXERS         The Boxer Mailing list is owned by Maryann Watkins, Dale Ulmer ,      and Jim Clack. Started in February of 1995, it has been at its      present location since December of 1996. It addresses a wide      variety of Boxer related topics.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BOXER your-name            Another list is kept by Craig Powell . BOXER-FRIENDS is intended to      be a friendly forum to exchange all kinds of information about      Boxers and their lives with people. Serious as well as      light-hearted topics are welcome. To subscribe, send a blank email      to:            To: [email protected]      Subject:            SHOWBOXER-L is a list for those interested in showing their Boxers.      Listowners are Martha Heath Bowman and Mary Curl.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SHOWBOXER-L your-name            An offshoot of the original BML, the Boxer Rescue List is for those      interested in rescuing Boxers. Email to the list's owner, Rachel      Osborn for information on how to subscribe.            To: [email protected]      Subject: boxer rescue list            Please send information on how to subscribe to the BRL.            The Boxer World List is owned by Matthew Cowley , Esteve Marin      Fornis, and Olivier Duque. BWL is a discussion list for the person      wanting to learn or hear about Boxers. All Boxer related topics are      welcome!            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BOXERWORLD         BRIARDS         This mailing list is devoted to discussion of the Briard. We      welcome all Briard owners, prospective owners, breeders, exhibitors      or anyone else with an interest in the breed. Absolutely anything      that has anything to do with Briards may be discussed here, such as      conformation, temperament, obedience, herding, agility, health      issues, brags, friendly chat, etc. The list is owned by Dianne      Schoenberg            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BRIARD-L your-name            There is also a list for those who want to talk about the training      & use of the Briard as a herding dog. To subscribe to Bri-Herd,      send a note to Dianne Schoenberg at [email protected]; please      make sure you include your email address & full name & a little bit      about why you are interested in subscribing (i.e. Briard owner,      herding instructor, etc.).         BRITTANYS         BRITTANY-L is owned and run by Chuck Hudson and Judy Booth.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BRITTANY-L your-name            BRITTSPORTS is owned and run by Pat Dunville and Judy Booth and is      for Britt folks who do agility, obedience, flyball and other      non-traditional activities with their dog as well as being for pet      owners who hike, canoe, etc. with their dogs. It is a semi      moderated list devoted to competitive and pet dogs. To sign up      contact Pat at [email protected] or Judy at [email protected]         BRUSSELS GRIFFON         GRIFFY-L is a list for all who love and admire the Brussels      Griffon. Owned by Cindy Heavilin .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe GRIFFY-L your-name         BULLMASTIFFS         BULLMASTIFF-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Jeannie Lewis .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BULLMASTIFF-H            Jack Shastid owns the Bullmastiff list at Lsoft. For all those      interested in the breed.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BULLMASTIFF-L your-name         BULL TERRIERS         This list is owned and moderated by Bull Terrier owners in      Australia, and is open to all BT fanciers.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe BTLIST your-name         CAIRN TERRIERS         A list for those interested in the Cairn Terrier...            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CAIRN-LIST your-name            CAIRNTERRIER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by      [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CAIRNTERRIER-H         CANAAN DOGS         Canaani-L is the internet mailing list for the discussion of the      Canaan Dog and related topics. It is a moderated list; all messages      sent to Canaani-L are reviewed for content by John Relph .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CANAANI-L         CAUCASIAN OVCHARKA (MOUNTAIN DOG)         All Caucazoid talk, all the time. Open subscription, everyone is      invited to participate. Owner is Stacey Kubyn .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CAUCASIAN_MTN_DOG your-name         CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIELS         CAVALIERKCS-H is a Hoflin list moderated by [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CAVALIERKCS-H            Cindy Smith runs this list for those interested in the Cavalier      King Charles Spaniel.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CKCS-L your-name         CHESAPEAKE BAY RETRIEVERS         Tom MacClanahan and Teri Grodner maintain a mailing list for those      interested in the Chesapeake Bay Retriever.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CHESSIE-L your-name            Another list, run by George Makatura is available.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subsingle         CHIHUAHUA         This list was created in April 1995 to distribute information      concerning any and all aspects related to the wonderful world of      Chihuahuas such as breeding, training, raising, health issues,      obedience, rescue, and Chihuahuas as companion dogs. This list is a      place to learn, share and have some fun. List is owned by Frank      Jackson .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CHIHUAHUA-L your-name            CHIHUAHUA-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Judy Hudson .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CHIHUAHUA-H         CHINESE CRESTED         Cathy Gillmore owns this list for those interested in the Chinese      Crested. Originally started in 1996. It is for anyone interested in      the breed--whether just looking for information, for chat about      pets, show, obedience, agility, tracking, therapy, etc. We are a      talkative bunch. Moderated by Marcia V .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            CHINESECRESTED-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Donna Wilson .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CHINESECRESTED-H         CHINESE FOO DOG         A mailing list for those interested in the rare Chinese Foo Dog is      run by Jeanene Mangone .            To: [email protected]      Subject: Please add me to the list            (no message body needed)         CHINESE SHAR-PEI         There is now a mailing list for Chinese Shar-Pei, owned by Mick      Cooper .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CHIS-L         CHINOOKS         Rich Greenberg manages a mailing list for Chinook owners.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CHINOOK-L your-name         CHOW CHOWS         CHOWCHOW-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Marjorie Winebrenner .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CHOWCHOW-H            CHOWCHOW-L is for those interested in the Chow, as well:            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CHOWCHOW-L your-name            Chow Addiction Society runs a mailing list for those interested in      the Chow. Run by Greg Hartingdale :            To: [email protected]      Subject: SUBSCRIBE         CLUMBER SPANIELS         CLUMBERSPANIEL-H is a Hoflin list moderated by [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CLUMBERSPANIEL-H            CLUMBER-L is a new mailing list dedicated to the Clumber Spaniel.      Owned by Kimberly Jordan .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CLUMBER-L         CURLY COATED RETRIEVERS         Kathy Kail owns this list for devotees of the Curly Coated      Retriever.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CURLY-L your-name         DACHSHUNDS         DACHSIES is administered by Jessica Young , Kay Grady , and Silja      Lindh and is a friendly list for those interested in Dachshunds.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe DACHSIES      or      subscribe DACHSIES-DIGEST         DALMATIANS         DAL-L is an electronic mailing list devoted to the topic of      Dalmatians. Anyone who wishes to discuss or read about these      spotted wonders is welcome to join us. Problems with the list      should be sent to Tracie . This list is high volume and supports      digests.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe DAL-L your-name            Another list for those who show their Dals is kept by Marion      Mitchell , Jeri Jennings , and Corinne James . Contact one of the      admins for information on joining the list.            And another list for Dalmatian owners is Dalmatian-H. DALMATIAN-H      is a Hoflin list moderated by Jessica Jones .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe DALMATIAN-H            A list for those who rescue Dals is DalRescue, run by Lisa Messmer      is devoted to finding homes for Dalmatians in shelters and in      foster care, and a resource for those looking to save a life by      rescuing a Dalmatian in need.            To: [email protected]      Subject:         DOBERMAN PINSCHERS         Lynn Petrangelo administers the Doberman mailing list.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe DOBERWORLD-L your-name            DOBERMAN-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Lisa O'Grady .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe DOBERMAN-H         DRAHTHAARS         A mailing list for enthusiasts of the Drahthaar, kept by Tod      Hedenstrom .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe DRAHTHAAR         ENGLISH COCKER SPANIELS         ENGLISHCOCKER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Robin K. Burk .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ENGLISHCOCKER-H         ENGLISH SHEPHERDS         This is a list for fanciers of the English Shepherd, owned by Kate      McGinley .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ENGSHEP-L your-name         ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIELS         ENGLISHSPRINGER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by      [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ENGLISHSPRINGER-H            Owned by Michelle Furr , this is a list for those interested in the      English Springer Spaniel.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ESS-L your-name         FIELD SPANIELS         FIELDSPANIEL-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Becki Jo Wolkenheim .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe FIELDSPANIEL-H         FLAT COAT RETRIEVERS         Mike Richman maintains the FCR mailing list for owners of Flat Coat      Retrievers (November 1993). The list has a 600 subscriber limit; if      the list is full when you subscribe, your application will be held      until a space opens up.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subject FCR your-name            Another list for Flatcoats is run by Gordon Hall . It is for those      who want to explore flatcoat behaviour through the medium of light      observational humour! It is complementary to, not an alternative      to, the FCR List.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            SUBSCRIBE FLATCOAT your-name         FRENCH BULLDOGS         FRENCHBULLDOG-H is a Hoflin list moderated by [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe FRENCHBULLDOG-H         GERMAN PINSCHERS         Mari Heikkila owns the German Pinscher mailing list.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe PINSCHER            Put down your name and email address.         GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS         Gareth Davies manages a list for German Shepherd Dogs, along with      several coadminstrators. You will be asked to submit an      introduction telling the list owners who you are and why you want      to join the list. Applications will be reviewed and if accepted,      subscription is completed within a day or two.            To: [email protected]      Subject: GSD-L Application            There is another German Shepherd Dog list server site: TGSD-L      (Total German Shepherd Dog List). TGSD-L is concerned with the      'total' (working) dog. It is devoted to the concept of the GSD as a      working, all round dog. This includes Schutzhund, Agility, SAR and      other forms of working dog. List owners are: Anka Andrews Paul K.      Smith and Richard Ball .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe TGSD-L            For the Conformation GSD people.. List is closed, and a short bio      can be sent to any of our managers ... You can opt not to present      this bio to the general membership. This Email list has a      commitment to Breed Rescue. Run by Zoe M Backman .            To: [email protected]      Subject: subscribe SHOWGSD-L            Include a letter describing why you are interested in GSD's and in      this list. Include a short bio of your involvement in this breed.            Another GSD list is at Kept by Amanda,      [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:         GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTERS         Rick Petersen owns and runs a mailing list for German Shorthaired      Pointers.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe GSP-L your-name         GERMAN WIREHAIRED POINTERS         GWP-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Steven Kreuser .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe GWP-H         GIANT SCHNAUZERS         Joan Hallberg owns this list for the Giant Schnauzer Fancier. All      who love this breed are welcome.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe GIANT your-name            GIANTSCHNAUZER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by      [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe GIANTSCHNAUZER-H            GIANTSCHNAUZERS is owned by ?.            To: [email protected]      Subject:         GOLDEN RETRIEVERS         GOLDEN is a mailing list about Golden Retrievers. Wade Blomgren is      the list owner.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe GOLDEN your-name            WORK-GOLD: a new list focusing exclusively on those who exhibit      their Goldens (show, field, hunt, obedience) is now available. This      list is for people who work, show, hunt or seriously partipate in      dog sports with their dogs. It is NOT a list for the casual pet      owner. Newcomers to the world of Goldens will find the list boring,      although if you are very interested in learning about the breed you      might want to lurk. If you wish to subcribe, send email to      [email protected] stating how you heard about the list, and why you      want to join.         GORDON SETTERS         GORDONSETTER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Bonnie Carter .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe GORDONSETTER-H         GREAT DANES         John Shea started a mailing list for Great Danes that is now      jointly owned and run by John Shea and Joe Goyette .            To: [email protected] Subject:            subscribe GDML            DANEBYTES is another list for those interested in Great Danes. Run      by Ruby Ricciardi .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe DANEBYTES         GREATER SWISS MOUNTAIN DOGS         This list is maintained by Mark Heller , and was created June 1996.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SWISSY-L your-name         GREAT PYRENEES         Judy Gustafson <>, Catharine de la Cruz , Karen Reiter, and Linda      Weisser <> co-own this list for Pyr fanciers and owners and anyone      else interested in the breed.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe PYR-L your-name            GREATPYRENEES-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Maria J. Worley .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe GREATPYRENEES-H            Another list, PyrNet is a friendly and fun site dedicated to lovers      of this giant breed of dog, the Great Pyrenees. Home of PyrNet-L      Internet mailing list and working to bring together regional clubs,      both domestic and international.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe PyrNet-L         GREYHOUNDS         The list is owned and administered by Lynda Adame and was created      mid-October 1994. It moved to its present site in September 1995.      This is a high volume list.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe GREYHOUND-L your-name            Another Greyhound related list, this one owned by Doug Reinhart, is      focused primarily on Greyhound Rescue:            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe GHRESCUE-L your-name            GREYHOUND-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Penny Bolt .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe GREYHOUND-H         IRISH TERRIERS         IRISHTERRIER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Henry Blomqvist            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe IRISHTERRIER-H         IRISH WATER SPANIELS         IRISHWATERSPANIEL-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Karen Shaver .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe IRISHWATERSPANIEL-H            ANother list for enthusiasts of the Irish Water Spaniel:            To: [email protected]      Subject:            For breeders/owners/handlers of Irish Water Spaniels:            To: [email protected]      Subject:         IRISH WOLFHOUNDS         This is a list for the Irish Wolfhound lover, kept by Mardon J.      Erbland .            To: [email protected] Subject:            subscribe WOLFHOUND            Another list, also for Irish Wolfhound devotees, is kept by Frankie      Stoffer .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe IRWOLF-L your-name         ITALIAN GREYHOUNDS         Owned by Connie Nusser <[email protected]>, this list is      for all who are interested in Italian Greyhounds.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ITALGREY-L your-name         ITALIAN SPINONES         The list for the Italian Spinone is owned and run by Susan Scribner      .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ITALIAN_SPINONI            This list is run by the Spinone Club of America.            To: [email protected]      Subject: interested in the mailing list            My name is: your-name      My email address is: your-email-address         JACK RUSSELL TERRIERS         Kathy Kemper owns this list for those interested in Jack Russell      Terriers.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe JRT-L your-name         JAPANESE CHIN         JAPANESECHIN-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Mike Hopkins .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe JAPANESECHIN-H         KEESHONDEN         Howard Perry owns a mailing list for Keeshonden fanciers, owners,      breeders, and rescue workers.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe KEESHOND-L your-name         KERRY BLUE TERRIERS         John Van den Bergh owns a mailing list for Kerry Blue Terrier      fanciers. The list welcomes all Kerry Blue owners, prospective      owners, breeders, exhibitors or anyone else with an interest in the      breed.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe KERRYBLUES-L your-name            KERRYBLUETERRIER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe KERRYBLUETERRIER-H         KOMONDOROK         For those interested in the Komondor. Owned by C. Ramko .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe KOMONDOROK your-name         KUVASZOK         Melissa Paul owns the Kuvaszok mailing list. Created mid-March      1995.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe KUVASZ-L your-name         LABRADOR RETRIEVERS         LABRADOR-L is the original mailing list started in 1994 for and      about Labradors. Cindy Tittle Moore and Liza Lee Miller co      administrate the list. This is a high volume list.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe LABRADOR-L your-name            LABRADOR-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Jake Scott .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe LABRADOR-H            LabsR4U is an eGroups list created by Bud Cravener. This is a      high-volume list (over 100 posts per day) which allows members to      send pictures and other attachments to the list.            TO: [email protected]      Subject:         LEONBERGERS         Janene McCrillis and Caroline Isberg run a mailing list for      Leonbergers.            To: [email protected]      Subject: subscribe LEOLIST your-name         MALTESE         Isabel M. Gordon owns this mailing list for those who are      interested in the Maltese. Subscription is by referral from current      list members.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe MALTESE            Bobbie Linden administers and moderates a list for those interested      in the Maltese.            blockquote> To: [email protected]      Subject: request            subsingle         MANCHESTER TERRIERS         MANCHESTERTERRIER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by      [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe MANCHESTERTERRIER-H         MASTIFFS         Matthew Kleinmann , owns the list for Mastiffs originally started      by Bob Stewart. The list welcomes discussion of all mastiffs and      their cousins, in flesh or in spirit.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe         MINIATURE AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS         Mailing list for those interested in the Miniature Australian      Shepherd.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe MINIAUSSIES-L         MINIATURE PINSCHERS         MINPINSCHER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Trudy Roundy .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe MINPINSCHER-H            Petie Durand has started a new mailing list for owners of Miniature      Pinschers.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe MINPINS            Terri Snider runs a mailing list for those who keep Min Pins as      pets.            To: [email protected]      Subject: MinPinTalk            subscribe MINPINTALK your-email-address         MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS         MINSCHNAUZER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Kennalea Pratt Gwen      Mulheron, Flora Hinkley, and Barbara Cardin. Our list currently has      600+ members from many different countries and covers all aspects      of breeding, exhibiting, owning, & loving a miniature schnauzer. We      are a true moderated list with no flames. We welcome all who love      minis!            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe MINSCHNAUZER-H         NEWFOUNDLANDS         There is a Newfoundland e-mail list owned by Jon Giltner .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe NEWF-L your-name.            AUSNEWF is a mailing list targeted toward Newfoundland owners in      Australia. Owned by Marnie Davidson .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe AUSNEWF         NORFOLK AND NORWICH TERRIERS         Marilynn Bubb owns the mailing list restricted to members of the      INNTC (International Norfolk and Norwich Terrier Club). To apply,      send email as directed:            To: [email protected]      Subject: Request to join INNTC list         NORWEGIAN ELKHOUNDS         Mailing list for owners of Norwegian Elkhounds. Kept by Chul-Gi      Bustle Connelly .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe            ELKAHOLICS is for owners and potential owners of Norwegian      Elkhounds. List owner is Claudia Zajicek .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ELKAHOLICS         NOVA SCOTIA DUCK TOLLING RETRIEVERS         TOLLER-L: Eric Johnson <[email protected]> and Cindy Tittle      Moore co-own and co-admin a mailing list for fanciers of the Nova      Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Selected posts and/or information      from this list may be republished in Toller newsletters; see      Welcome message for details.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe TOLLER-L your-name         OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOGS         A list for all those who fancy the Old English Sheepdog. Owned by      Aimee Pharr, created October 1995.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe OES-L your-name            OLDENGLISH-H is a Hoflin list moderated by [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe OLDENGLISH-H         OTTERHOUNDS         OTTERHOUND-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Pat Cohen .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe OTTERHOUND-H         PAPILLONS         This list is devoted to the discussion of the Papillon. All      fanciers of the breed are welcome. The list owner is Kim Andresen ,      Susi Gleffe , and Tracy Burdick .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe PAPILLON-L your-name            Another list for those interested in the Papillon with the slant      being directed towards papillon pet owners, whether they be      breeders or not. Owned by Mary Salvail .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe PAPFRIENDS-L         PEKINGESE         Steve R, [email protected], opened up a mailing list for      those interested in the Pekingese.            To: [email protected]      Subject: SUBSCRIBE         PETIT BASSET GRIFFON VENDEEN         Joan Mann owns this mailing list for those interested in the PBGV      breed. While primarily for PBGV's, it's also open to the Grands and      pretty much all of the other 'French' hounds that are small enough      a group not to have a list of their own (Grand Bassets, Briquets,      Grand Griffon, Fauve, etc., etc.)            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe PBGV-L your-name         PORTUGUESE WATER DOGS         A list for devotees of the Portuguese Water Dog. Owned by Scott      Marshal .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe PWD-L your-name         POODLES         John Krytus owns the Poodle mailing list, started in September of      1995.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe POODLE-L your-name            Another list is the Poodle Support Group. They discuss a wide      variety of topics regarding Poodles, grooming, dog health, training      and more. Owned by Greg Peddle .            To: [email protected]      Subscribe:            subscribe PSG         POINTERS         Karin B. Ashe owns a mailing list for devotees of the Pointer      breed.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe POINTER-L your-name         PUGS         Cindy Heavilin <> runs this list for those interested in the Pug      Dog.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe PUGDOGS-L your-name         PYRENEAN SHEPHERDS         The pyrshep-l mailing list is a list populated by people interested      in the Pyrenean Shepherd dog. The list has been set up to allow the      free exchange of information, stories, anecdotes and assistance for      the members of the list. There is no cost to join, and you may      leave at any time. Admin is Andreas Guelzow .            To: [email protected]      Subject:         RHODESIAN RIDGEBACKS         Richard Gordon is the list administrator for the Rhodesian      Ridgeback email list.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe RR-FOLK      end         ROTTWEILERS         Lori May and Kathi Wilson are the list owners for a mailing list on      Rottweilers, created in August 1994.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ROTTIE-L your-name            ROTTWEILER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Beth Cecil .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe ROTTWEILER-H            This mailing list is owned by Brenda K. Jones . Please don't let      the name fool you since this list is for more than just people that      want to show their Rottweilers. The list is for people who have      Rottweilers or people that want to learn more about the breed.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SHOWROTTS-L         SAINT BERNARDS         There is a new E-mail discussion group for St. Bernard fanciers.      Owned by Barb Jansen, [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SAINT_BERNARD-L your-name         SALUKIS         Mike Ross owns this list for those who are interested in the      Saluki.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SALUKI-L your-name            Another list for Saluki owners is run by Sharon Walls . It is      devoted to the discussion of all aspects of saluqi hounds (aka      salukis, persian greyhounds, arab greyhounds). Regular and digest      versions offered.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SALUQI-H      or subscribe SALUQI-H-DIGEST         SAMOYEDS         The list is called SamFans and is owned by Sidney Boardman .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SAMFANS      or      subscribe SAMFANS-DIGEST            The Organization for the Working Samoyed runs an online discussion      group. The mailing list is explicitly for working Samoyed      discussion including sledracing, weight pulling, herding, skijoring      and obedience. List is owned by ?. You do not have to be a member      to join, but it probably helps to understand the discussion!            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subsingle      end         SCHIPPERKES         SCHIPPERKE-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Wendi Storm. Discussions      on the list are about owning a Schipperke as a Pet and Pet related      topics.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SCHIPPERKE-H            SCHIP-STRUT is a mailing list moderated by Koreen Nadon .            To: [email protected]      Subject: schip-strut subscription request            Include a short note asking to be subscribed, or asking for more      info.         SCOTTISH DEERHOUNDS         Open to all those interested in the Scottish Deerhound. Owned by      Ellen Bonacarti , created April 1996.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe DEERHOUND-L your-name         SCOTTISH TERRIERS         This is a mailing list for those interested in Scottish Terriers,      owned by Josie O'Brien .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe CYBERSCOTS your-name         SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS         The list is now owned by Farokh Irani .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            SUBSCRIBE            SHETLANDSHEEPDOG-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Gabby Smith .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SHETLANDSHEEPDOG-H         SHIBA INUS         Mike Ross and Lynda Birmantas co own this list for Shiba devotees:            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SHIBA-L your-name         SHIH TZUS         Tami Markgraf , Karen Young <> and Kandice Jones run this list for      those interested in the Shih Tzu.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SHIHTZU-L your-name         SIBERIAN HUSKIES         Sibernet has been on-line since the end of May 1995. This list is      devoted to the Siberian Husky and welcomes all Siberian Husky      owners, breeders, exhibitors, or anyone with an interest in the      breed. This list provides a forum for the discussion of all topics      related to Siberian huskies. This is a no-advertising list. Owner      is Betty Goetz . This list moved to its current site in late August      1995.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SIBERNET-L your-name            SIBERIAN-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Sandy Pistolesi .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SIBERIAN-H         SILKY TERRIERS         This list is for all those interested in the Silky Terrier. Owned      by Elizabeth Mann and opened April 1996.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe SILKYDOG-L your-name         SOFT COATED WHEATEN TERRIERS         Mike Slepian and Kim Bryant have opened a new mailing list for Soft      Coated Wheaten Terriers. WHEATEN-L is intended to be a friendly      forum to exchange all kinds of information about Soft Coated      Wheaten Terriers and their lives with people. Serious as well as      light-hearted topics are welcome.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            SUBSCRIBE WHEATEN-L your-name         STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER         Carlos Cobos owns this email list for fanciers of the Staffordshire      Bull Terrier.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            SUBSCRIBE STAFFBULL-L your-name         THAI RIDGEBACKS         THAIRIDGEBACK-H is a Hoflin list moderated by [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe THAIRIDGEBACK-H         TIBETAN MASTIFFS         A mailing list for Tibetan Mastiff enthusiasts, owned and run by      Betty Macy and Jody Mannheimer .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe TM-DEBATE         TIBETAN SPANIELS         The "Tibetan Spaniel Global Village" is for anyone interested in      Tibetan Spaniels. The list was created by Regis Chapman in 1995. It      is owned by Jan A. Allinder . Special thanks to Liz & Kynn Bartlett      of Idyll Mountain Internet for the use of their server.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe TIBETAN-SPANIELS         TOY FOX TERRIERS         This list is for those devoted to the Toy Fox Terrier.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe TFT-L         VIZSLAS         The Vizsla mailing list is kept by Jenny Peacocke,      [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:         WEIMARANERS         WEIMARANER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by [email protected]            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe WEIMARANER-H         WELSH SPRINGER SPANIELS         WELSHSPRINGER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Teri Johnston .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe WELSHSPRINGER-H         WELSH TERRIERS         A list for those who own Welsh Terriers.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe WELSH-TERRIER         WEST HIGHLAND WHITE TERRIERS         Mailing list for those interested in the West Hightland White      Terrier breed (aka Westies).            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe            WESTHIGHLANDWHITE-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Beth McCutcheon .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe WESTHIGHLANDWHITE-H         WHIPPETS         Whippet-Talk is a discussion list for people interested in the      Whippet as a breed. Topics include conformation, obedience,      coursing, agility, tracking, etc. List owner is Nancy Bennett .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe WHIPPET-TALK your-name            Another Whippet list is Whippet-L: an open, unmoderated forum that      allows open and constructive discussion on all aspects of Whippets.      Topics range form genetics and health to racing, obedience, and      showing. This forum is appropriate for all Whippet fanciers, new      and old. It is owned by Mary Alderman .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe WHIPPET-L your-name         WHITE GERMAN SHEPHERDS         WHITEGSD-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Brian Short .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe WHITEGSD-H         WIRE HAIRED FOX TERRIERS         WIREFOXTERRIER-H is a Hoflin list moderated by Geraldine Ranken .            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe WIREFOXTERRIER-H         XOLOITZCUINTLE         The Xolo list is an list for collaborating information about the hairless      breed Xoloitzcuintle and related topics. To subscribe send a      message including your real name to: [email protected] or      [email protected]         YORKSHIRE TERRIERS         Lisa Farmer administers a mailing list for those interested in the      Yorkshire Terrier.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe YORKIE-L your-name            Isabell M. Gordon administers another mailing list for Yorkies:            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe YORKIES            Another list, also operated by Gordon, is for the serious      breeder/exhibitor of Yorkshire Terriers.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe YORKSHIRE-L            Another list, owned by Mary Elizabeth Dugmore, is YORKIESPICE.            To: [email protected]      Subject:            subscribe YORKIESPICE your-name            Another list, owned by Carolyn Hensley, is YORKSHIRETERRIER.            To: [email protected]      Subject:        ______________________________________________________________                 Email Lists FAQ     Cindy Tittle Moore, [email protected]                                       Hosted by                                   K9 WEB  
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