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Subject: Call for discussion: comp.robotics
Date: 9 Mar 90 00:27:32 GMT
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The broad distribution of this proposal should give some idea as to why I
consider the creation of this group appropriate. (A separate announcement
went to a number of other moderated and unmoderated groups).  The subject
of robotics can draw on information from all of these groups and more, yet
none is particularly appropriate to it.  There is no one group I could go
to with a specific robotics problem with a high probability of finding
anyone who even has the same problem, let alone a solution.  Rather than
broadcast such questions to the net, I'd like to see a dedicated group

I therefore propose a new group:

     Name:     comp.robotics

     Moderation:  Unmoderated

     Charter:  The discussion and exchange of information on the practical
	       aspects of real-world robots and their applications --
               industrial, personal and experimental.

I put in the "real-world" qualification deliberately to exclude
discussions of positronic brains, R2D2 and who, if anyone, was really
inside Robbie in "Forbidden Planet."  I suggest that Asimov's laws are also
best left to a more philosophically or socially oriented group.

For those interested in leading edge research, AI, machine vision, etc. a
sci.robotics group might be more appropriate and can also be discussed at
this time.  I don't think the two groups are mutually exclusive. (i.e.:
Creation of one doesn't necessarily remove the need for the other).

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