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From [email protected] Mon Sep 27 10:19:17 1993 Flags: 000000000201 Path: lear Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups From: [email protected] Subject: 2nd posting CALL FOR VOTES new group sci.geo.geology Followup-to: news.groups Organization: Stanford Univ. Earth Sciences Date: Sun,  6 Jan 91 23:50:10 PST Keywords: posted  Note: the following is a 2nd posting for those who may have missed it over the holidays.  ******************************************************************** This is a formal CALL FOR VOTES regarding creation of a solid earth sciences newsgroup to be called 'sci.geo.geology'.  The discussion period has gone on for the required period of time. Thanks for the input from everyone who participated, really. There is definitely a consensus on the need for such a newsgroup, the format, and the purpose of the discussion. Recent posts on news.groups summarize the choice of a name.  This marks the end  of the discussion period.  Some of you already sent "votes", however according to net guidelines, you may vote only during the voting period, which starts today (December 21, 1990) and ends 31 days from today, on January 22, 1991.  In order for the group to be created, a substantial number of votes are needed.  If you wish to see such  a group formed (or not), please make your voice heard.  NOTE: an explicit, unambiguous YES or NO vote is what's required. Other comments can be mailed to me, '[email protected]'.  Voting instructions are as follows:          1 - All votes should be sent email to '[email protected]'  	2 - To vote FOR creation of sci.geo.geology, email something 		similar to the following text:   	 		"I vote YES.  I'm for creation of the newsgroup sci.geo.geology" 	 	3 - To vote AGAINST creation of sci.geo.geology, email  	    something like the following text:  	"I vote NO.  I'm against creation of the newsgroup sci.geo.geology"  In order for you to make an informed choice, here is the charter of the proposed group:   ****************************************************************************  Name:    sci.geo.geology  Type:    unmoderated  Scope:   geology:           "the science dealing with the structure of the earth's            crust and formation and development of its various layers:            it includes the study of individual rock types and early forms            of life found as fossils in rocks."  						  Webster's           Possible subjects for discussion would include all aspects of          solid earth geology and geophysics. 		(Including, but NOT limited to: plate tectonics 		tectonophysics, petrology, mineralogy, volcanology, 		structural geology, paleontology, sedimentary processes,  		basin analysis, seismic exploration,  seismic stratigraphy, 		petroleum geology, seismology, geochemistry, glaciation,  		groundwater hydrology, geochronology, paleomagnetism, 		paleoclimatology.)   Purpose:       	The newsgroup 'sci.geo.geology' is intended primarily for 	discussions at a level which would be relevant and informative 	to active researchers (i.e. earth scientists and students),  	but is open for general discussions as well.   	It hosts discussions, debates, and comments that are less formal and 	more timely than is possible in juried scientific journals.  	It is a clearinghouse for exchange of information, including 	ideas, programs, images, data, and citations.  	It can help us keep each other informed on upcoming events of interest  	to earth science researchers and computing in the earth sciences. -- Tom Williams [email protected]					 Department of Geology				  Stanford University, School of Earth Sciences   From [email protected] Mon Sep 27 10:19:41 1993 Flags: 000000000201 Path: lear Newsgroups: news.groups,news.announce.newgroups From: [email protected] (Tom Williams) Subject: Acknowledgement of votes received, sci.geo.geology Followup-to: news.groups Organization: Stanford Univ. Earth Sciences Date: Sun,  6 Jan 91 23:50:46 PST Keywords: posted  This is an acknowledgement of votes received in the poll regarding creation of the proposed newsgroup 'sci.geo.geology'.  The following people have mailed votes which were received by [email protected] by 1PM PST 1/4/91:    [email protected] (Barbara J. Kratz)  [email protected] (Ben 'The Unicorn in the Net' Roimola) [email protected] (Michael Mulcahy) [email protected] (Franck Yampolsky) [email protected] (Geoff Brown) [email protected] (Mark Gilstrap) [email protected] (Georges Buffet) [email protected] (Diana Gregory) [email protected] (Jean-Patrick Giacometti) [email protected] LOIZEAU%[email protected] (Jean-Luc) OCEAN.DNET!DLL (Dan Liddell at Teradyne EDA West) SELLAMI%[email protected] (SOUAD SELLAMI)  [email protected] [email protected] (David Ackerman) [email protected] (Adam Klaus) [email protected] [email protected] (Ali Mortazavi) [email protected] (Andrew Gunstensen) [email protected] (Ben Mesander) [email protected] (Greg Beroza) [email protected] (Dave Beverstock) [email protected] [email protected] (William R. Walter) [email protected] (Bob Masters) [email protected] [email protected] (Carl Bowser) [email protected] (Barbara R. Tysinger) [email protected] (Joe Cain) [email protected] (Caroline Lambert) [email protected] (Cathy Smither) [email protected] (Christoph Heubeck) [email protected] (Cliff Tuel) [email protected] (David Dalton) [email protected] (Daniel Jacobson) davew%[email protected] (Dave White) [email protected] (David Blasby) dcavasso%[email protected] (Dana Cavasso) [email protected] (Doug Kelly) [email protected] (Dominik Ulmer) [email protected] (doug d. bergerson) [email protected] (Mary J. Cole) [email protected] (Paul Fowler) [email protected] (Steven Crews) [email protected] (Dave Swartz) [email protected] (ethan miller) [email protected] (Eric Fielding) [email protected] (Beverly Erlebacher) [email protected] (Eugene Miya) [email protected] (Frank Hadsell) [email protected] (Peter Fiske) [email protected] (Fred Bourgeois) [email protected] [email protected] (Garth R. Edwards) [email protected] (Greg Titus) [email protected] (Gerard Fryer) [email protected]  (Gilbert Pilz Jr.) [email protected] (Mary "Hacksaw" Hamilton) herrickd%[email protected] (Dan Herrick) [email protected] (Harv Laser) [email protected] (Bryan L. Isacks) [email protected] (Dean Witte) [email protected] (Jeffrey Biesiadecki) [email protected] (John Graham) [email protected] (Skyfire) [email protected] [email protected] (Joe Dellinger) [email protected] (John Tombs) [email protected] (Jack Z Lupic) [email protected] (The Lady Wookie) [email protected] (Kim DeVaughn) [email protected] (Keith Sircombe) [email protected] (Kyle Gay) [email protected] (Robert G. Knox) [email protected] (Larry Gillespie) [email protected] (Laszlo C. Balint) [email protected] [email protected] (Martin E. Lewitt) [email protected] (Lars Magnusson - csh) [email protected] (Jack Lockhart) [email protected] (Loren L. Hart) [email protected] (Rainer Ludwig) [email protected] (Mike McWilliams) [email protected] (Mary Mackay) [email protected] (Mark A. Haun) [email protected] [email protected] (Russ McDuff) [email protected] (Mike Osborne) [email protected] (Philip E. Murphy) [email protected] (Michael McNeil) [email protected] (Mike Marlow) [email protected] (Jerry Miller) [email protected] (Neman "Napalm" Syed) [email protected] [email protected] (Julie Paque) [email protected] (Brian Phillips) [email protected] (Fred Heutte) [email protected] (Dave Prouty) [email protected] (Jerry Rightnour) [email protected] (Richard A Hyde) [email protected] (Thomas Reed IV) [email protected] (Malcolm Reeves) [email protected] (Ronald J Friedel) [email protected] (Richard Brosseau) [email protected] (Rick Ottolini) [email protected] (Rebecca Soble) [email protected] (Ronnie Kon) [email protected] (Eric Sadoyama) [email protected] (Scott Davis) [email protected] (Steve Golson) [email protected] (Stan H. Zisk) slamont%[email protected] (Steve Lamont) [email protected] (Chris Small) [email protected] (Larry Soule) [email protected] [email protected] (Stanley Ruppert) [email protected] (Steve Watt) [email protected] (Murray R Supple) [email protected] (Ted C. Smith) [email protected] (Tom Moriarty) [email protected] (Eric Tofsrud) [email protected] (David Salzberg) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] (Kent Paul Dolan) [email protected] (Yueting Chen) [email protected] (Ted Zateslo) -- Tom Williams                       [email protected] Department of Geology				  Stanford University School of Earth Sciences   From [email protected] Mon Sep 27 10:35:27 1993 Flags: 000000000201 Path: lear Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups From: [email protected] (Tom Williams) Subject: Vote Results, sci.geo.geology Followup-to: news.groups Organization: Stanford Univ. Earth Sciences Date: Sun,  3 Feb 91 21:42:34 PST Keywords: posted  Here are the results of voting on creation of the newsgroup  sci.geo.geology to discuss solid earth sciences.  In brief, the group passed by an overwhelming majority.  Votes received by [email protected] during the vote period from December 21 to January 22 total to:  For: 266           Against:  11   This message is being posted to the appropriate groups now. It will still be a little wait until the group is created. The following guidelines must be observed:     1) After the moderator of news.announce.newgroups posts       this announcement to that group, there is a five day       waiting period during which results of the vote can       be verified/contested.     2) If no serious objections are raised, the net czars/czarinas,       send out a newgroup control message.  At any rate, the new group should be created by the end of the month. Thank you to everyone who participated, please be patient.  So that everyone who wishes can verify the results of the voting here are the lists of votes each way.  Those who voted against creation of sci.geo.geology:  [email protected] (Dana Cavasso) [email protected] (Jay W. Noh) [email protected] (Cliff Tuel) [email protected] (David Robinson) lwv27%[email protected] [email protected] (Mike Palmer) [email protected] (Laird J. Heal) [email protected] (Murray R Supple) [email protected] (Larry Gillespie) [email protected] (Tim Cook)  There was also one no vote mailed to my personal mailbox:  [email protected] (Robert Chaney)  ******************************************************************************  Those who voted for creation of sci.geo.geology:  @cca.ucsf.EDU:[email protected] (Philip E. Murphy) [email protected] (CONTR  HERRICK, DAN) [email protected] (David Ackerman) [email protected] (Adam Klaus) [email protected] (Rick Ellis) [email protected] (P. Allan Dow) [email protected] (Larry Skinner) [email protected] (Jerry Rightnour) [email protected] (Garth Edwards) [email protected] (Dr. Hoog) [email protected] [email protected] (Allister J. Gorman) [email protected] (Ali Mortazavi) [email protected] (Krishna E. Bera) [email protected] (Andrew Gunstensen) [email protected] (Srinivas Bettadpur) [email protected] (Art Berggreen) [email protected] (Mark Aubuchon) [email protected] (Plu festu, uloj) [email protected] (Barry A. Schoenfelner) BASU%[email protected]  [email protected] [email protected] (Greg Beroza) [email protected] (Dave Beverstock) [email protected] [email protected] (William R. Walter) [email protected] (Barbara J. Kratz) [email protected] (Bob Masters) [email protected] [email protected] (Carl Bowser) [email protected] (Brett K. Carver) [email protected] (Bill Carson) [email protected] (Ben 'The Unicorn in the Net' Roimola) [email protected] (Barbara R. Tysinger) [email protected] (Stephen Burch ) [email protected] [email protected] (Joe Cain) [email protected] (Caroline Lambert) [email protected] (Cathy Smither) [email protected] (John Miller) [email protected] (Jeff Chan) [email protected] (Cheryl Stewart) [email protected] (Chesley Williams) [email protected] (D.C. Witte) [email protected] (Mike Osborne) [email protected] (Ray Ergas) [email protected] (Christoph Heubeck) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] (Colin Farrow) [email protected] (Lori Cope) [email protected] (Craig Blundell) [email protected] (Michael Mulcahy) [email protected] (M.   CYZE) [email protected] (David Dalton) [email protected] (Dan Schlitt) danh%[email protected] (Daniel Hanna) [email protected] (Daniel Jacobson) davew%[email protected] (Dave White) [email protected] (David Blasby) [email protected] DDOFF%[email protected] [email protected] (Jacques de Poulpiquet - CICB Rennes DHL247%[email protected] (Laughing wild amid severest woe.) [email protected] (Doug Kelly) [email protected] (James A. Dockal) [email protected] (Dominik Ulmer) [email protected] [email protected] (M. J. Cole) [email protected] (Paul Fowler) [email protected] (Steven Crews) [email protected] (Dave Swartz) [email protected] (David van Everdingen, Earth Sciences) [email protected] (ethan miller) [email protected] (Eric Clement) [email protected] (Eric Fielding) [email protected] (Beverly Erlebacher) [email protected] (SONNENTHAL,ERIC,CHEM) [email protected] (Denis Anthony) [email protected] (L.E. Band) [email protected] (Eugene Miya) [email protected] (Russ Evans) [email protected] (Menfin) [email protected] (Frank Hadsell) [email protected] (Peter Fiske) [email protected] (Fred Bourgeois) [email protected] (Franck Yampolsky) [email protected] furbish%[email protected] [email protected] (Geoff Brown) [email protected] (Renee Ferris Galyan) [email protected] (Gary Murphy) [email protected] (Greg Titus) [email protected] [email protected] (Georges Buffet) [email protected] (Christian Roy) [email protected] (Gerard Fryer) [email protected] [email protected]  (Gil [email protected]@Banyan) GILSTRAP%[email protected]  [email protected] (Gordon Madise) [email protected] (George Planansky) [email protected] (Graham Knopp) [email protected] (Ames Grisanti) [email protected] (Gwyneth Williams) [email protected] (Mary "Hacksaw" Hamilton) [email protected] (Joe Hamlin) [email protected] [email protected] (Tim Holt) hplabs!hrlaser%[email protected] (Harv Laser) HXKPY%[email protected] (Diana Gregory                               ) [email protected] (Ian Turton) [email protected] (Ilana Stern) [email protected] (Uwe Block) [email protected] [email protected] (Jack Campin) [email protected] (Jeffrey Alan Foust) [email protected] (Jean-Patrick Giacometti) [email protected] (Jeb Palmer) [email protected] (Jeffrey Biesiadecki) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] (Joel J Hanes) [email protected] (Skyfire) [email protected] [email protected] (Jonathan Mitchener) [email protected] (Joe Dellinger) [email protected] ((jordi)) [email protected] (Jonathan W. Pavlik) [email protected] (Jeffrey Risner) [email protected] (Jon T. Adams) [email protected] (Martha Kahn) [email protected] (The Lady Wookie) [email protected] ( Paul Kasameyer 422-6487) [email protected] (Kim DeVaughn) [email protected] (Keith Sircombe) KEITHB%[email protected]  [email protected] (Kyle Gay GEOLOGY) [email protected] (Pat Kindell) [email protected] (Ken Larner) [email protected] (Kurt W. Larson) [email protected] (Peter Andrew Knoop ) [email protected] (Robert G. Knox) Koren%[email protected] [email protected] (William Kucharski) [email protected] (Lars Kullerud) [email protected] (Mark J. Laufersweiler) [email protected] (Laureano Alberto Cangahuala) [email protected] (Lance Andrewes) [email protected] (Rune Larsen) [email protected] (Laszlo C. Balint) [email protected] [email protected] (Martin Lewitt) [email protected] (Lex Wolters) [email protected] (Lars Magnusson - csh) [email protected] (Jack Lockhart) LOIZEAU%[email protected] [email protected] (Loren L. Hart) [email protected] (Rainer Ludwig) [email protected] (Mike McWilliams) [email protected] (Mary Mackay) [email protected] (Mike Ess) [email protected] (Mark A. Haun) [email protected] (arthur mariano) [email protected] (MARLATT STUART WARREN) [email protected] (Russ McDuff) [email protected] (David Hayes) [email protected] [email protected] (Bill Braden) [email protected] [email protected] (Jack Z Lupic ) [email protected] (Michael McNeil) [email protected] (Alexander Mihai Popovici) [email protected] (Mike Marlow) [email protected] (Mike Slattery) [email protected] (JERRY MILLER) [email protected] (William G. Minarik) [email protected] (Chuck Karish) [email protected] (Ronnie Kon) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] (Mark V. Grieshaber) [email protected] [email protected] (Neman \Napalm\ Syed) [email protected] (Dan Liddell at Teradyne EDA West) [email protected] (Norm Bleistein) [email protected] (Chuck Norris) [email protected] [email protected] (Nur Iskandar Taib) [email protected] (Patrick O'Boyle) [email protected] [email protected] (Joe Keane) [email protected] (Peter Paluzzi ZeroOne) [email protected] [email protected] (Julie Paque) [email protected] (Trevor Paquette) [email protected] (Phil Brooks) Pendext%[email protected] [email protected] (Joshua H Jackson) [email protected] (Brian Phillips) [email protected] (Pierre Flament) PLDAUKANTAS%[email protected] Pospi%[email protected] [email protected] (Chad Price) [email protected] (Romig Phil) [email protected] (Dave Prouty) [email protected] (Christoph Ramshorn) [email protected] (Richard A Hyde  [email protected]) RALUCAS%[email protected]  [email protected] (Robert C. Peyton) [email protected] (robt r curry [[email protected] or [email protected]]) [email protected] (Reed) [email protected] (Malcolm Reeves) [email protected] (Ronald J Friedel) [email protected] [email protected] (Richard Brosseau) [email protected] (=Jean Richter) [email protected] [email protected] (Rick Ottolini) [email protected] (Richard H. Miller) RISNES%[email protected] [email protected] (Rebecca Soble) [email protected] [email protected] (Roland Piquepaille) [email protected] (Eric Sadoyama) [email protected] (Anna Salzberg) [email protected]  [email protected] (Jade Walker ) [email protected] (McLauglin) [email protected] (Scott Davis) [email protected] [email protected] (Tom Seal) [email protected] (Sean Petty) SELLAMI%[email protected] (SOUAD) [email protected] (Ben Mesander) [email protected] (Steve Golson) [email protected] (Stan H. Zisk) slamont%[email protected] (Steve Lamont) small%[email protected] (Chris Small) [email protected] (Larry Soule) [email protected] ( ) [email protected] (Steven H. Schimmrich) [email protected] (Stanley Ruppert) [email protected] (Ted C. Smith) [email protected] (John Tombs) [email protected] (Tom Moriarty) [email protected] (Tamara Lowe) Toby%[email protected] [email protected] (Eric Tofsrud) vidal%[email protected] (Gerard Vidal) [email protected] (David Salzberg) WDM74%[email protected] (Steven H. Schimmrich) [email protected] (Fred Heutte) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] (Gus Williams) [email protected] (Tom Williams) [email protected] (Stephen R. Willson) [email protected] (Walter Kreiling) [email protected] (Gregory G. Woodbury) [email protected] [email protected] (Kent Paul Dolan) [email protected] (Yuehui Xiao) [email protected] (CHEN,YUETING,CHEM) [email protected] (Ted Zateslo) [email protected] (Martin L. Smith) -- Tom Williams                       [email protected] Department of Geology				  Stanford University School of Earth Sciences   
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