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Beekeeping ( sci.agriculture.beekeeping )
From [email protected] Mon Feb 14 19:53:57 1994
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From: Adam Finkelstein <[email protected]>
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Subject: RFD: sci.agriculture.beekeeping
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Date: 12 Feb 1994 00:31:17 -0500
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    This is a formal request for discussion on the creation of the
newsgroup: sci.agriculture.beekeeping.

 The science and art of beekeeping spans many fields of discipline: bees are 
used in agriculture, science, medicine, and for enjoyment. Bees produce 
honey, wax, propolis, pollen, and venom.
 Presently on the internet there is one formal forum for bee discussion:
bee-l, a listserve dedicated to discussions concerning bee biology, and
beekeeping. The list handles moderate traffic, but often becomes clogged
during active bee seasons. Bee-l has a scientific tone, and although
encourages beekeeping questions, tends to have biology as its theme.
  Beekeeping is _applied_ biology. A beekeeper might have bee questions
or questions concerning where to obtain wood and glue for beehive
manufacture. Beekeeping lore and technique often is the antithesis of bee
  Beekeeping is practiced throughout the world. Colony management, parasite
control, honey extraction and packaging, wax rendering, marketing of hive
products and public relations are all components of beekeeping.
These topics although possibly addressed in bee-l often require lengthly
discussions. "Which honey tastes better?" or "How do I re-heat honey that
is crystallized?" "How much should I charge for a one pound jar of honey?"
These are beekeeper questions or questions concerning beekeepers' products
and not bee biology.
Sci.agriculture.beekeeping would contain these discussions well
and relieve the congestion of the bee-l during active beekeeping seasons.
  Bee management is controversial, dynamic and the laws, policies and
techniques vary from region to region, as do beekeepers themselves. Bees
kept in Arizona react differently to a management technique than bees kept
in southern Germany. Since beekeeping lately has been inundated with
difficulties ranging from parasitic bee mites to cut throat marketing
tactics, beekeepers need an area on the internet that may cover all this
information. Bee-l the bee biology listserve attempts to do this now, and
if it was successful, I would not be posting this RFD.
  The creation of sci.agriculture.beekeeping would allow beekeepers
access to bee information other than specific bee biology,
while allowing the bee biology listserve to function.
One would compliment the other. Beekeeping and bee biology are
interrelated but not the same. To be a good beekeeper, one needs as much
information as possible. The creation of the usenet group:
sci.agriculture.beekeeping, would enhance beekeepers' knowledge
in conjunction with the bee-l, or the bee biology listserve.
  Discussion of this proposal will occur in news.groups starting at the
time this posting and lasting 30 days. 
Adam Finkelstein  VDACS Apiary Inspector 116 Reservoir St Harrisonburg VA 22801
703-433-1006 (V)   703-434-5607 (Fax)   703-564-4394 (Pager)
[email protected]    [email protected]        |Bees To Please|

From [email protected] (RonDippold) Tue Mar 22 20:14:28 1994
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From: [email protected] (Ron "Asbestos" Dippold)
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Subject: 2nd CFV: sci.agriculture.beekeeping
Supersedes: <[email protected]>
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Date: 22 Mar 1994 19:19:36 -0500
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                     LAST CALL FOR VOTES (of 2)
             unmoderated group sci.agriculture.beekeeping

Newsgroups line:
sci.agriculture.beekeeping      Beekeeping, bee-culture and hive products.

Votes must be received by 23:59:59 UTC, 5 April 1994.

After the CFV appears on news.announce.newgroups it will be sent to
<[email protected]> and <[email protected]> mailing lists.

This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.  For voting
questions only contact [email protected]  For questions about the
proposed group contact Adam Finkelstein <[email protected]>.


Discussion on all aspects of beekeeping,bee-culture, and products of
the hive.

Sci.agriculture.beekeeping will provide beekeepers, bee scientists,
farmers, and the general public one place for apicultural
information. A FAQ is needed for bee-culture and beekeeping from
African bees, to bee venom therapy. The curious are invited to discuss
bee lore or ask questions, and the experienced beekeepers will be able
to advise and help with the anecdotal information so necessary to


Send MAIL to:   [email protected]
Just Replying should work if you are not reading this on a mailing list.

Your mail message should contain one of the following statements:
      I vote YES on sci.agriculture.beekeeping
      I vote NO on sci.agriculture.beekeeping

You may also ABSTAIN in place of YES/NO - this will not affect the outcome.
Anything else may be rejected by the automatic vote counting program.  The
votetaker will respond to your received ballots with a personal acknowledge-
ment by mail - if you do not receive one within several days, try again.
It's your responsibility to make sure your vote is registered correctly.

One vote counted per person, no more than one per account. Addresses and
votes of all voters will be published in the final voting results list.

sci.agriculture.beekeeping Bounce List - No need to revote
[email protected]                                                Bob Tykulsker
[email protected]                                                 

From [email protected] (RonDippold) Mon Apr 11 19:37:05 1994
Path: uunet!bounce-back
From: [email protected] (Ron "Asbestos" Dippold)
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,rec.gardens,rec.food.cooking,rec.food.veg,rec.crafts.brewing,rec.pets,rec.food.historic,bionet.general,sci.agriculture,sci.bio,alt.sustainable.agriculture,alt.beer,misc.rural
Subject: RESULT: sci.agriculture.beekeeping passes 271:27
Supersedes: <[email protected]>
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Date: 8 Apr 1994 16:37:16 -0400
Organization: Usenet Volunteer Votetakers
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      unmoderated group sci.agriculture.beekeeping passes 271:27

There were 271 YES votes and 27 NO votes, for a total of 298 valid votes. 
There were 2 abstains and 2 invalid ballots.

For group passage, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES and NO)
votes.   There also must be at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes. 

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.  If no
serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the moderator of
news.announce.newgroups will create the group shortly thereafter.

Newsgroups line:
sci.agriculture.beekeeping      Beekeeping, bee-culture and hive products.

This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.  For voting
questions only contact [email protected]  For questions about the
proposed group contact Adam Finkelstein <[email protected]>.


Discussion on all aspects of beekeeping,bee-culture, and products of
the hive.

Sci.agriculture.beekeeping will provide beekeepers, bee scientists,
farmers, and the general public one place for apicultural
information. A FAQ is needed for bee-culture and beekeeping from
African bees, to bee venom therapy. The curious are invited to discuss
bee lore or ask questions, and the experienced beekeepers will be able
to advise and help with the anecdotal information so necessary to

sci.agriculture.beekeeping Final Vote Ack

Voted Yes
[email protected]                                              Thomas_S.Stanton
[email protected]                                         Michael Ober
[email protected]                                            Bill Otto
[email protected]                                     William Charlton
[email protected]                          Alexander Urszu Bertland
[email protected]                                 Adam Finkelstein
[email protected]                                        Andrew D Kailhofer
[email protected]                                                          
[email protected]                                Alexander F. Murray III
[email protected]                                           Bill Moses
[email protected]                                                      
[email protected]                                                      
[email protected]                                              Ann Marie Hules
[email protected]                      JESUS EUGENIO SANCHEZ PENA
[email protected]                                          The Renaissance Man
[email protected]                           Allison R. Greene
[email protected]                                            Ann LaBar Russek
[email protected]                                                Anne Marie
[email protected]                                        Tracy Aquilla
[email protected]                                               
[email protected]                                         Stephanie da Silva
[email protected]                                       Michael Damian Audley
[email protected]                                                    Jim Ault
[email protected]                                           Ed Bailey
[email protected]                                             alice batt
[email protected]                                              Ed Beary
[email protected]                                         Dino Bekis
[email protected]                                             The no-till man!
[email protected]                                         Rebecca Agin
[email protected]                                       Shag Aristotelis
[email protected]                                                  B.J. Herbison
[email protected]                                            Bill Jackson
[email protected]                                           Bruce A. Moon
[email protected]                                 Douglas P. Shannon
[email protected]                                             Bobby Richardson
[email protected]                                                   Bob McCormick
[email protected]                                                Bob Tykulsker
[email protected]                                             Steve Bongiovanni
[email protected]                                  Wilhelm Bos, Microbiologie
[email protected]                                       Bruzzi Giacomo
[email protected]                                    Kurt M Bryan
[email protected]                                                          
[email protected]                                 Mick CARRICK
[email protected]                                                   Chris Conroy
[email protected]                                 Celso F. Martins
[email protected]                                                          
[email protected]                                               Collin Forbes
[email protected]                                           Forrest Cook
[email protected]                                  Brett Costley
[email protected]                                          Craig Smith 806 1080
[email protected]                                C. S. Fungaroli
[email protected]                                        Bertil Jonell
[email protected]                                          Dorothy Klein
[email protected]                                         DAMBERGER
[email protected]                                                 dil
[email protected]                                                 Bill Davidsen
[email protected]                                       Laurel McGilvery
[email protected]                                       David Dyer-Bennet
[email protected]                       Dave D. Cawley, a De Leon Socialist
[email protected]                                  Dean Pentcheff
[email protected]                                        Dean Dierschow x6528
[email protected]                                                
[email protected]                                    Deirdre Edwards
[email protected]                                        Bob Devine
[email protected]                                            David J. Fred
dmb9s@Virginia.EDU                                            Deborah M. Brent
dmcrawfo@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu                            David M Crawford
donb@crash.cts.com                                                Donald Bowen
drayer@minerva.cis.yale.edu                                     Rebecca Drayer
dsv@moose.uvm.edu                                               Doug S. Varney
Dupuis@lei.ucl.ac.be                                             Pascal Dupuis
eag8c@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu                                      Beth Golden
ebk@mailgate.nyserda.org                                               Ed Kear
eugene@nas.nasa.gov                                             Eugene N. Miya
fisher1@gaul.csd.uwo.ca                                         Janet The Fish
forbes@sequent.com                                                Ellen Forbes
Frank_Marchak@qmmac.read.tasc.com                                Frank Marchak
fuy1@gl.umbc.edu                                                  Francis A Uy
gdblanke@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu                          Greg D Blankenship
groenng@CC.UManitoba.CA                                           Tim Groening
harlan@tamarack.cray.com                                        Harlan Husmann
HARVEY@INDYVAX.IUPUI.EDU                                          James Harvey
heilmayr@math.berkeley.edu                                               Klaus
herd@macgw1.crd.ge.com                                                    herd
hugh@cruzio.com                                                    Hugh Weiler
Hugo.Veerkamp@f28.n2801.z2.fidonet.org                           Hugo Veerkamp
ICWWD@ASUVM.INRE.ASU.EDU                                     Winifred W. Doane
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Jon.Gefaell@virginia.edu                                           Jon Gefaell
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JVF101@PSUVM.PSU.EDU                                           Jennifer Finley
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killoran@ll.mit.edu                                              Mike Killoran
kla@mentor.cc.purdue.edu                                             Ken Adams
Knut.Pedersen@im.uib.no                                          Knut Pedersen
KRYGH%ESTEC.BITNET@vm.gmd.de                                           K. Rygh
kweskm@elwha.evergreen.edu                                     Matthew Kweskin
L15D@ZFN.UNI-BREMEN.DE                                        Martin Schroeder
lachlan@dmp.csiro.au                                         Lachlan Cranswick
langlp@uf9104p01.bostonma.NCR.COM                              Langlois, Peter
lar1@midway.uchicago.edu                                        david k larsen
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meow@prism.nmt.edu                                               Teresa  Jenks
mgodar@autodesk.com                                                 Mark Godar
mhg3@cornell.edu                                                   Mike Griggs
MIKE_J2@sfov1.verifone.com                        Mike Jaquet, SM2, Auburn, CA
moroney@world.std.com                                          Michael Moroney
motu@xilef.cray.com                                              Mario Ornelas
mrwarden@phoenix.Princeton.EDU                           Melissa Rhoads Warden
MTOPLIFF@pimacc.pima.edu                                       mike l. topliff
MTS@gnv.ifas.ufl.edu     Malcolm (Tom) Sanford, Florida Extension Apiculturist
murali@magnet.fsu.edu                                         Murali Chaparala
n13@krypton.mankato.msus.edu                                Leonard J. Schmidt
NAFIS@CRDGW2.crd.ge.com                                    NAFIS CHRISTOPHER A
nashsi@saturn.wwc.edu                                                 SID NASH
ncc@christa.unh.edu                                             Noel C Carlson
nessonm@BCC.ORST.EDU                                               Mike Nesson
p-smith@nemesis.slc.paramax.com                               Patrick J. Smith
parsons@ccd.harris.com                                            Dick Parsons
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rebon@ent.umass.edu                                           RICHARD E BONNEY
REICHERT@rosgip.gsfc.nasa.gov            GAIL REICHERT (HEASRC) (301) 286-5307
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Richard.A.Haver@Dartmouth.EDU                                 Richard A. Haver
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stjerna@chop.isca.uiowa.edu                                         Ann Stjern
strow@umbc.edu                                               L. Larrabee Strow
stuart@eepo.DIALix.oz.au                                       Stuart Morrison
tadams@sbctri.sbc.com                                      Tom. Adams 529-7860
tclawson@amoco.com                                             Thom H. Clawson
tellner@cs.pdx.edu                                               todd d ellner
therb.wbst311@xerox.com                                         Thomas Herbert
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Tim.Cespedes@EBay.Sun.COM                                         Tim Cespedes
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tom_doak@hlthsci.med.utah.edu                                         Tom Doak
tony@nexus.yorku.ca                                             Anthony Wallis
ub795@freenet.victoria.bc.ca                                      David Kuyper
vance@saturn.caps.maine.edu                                    Steven P. Vance
vawter@world.std.com                                               Lisa Vawter
verch@cedar.buffalo.edu                                            Jason Verch
VGTOLEDO%BRFUEM.BITNET@UICVM.UIC.EDU        Vagner de Alencar Arnaut de Toledo
vic@daena.EEPO.DIALix.oz.au                                       Victor Guest
Ville.Lavonius@m.cc.utah.edu                                    Ville Lavonius
warwick@bettong.EEPO.DIALix.oz.au                               Warwick Rowell
wex@.uml.edu.uml.edu                                         Paul M. Wexelblat
wildbee@beenet.com                                               ANDY NACHBAUR
will@joe.math.uga.edu                                               Will Kazez
wootton@hpel.umd.edu                                            Louise Wootton
wstrapps@fox.nstn.ns.ca                                                    WTS
Yadallee%Gallif@ersys.edmonton.ab.ca                     Dave Shariff Yadallee
ybourassa@rpn.aes.doe.CA                                         Yvon Bourassa
young@fmd00.larc.nasa.gov                                           John Young
zaphod!davek@tribune.usask.ca                                       Dave Keith
zimme009@maroon.tc.umn.edu                             Elizabeth S. Zimmermann
znejedly@uoguelph.ca                                            Zdenek Nejedly

Voted No (* = ruled invalid during counting)
bbs@bbs.dsnet.com *                                      Bulletin Board System
cy717@cleveland.Freenet.Edu                                        Jai Maharaj
DONOVANB@Lincoln.cri.nz                                          Barry Donovan
eric@curly.red-cross.org                                            Eric Smith
fsspr@camelot.acf-lab.alaska.edu                                  Sean P. Ryan
ggw@acpub.duke.edu                                         G. "Wolfe" Woodbury
HD0022%ALBNYVMS.bitnet@UACSC2.ALBANY.EDU                           Chip Dunham
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levie@isg.llnl.gov                                                Harold Levie
lisbon@vpnet.chi.il.us                                           Gerry Swetsky
MMEASEPA@DREW.DREW.EDU                                     Manuel Pastor Mease
MYERS@ABRSLE.AGR.CA                                                        TIM
revu@midway.uchicago.edu                                      Sendhil Revuluri
sannuti@u.washington.edu                                          Arun Sannuti
smarry@turing.toronto.edu                                       Marc Moorcroft
stainles@bga.com                                                  Dwight Brown
SYSAM@ALBANY.ALBANY.EDU                                           Aaron Morris
VANEATONC@tauranga.mafqual.govt.nz                             Cliff Van Eaton
WARD@ernie.van.forintek.ca                                        Ward F. Bush
whostler@procy.gi.com                                             wade hostler
YLEE1@DREW.DREW.EDU                                               Yong Nan Lee

day@eecs.uic.edu                    La Reine de la Cite' des Phoques (Liz Day)
mmt@RedBrick.COM                                          Maxime Taksar KC6ZPS

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