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From [email protected] Mon Feb 17 23:52:06 1992 Flags: 000000000211 Date: Fri, 26 Jan 90 19:40 CST From: "M. Hemmat" <[email protected]> Subject: Formal Call for Discussion: Formation of soc.culture.iranian Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups Reply-to: "M. Hemmat" <[email protected]> Followup-to: news.groups Keywords: posted  [For some reason, this got clogged in the queue, and should have gone  out sometime last week.  Apologoies for the delay.-eliot]   Formal call for discussion  ==========================  This is the 1st call for discussion for the creation of an Iranian  soc.culture newsgroup.  The proposed newsgroup, unmoderated soc.culture.iranian, is intended  to generally provide a medium for those interested to express and share  their views and feelings about *things* (usually discussed in soc.culture  newsgroups) related to Iran and Iranians.   The discussion period will last for 2 weeks.    Comments and discussions are welcome.  M. Hemmat  From [email protected] Tue Feb 18 00:15:00 1992 Flags: 000000000201 From: [email protected] Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups Subject: 1st Formal Call for Votes: creation of soc.culture.iranian Date: 20 Feb 90 20:26:04 CST Organization: University of Kansas Academic Computing Services Followup-to: poster Reply-to: [email protected] Keywords: posted   This is the first formal "call for votes" for the creation of a world-wide,  UNMODERATED Soc.Culture.Iranian newsgroup on USENET.   The name, charter, and whether it should be moderated or not were generally  agreed upon during the discussion period.   The proposed newsgroup is intended to GENERALLY provide a medium for those  INTERESTED to express, share, and exchange their views, ideas, and feelings  about Iran and Iranian culture.   Possible discussion issues (extracted from articles posted/e-mailed during  the discussion period) include aspects of Iranian/Persian    - culture, history, philosophy, geography;    - societies, traditions, customs;    - literature, poetry, art, folklore;    - music, movies;    - language, books;    - science, technology;    - food, cookery;    - local events, news, programs, economy;    - communities abroad, problems, needs; and    - *things* normally discussed in the "soc.culture" newsgroups.   To Vote, send an e-mail to:    [email protected]   (internet) or    [email protected]              (bitnet) or    simply reply to this message.   Voting period will last from Feb 21th, until Midnight, March 13th, 1990.   As per USENET newsgroup creation guidelines,    - Votes MUST be explicit; they should be of the form "I vote (YES) for      the creation of newsgroup soc.culture.iranian as proposed" or "I vote      against (NO for) the creation of newsgroup soc.culture.iranian as      proposed". The wording doesn't have to be exact, it just needs to be      unambiguous.      In particular, statements of the form "I would vote for this group      if..." are considered COMMENTS and will NOT be counted as votes.    - Only votes that arrive DURING the voting period will be counted.    - ONLY votes E-MAILED to the vote-taker will count.    - Votes POSTED to the net for any reason (including inability to get      mail to the vote-taker) and proxy votes (such as having a mailing      list maintainer claim a vote for each member of the list) will NOT      be counted.    - At the end of the voting period, if 100 more YES/create votes are      received than NO/don't create votes AND at least 2/3 of the total      number of valid votes received are in favor of the creation, a      newgroup control message will be sent out. If the 100 vote margin      or 2/3 percentage is not met, the newsgroup will not be created.   M. Hemmat  Vote-taker   From [email protected] Tue Feb 18 00:33:32 1992 Flags: 000000000201 From: [email protected] Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups Subject: Vote result of the proposed newsgroup: soc.culture.iranian Date: 14 Mar 90 02:58:09 CST Organization: University of Kansas Academic Computing Services Keywords: posted   The voting period for the creation of soc.culture.iranian ended at  midnight March 13th, 1990. The newsgroup passes with a vote tally  of 251 "yes" and 30 "no" votes. The result meets both the 100 minimum  difference and 2:3 ratio requirements.  I have included the names of the voters when they were available.  The e-mail addresses however, in some cases, are not absolute  addresses but addresses offset from my home site.   I can not help but to share one of the few comments I have received during  the voting period. I thought it was rather funny.  >I vote yes for the creation of newsgroup soc.culture.iranian.  >P.S.  It'll keep all those terrorists off the streets and hacking unix  >instead.   My thanks to everyone who voted.     Positive ("Yes") votes:   "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Ali Minai"  "abdallah%[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Abdullah Soner Akkurt"  "[email protected]"  "Abhay Bulsari"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Khurram Khan Afridi"  "[email protected]"  "Bahram Afshari"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Alan K. Beihagi"  "[email protected]"  "Vedat Akgun"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Alain"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Amir Amini"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Kourosh Amiri"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Anahita Varjavand"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "ardebili%[email protected]"  "PUPHEP::ARDEBILI"  "[email protected]"  "Ardeshir Goshtasby"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Ashok Chhabedia Popat"  "[email protected]"  "Azin Hojjati"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Derek Bell"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Betsy Perry"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Cami Afsari"  "[email protected]"  "Carmen Ramirez"  "[email protected]"  "Mehran Chirehdast"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Cyrus"  "[email protected]"  "Nou Dadoun"  "[email protected]"  "Shahrokh Daijavad"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Darab Badiee"  "[email protected]"  "Aimee"  "[email protected]"  "Terrance Curry"  "dheer[email protected]"  "Dheeraj Sanghi"  "[email protected]"  "Don Goldberg"  "[email protected]"  "Parviz Dousti"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Don Wunsch"  "eederavi%[email protected]"  "Farzin Deravi"  "[email protected]"  "ALI A. BEIHAGI"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Farhad Shakeri"  "[email protected]"  "Farhad Arbab"  "[email protected]"  "Anoushiravan Farhangi"  "farid%[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Nariman Farvardin"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "gae%[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Gilbert W. Pilz Jr."  "[email protected]"  "Ali Golshan"  "[email protected]"  "Reza Ebrahimpour"  "[email protected]"  "Ziba Derafshi"  "[email protected]"  "Hossein Asghari"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "kamran Hakim"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Hanan Lutfiyya"  "[email protected]"  "Harish Pillay"  "[email protected]"  "Hassan Maddahian"  "[email protected]"  "Kaynam Hedayat, ESTG CAD"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "M. Hemmat"  "[email protected]"  "Hooman Foroghi"  "[email protected]"  "Habib Torab"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Hamid R. Arabnia"  "[email protected]"  "Hossein Rafsanjani"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Baback A. Izadi"  "[email protected]"  "jambabe%[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "J. Naghizadeh"  "[email protected]"  "Jasbir Singh"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Jeremy York"  "jnawaz%[email protected]"  "Jemshed Nawaz"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "kalbasi%[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Steve Kaminski"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Kazim Ozbaysal"  "[email protected]"  "Alex Kean"  "[email protected]"  "Kees van't Hoff"  "[email protected]"  "khakbaz_javad#[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Iqbal Mustafa Khan"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Sandip Kundu"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Tim Lee"  "[email protected]"  "Gang Liu"  "[email protected]"  "Siamak Hashemi"  "[email protected]"  "mahbod_haleh#[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Mahshid Parsi"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Pankaj Manglik"  "[email protected]"  "Reza Shahidi"  "marand%[email protected]"  "mazimi%[email protected]"  "Mani Azimi"  "[email protected]"  "Mohsen Banan"  "[email protected]"  "Michael C. Berch"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Mohammad Pourheidari"  "[email protected]"  "Mohsen Soroushnejad"  "mohsenia%[email protected]"  "manoochehr mohsenian"  "[email protected]"  "Farzin Mokhtarian"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Majid Shojaee"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Nibal Aziz"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "oakhill!paco%[email protected]"  "Paco"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Farzad Nazem (Zod)"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Payman Khalili"  "pmoazami%[email protected]"  "Panteha Moazami"  "[email protected]"  "Dinesh K. Prabhu"  "[email protected]"  "Bruce A. Orcutt"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Georg Raeder"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Narayan Sriranga Raja"  "rasti_mehrzad#[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "T.S.Reddy"  "[email protected]"  "Amit Rege"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Richard Greenhaigh"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "REZA HOSSEINMOSTAFA"  "rzainali%[email protected]"  "Roya Zainali"  "[email protected]"  "Cyrus Sabzevari"  "[email protected]"  "Behnam Sadeghi"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Sasan Soltani"  "[email protected]"  "Shahrokh Zargham"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Shahin Samadi"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Shahrzad"  "[email protected]"  "Saeed Shamsnia"  "[email protected]"  "Shiva Azadegan"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Bill Swan"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Sied Zarrinsaray"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Marios Sophocleous"  "[email protected]"  "Saeed Pirooz"  "spenser%[email protected]"  "S. Spenser Aden"  "[email protected]"  "Srinath Viswanathan"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Kamran"  "[email protected]"  "Kayhan Talebi"  "[email protected]"  "Bardia Taleghani"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "towfiq%[email protected]"  "Mark Towfigh"  "[email protected]"  "Bret Jolly"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Syed Z. Hussaini"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "vhesany%[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Vahid Motevalli"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "sepehri"  "[email protected]"   Negative ("no") votes:   "bjb%ncrorl%[email protected]"  "[email protected]"   "Bob Weissman"  "[email protected]"  "Charleen Bunjiovianna"  "[email protected]"   "Chip Rosenthal"  "chk%[email protected]"  "C. Harald Koch"  "[email protected]"   "Chris Jarocha-Ernst"  "[email protected]"  "Cliff Tuel"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Stefan"  "[email protected]"   "Dewey Henize"  "[email protected]"   "Ed Bailey"  "fischer%[email protected]"  "Axel Fischer"  "[email protected]"   "Ron Heiby"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Jeffrey James Bryan Carpenter"  "[email protected]"  "jrp%[email protected]"   "Jim Pickering"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Larry Reeves"  "[email protected]"  "Mehul Dave"  "mholtz%[email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "System News Administrator"  "[email protected]"  "Arthur David Olson, [email protected]"  "[email protected]"  "Richard H. Miller"  "[email protected]"  "Pekka Riiali"  "[email protected]"  "Jim Roche"  "[email protected]"  "T. Pascal"  "[email protected]"  "Bill Wisner"   M. Hemmat,  Vote-taker   
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