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  • How do I purge old groups and headers from my newsreader?
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  • Below are directions on how to purge old groups and headers from several popular newsgroup readers.

    Downloading all headers:
    • Open Newsrover and with your Right Click button your mouse, click on the Newsdemon link on your left pane window
    • A submenu will appear. With your Left Click button, click on the option "Get new headers for all subscribed newsgroups on server".
    • Wait for the system to update.

    Downloading all headers:
    • Click the articles tab
    • On the far left there should be a list of subscribed groups, if there is not click the blue double arrows to the far left of the screen at the top just up under the tabs
    • The arrows initially face to the right with no groups displayed and they will change to face the left once clicked on and the groups become displayed
    • Highlight the groups that you wish to purge and then right click
    • Scroll down to where it says "Selected: Purge Group" and click it
    • The dialog box will pop up and ask if you still want to yes
    • If the group cannot be purged, chances are that the group is either active or has nothing stored in the cache to be purged
    Downloading all headers:
    • From the menu at the top, click "server" and select the correct server from the drop down menu.
    • Select the desired group from the list of saved groups."
    • Double click the group to see a list of all the articles currently in that group
    • From the menu at the top, click "group", scroll down to "discard headers" and select "all" from the sub menu
    Newsbin Pro:
    Downloading all headers:
    • Click the groups tab from the top of the screen.
    • Select the group to be purged and right click
    • Select "post storage" and when the sub menu pops out, click "delete stored posts"
    • The dialog box will ask you for ok
    Downloading all headers:
    • Select the group folder that you wish to delete from the left under the heading "all desks".
    • Right click the folder and scroll down to purge folder
    • Click "purge folder" to empty the group

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