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NewsDemon USENET Newsgroup Reseller Program


Become your own USENET Newsgroup Access Provider with NewsDemon.com Newsgroups

Join our network as a USENET Newsgroup Access Provider with our award-winning services and features available for your customers.

By becoming a NewsDemon reseller, you'll have access to all of our USENET related services and server farms in the United States, Netherlands and Germany. Your users would connect through load-balancers so they would always connect via the fastest server location. If you want to run your own authentication server, that would make it easier for your team to manage your user base. However, we have a system you can access via web or API where you can manage your users access.

With our custom back-end administration section, you'll have access to and be able to modify the following for each user or user group:

  • How many simultaneous connections they're allowed
  • How many gigabytes they're allowed/allocated
  • Posting access
  • Which newsgroups they can access
  • Block and recurring account set-up

NewsDemon provides all of the necessary technical resources needed in order to get you going. We also offer complete support to help with the set-up and maintenance of your re-seller service including back-end troubleshooting, service management and assistance with any service we provide.

Email us, for more information.

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