Twenty Simultaneous Newsgroup Connections!

Completion Rate

To help overcome routing issues or attempts by your ISP to "packet shape" connections and access to your news servers, we have enabled our accounts with 20 simultaneous connections. Combined with 256-Bit SSL Encryption and a variety of news server farm locations and port selections, Newsdemon should be the fastest Usenet access provider available! You can enjoy your newsgroups with peace of mind!

With 20 simultaneous connections with 256-Bit SSL Encryption creates both efficiency and peace of mind. With blazing speeds with each connection, you can trust that you can access, search and share information on Usenet Newsgroups quickly and safe. Whatever the speed provided by your ISP, our 20 simultaneous available connections ensure that you are able to retrieve Newsgroup messages and files at incredible speeds. When used alongside the security of 256-Bit SSL Encryption, we help keep your information private.

What is Simultaneous Usenet Connections?


With simultaneous connections, you can have multiple connections to download messages from a newsgroup much faster than just one connection. With simultaneous connections, it will use each connection to download the same file in tandem. A supported newsreader is needed in order to achieve this. With your Usenet account, a free Newsreader is provided that allows these multiple connections. More information on this topic can be found on our What Is Usenet page