14 Apr 2021 
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 How do I cancel my PayPal subscription?
 To provide uninterrupted USENET service, NewsDemon creates a PayPal monthly subscription during Sign Up. This is only if you choose PayPal as preferred payment method. In order to cancel this subscription please follow the steps below: 1. Login to the
 Which ports can I use with Newsdemon?
 Standard Routing SERVERS Address And NNTP Ports for PREMIUM USERS: The following ports allow you to force packets through specific ports: * europe.newsdemon.com NNTP port(s): 119, 443, 8080 * useast.newsdemon.com NNTP p
 How do I read Usenet Article Headers?
 Content-Transfer-Encoding Tells your news client what MIME-coding this posts uses. For text this might be 7bit, 8bit or quoted-printable, for binary data it's base64(only exists if it is a MIME post). Content-Type Te
 Why would I use 256-Bit Encryption with Newsgroups?
 Newsdemon's 256-bit SSL Encryption provides an extra layer of protection for our users. This protection can help defend against login and password theft, which is particularly common in today's wireless society. The secondary benefit of 256-Bit SSL Encryp
 What is the Big-8 Heirarchy?
 BIG-8 hierarchies are the 8 traditional top hierarchies of the Usenet and Usenet Newsgroups. * Comp. Computer newsgroups about topics like Operating Systems, software, hardware, etc. * Humanities. Literature, art or humanities. * Misc. Misce
 Virus Report when installing Newsrover
 When installing Newsrover on Vista 64-bit machines you may receive a virus warning from certain virus scan programs. We contacted Newsrover about the issue and here is the response: We have researched this problem and determined that it is a false vir
 The 'host/per-user connection limit reached' message is related to the number of simultaneous connections your newsreader is attempting to make with our news server. Please check your newsreader client settings to ensure it is set for 10 or 20 or 50 or le
 For SSL and Premium account users: This error occurs if you are using: 1) The Wrong User name (Member ID) & Password. 2) The Wrong News server address and NNTP port. In this case, please follow the steps below: Please verify y
 Unable to Connect/Authentication Failed Error
 This error occurs: 1) If you are using the wrong User Name or Password If you are still getting this error, please make sure you are using correct details to configure your Newsreader client such as: -Login details -Server address -Ports.
 In this case, there is a possibility you might have not enabled SSL connections in your Newsreader client. Please make sure you have SSL enabled in your Newsreader client. If you are using Newsrover, please make sure you have checked the box that says
 Unable to connect or 502 Error using 'p' in front of username
 Problem: I received an email telling me of a "major update done" or "server upgrade" and I should add a 'p' or 'p.' in front of my normal memberid or username and I can no longer connect to my account! I now receive a 502 Error Message. The most like
 Do I need a static IP address to use NewsDemon?
 You do not need a static IP address to use NewsDemon.com usenet services. If your IP address fluctuates rapidly, our server may flag your account as "sharing" but we can usually tell if the user is sharing an account or if your ISP is just changing your
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