Hierarchies on Usenet

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What appeals to many users of Usenet is that experts in various fields participate, sharing their expertise and insight with others. Many experts in a variety of fields use Usenet to converse with other experts in their field. With your run-of-the-mill internet forums taking a lot of potential Usenet users, Usenet has become a system of experts to a degree.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean users cannot find some casual discussions in which to participate. Hierarchies compose the organizational system utilized by Usenet and there is a huge variety of newsgroups within the different hierarchies. This means that you’ll find intense discussions among academics and experts, but also some more casual discussions among interested parties.

You may find that the rec. hierarchy is a great way to connect with people discussing ways in which they can relax and unwind. Here you’ll find an array of subjects to pique just about anybody’s interests. Whether collecting stamps is your thing or you get a thrill from riding jet skis, you’re very likely to find others with your same interests in the rec. hierarchy on Usenet.

Hierarchies may overlap at times, too. Video games can be a good way to relax, but many also have an interest in the computer aspect of video games. You’ll probably find more discussions about video games in the rec. hierarchy than in the comp. hierarchy, though.

For some good, old fashioned conversation, try the talk. hierarchy. Here you’ll come across a wide array of newsgroups with users discussing various subjects. Some groups are dedicated to those who would like to talk a little politics—some are more specific than others and others may discuss entire political philosophies.

On Usenet you probably won’t have much trouble coming across a spirited debate in which users discuss links between what’s happening now and what is going to happen in the future. These can be enjoyable newsgroups with open-minded, forward-thinking people who like to peel back the layers of the subject and really get into a deep discussion.

For those who like to combine their learning with entertainment, you’ll find what you’re looking for on Usenet as well. Those who are interested in astronomy should check out the sci. hierarchy where they’ll find conversations pertaining to the subject. Experts will probably be in the newsgroup to answer any questions you may have, but there should also be others who just enjoy deeper discussions with others who enjoy talking about the same kinds of things. It’s easy to see how you can learn from experts who use Usenet, but you can also take a lot of enjoyment and entertainment out of talking about a subject with experts in the field.

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