iPod Goes Rice Crispies

It seems that iPod Nanos have an added mission impossible-esque feature of self-imploding. One Apple enthusiast was charging his first-gen Nano via his PC USB cord when it went snap, crackle, POP!:

“After being plugged in for somewhere between 5-10 minutes I heard a sizzling sound. I looked down on the iPod just in time to see it explode open and start shooting sparks and spewing smoke… I had noticed that a small fire had started on the table I had the laptop and the iPod sitting on… Unlike in other cases, I’ve read about, my iPod continued to spew smoke and spit sparks while throwing out some kind of sooty substance from the inside of the iPod for several minutes after removing the cable from the computer. I moved the still spitting iPod from the table and placed it on a book case across the room.”


No word after a letter was sent to Apple regarding the issue, nor how many users are affected by this issue.   UPDATE: Apple has agreed to replace the iPod.

This message will self-destruct in….

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