Many USENET Newsreaders Get Updates

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Changes are happening to a number of USENET newreaders that may tempt many newsgroup subscribers to break away from the traditional ones they’re used to in order to try out new features.

Just recently, News Rover had rolled out the new version 16, which is available free to Newsgroup members. The News Rover newsreader offers a host of changes ranging from performance, additional options and integration with other USENET tools.

NewsBin has been busy with a completely new user interface in version 6 (currently in beta). The newsreader is expected to come out with a solid force of features, including the way it handles and displays headers to other integrated functions to keep everything USENET related centralized within the newsreader. Additionally, NewsBin has dropped their current purchase price down to just $15.00.


NewsLeecher, who had been on version 4 since 2009 is starting to deliver a more polished version 5 which was first released in the beginning of 2011. With each beta release of version 5, the NewsLeecher newsreader has been getting a serious facelift in design and functionality with each release. The movement in each release, now up to Beta 6, has been much more frequent than ever with a better GUI and features, including in their SuperSearch Watchdog functions.

Lastly, Grabit has been rumored to be releasing a new beta, 1.7.2 beta 4, which has been long overdue. Just like NewsLeecher, updates and releases have been few and far in between over the last couple of years. The new release from Grabit should address a number of bug fixes and some minor new features.

The newsreaders arena is starting to see much more action lately, much to delight of hardcore newsgroup subscribers, who have longed for better releases to integrate with newer technologies and functions that come along with accessing USENET newsgroups.

Stay tuned, as Newsgroups will soon be updating all of our guides on these new releases for our members.

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